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Deglaze Cooking Term

deglaze cooking term
    cooking term
  • (COOKING TERMS) Certain terms or phrases occur with regularity in egg recipes. Here are many of them along with an explanation.
  • (Cooking Terms) can be a little confusing so I have provided this page of definitions for frequently used terms found in recipes.
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  • Dilute meat sediments in (a pan) in order to make a gravy or sauce, typically using wine
  • dissolve cooking juices or solid food in (a pan) by adding liquid and stirring
  • (Deglazing (engine mechanics)) Deglazing is a process by which the surface of an engine cylinder is roughened to create friction between the moving parts and allow engine oil to grip the sides of the cylinder.
  • (Deglazing (cooking)) Deglazing is a cooking technique for removing and dissolving caramelized bits of food from a pan in order to make a pan sauce.

Steak & Potato Risotto w/ Mushrooms & Asparagus
Steak & Potato Risotto w/ Mushrooms & Asparagus
This was a fairly time consuming dinner for me. Mostly because i was working slow and listening to music. And we all know its hard to cut things when you are doing a pop and lock routine. But anyways, basically there is a fair amount of dicing and chopping so be ready. You will also need at least 2 good sized pans. i used 2 pans and a skillet. 1lb Yukon Gold Potatoes diced tiny. 1/8 of an inch tiny. Brunoise is the proper term. try to keep them about the same size and small and it will be fine 1T butter + 1c finely chopped white onion + 1 finely chopped sm. shallot Melt your butter in your first pan. Medium heat. Add onions and shallots Cover and let cook through till they are soft and clear. Took about 6 or 7 minutes. stir them occasionally so they wont burn. Tiny potato bits + cayenne pepper + salt + pepper + 1.5c Chicken stock Add your potatoes and seasonings to the onion pan and stir it up I added the chicken stock all at once and it was a mistake. Lower the pan to a simmer and add a cup of the chicken stock. Let the potatoes absorb it a bit(5 minutes) then add the rest as needed you want it to be creamy. dont be afraid to use more or less stock. .5c heavy cream + .25c parmesanand/or romano + .25c finely chopped chives + 1-2 diced mushrooms add your cream and mushrooms to the potatoes let simmer for 10 minutes. be sure to stir it often. fresh parmesan would be ideal but in an attempt to pinch pennies i used the kraft stuff with romano in it it still tasted fantastic add your cheese and chives and mix it up and turn off the heat. you can reheat this easily so if you want, make this a couple hours early Steaks* + salt + pepper + 1.5T finely chopped thyme + 1T olive oil make anywhere from 1-6 steaks you have risotto to go around i made 3 8oz top sirloin steaks and still had some risotto left over season your meat with salt pepper and thyme pat your meat so the seasoning stick better heat oil in a pan over medium high heat steaks .75-1inch thick will cook medium rare at 3-4min a side when you are done cooking your steaks swirl some stock in the pan add the juices and goodies to your risotto and stir that. asparagus + salt + pepper + 1.5T butter saute in a pan over medium heat till desired bite is achieved you could also saute these in the steak pan before you deglaze it and then do the swirly stock trick(deglazing) after you are done enjoy ladies and gentlemen.
Cooking Lab: French - Filet de boeuf, Sauce madere (Filet Mignon in Madere Sauce)
Cooking Lab: French - Filet de boeuf, Sauce madere (Filet Mignon in Madere Sauce)
In lab today, we got to use a slab of Grade A beef filet worth well over $100.00 U.S. What a treat! Thank goodness the kids in my class are uneducated. I waited on purpose until the middle of the line to get my hands on the ''chateaubriand'' which is the best cut and located smack dab in the middle of the filet. Ha-ha, the dopes who rushed to the front of the line got the tete cut which is smaller. Suckers. ;P Anyway, I pan-seared mine to ''a point'' doneness, which is the french term for ''medium-rare'' and then we deglazed the drippings and beef residue on the pan to make a Sauce Madere, made of Madeira wine, ''fond de veau corse'' (reduced veal stock), shallots, and mounted with butter. Here it is garnished with a Pomme anglais potato side and watercress. The result, as you can see, is a super-savory and soft filet chateaubriand. Revel in it, my friends, for it is heaven. ;)

deglaze cooking term
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