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Veggie Sausage

2C wheat gluten
3/4C garbanzo (chickpea) flour
1/2C flake nutritional yeast
2Tsp liquid smoke 
2TB garlic powder
2TB onion flakes
21/2TB rubbed sage
11/2TB smoked sweet paprika
1/4Tsp cayenne pepper
2TB Spike
1Tsp ground black pepper
1Tsp thyme
1Tsp marjoram
2-3C boiling water
1TB marmite or vegemite

You'll also need:
-aluminum foil
-a canning lid w/ring any size can be used, depending on how big you want the patties
-a piece of plastic wrap, or I use a parchment cupcake wrapper (see photo)
-a steamer contraption

Put the kettle on.
Measure everything but the flours and put them in a large bowl.
Add 2C boiling water, let stand covered for 5-10 mn to hydrate.
Add 2 types of flour, stir until combined, adding more water if necessary.
Form patties, wrap each in foil.
Steam for 15-20 mn.
Let cool, freeze for later.

Fry directly from frozen as you would store-bought!

For complete instructions along with photos: