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Cooking Real Tv Show

cooking real tv show
    real tv
  • Real is a Hindi entertainment channel launched by Turner International India Pvt Ltd. in a 50:50 joint venture with Alva Brothers Entertainment on March 2, 2009 based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The channel can be down linked from IntelSat-10, 68.
  • Real TV (commonly known as America's Best Caught on Tape) is a reality television program that ran in syndication from September 9, 1996 to September 7, 2001. It aired footage of extraordinary events that were not usually covered in mainstream news.
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July 11th, 2010 - 192/365
July 11th, 2010 - 192/365
I have often thought for many years, prolly due to my history teachings about the Vietnam war, that we as a society are being fed our lust fix by watching the daily news. There is a Sigmund Freud belief that society has created murderous, horrific and sometimes down right unexplainable films as a way to ease the beast that lies with in. Freud goes on, in a round about way, to say that society is a set of guidelines that are imposed for the amicable survival of mankind. Through a millennia of evolution, that has been surrounded by a Darwinistic belief of "Survival of the fittest", we have all fallen into this social understanding of what life is to be. If we take a step back, and see ourselves as primate, carnal hunters… wether it be of flesh or kill, it shows that humanity has primarily been raised on a "Kill or be Killed" diatribe. The thing is, if we are to be, what is considered intelligent social beings, we can't be pursuing those things that for eons was part of our make up. There have been historical documents that have suggested that there have been people who have tried to suppress the idea of the hunt and gather for the benefit of empathetic recognition of the hunted feelings. Over time, I believe this was the creator of the world we live in today. The best way to suppress the original human emotion or carnal instinct… Was to outlaw it. The problem was, as Freud pointed out, how do we stop the blood lusting desire in order to live in a world that was created with compassion whilst still giving people their daily fix of murder? Freud, who through this controversial comment, which created outrage in all peace loving sectors said to supply the world with something that will help them vicariously live through their fantasies. Viola… Media. Movies. Cinema. What ever the fuck you want to call it, gave that option. For the history scholar out there, especially excelling in modern history… the universe took a massive turn for the opposing parties when the Vietnam war was televised. At first, the blood lust was like an addiction… people could not stray from their newly found idiot boxes because they were afraid to miss a single beat. Emotions ran high and for the first time in war history, it became a televised sport. Being a massive studier of World Wars, I have been able to pin point the first time in human history when we all turned away from the ideal of victory, that was when it was first broadcasted to our living rooms. People, who were in those bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens were already society converts… the joy or cooking with gas was just sooooo fucking awesome. Who really wanted to give that up? The problem was, that in order to create society, we needed to severely fuck off the carnal & violent side. There is no cake or eat it comment in this equation. The problem was, being a carnal being was also labelled as "un - evolved or Neanderthal" or with out naming any names… pre historic. We thought that we had it made with all our social goodies… that comparing our needs with each other was more important than striving to be the dominant tribe. That, exposing our lusts for ease and blatant materialism… was going to overtake the simple thought that we wanted to defeat each other and take their wares. What it created, was a false idealism. Freud said that as soon as the movie was created, people had the desire to see the same blood lust as they had always craved, but due to social constrictions could not carry out. He says that the media gave us an outlet for all of our primal instincts and those who could balance their desires, ie… a man who watched porn and fulfilled his craving to go and rape… well as Freud said that was the price that society had to pay to keep this man in tact. The same went for horror films. The same definitely goes for bloody action films. The sheer fabric of society needs them. I often wonder to myself, why these films exist, and why are games so involving that we can often confuse them for reality. Let me give you a metaphor: Society is like 5 kids in a playpen, the thing is, you walk away, those kids are on their own and subsequently left to their own desires. They will do what ever comes to mind. The best way to control that situation is by constantly distracting them from wanting to smack another child in the face with their bottle. The parents who sit out of the play pen are constantly watching the 5 kids, waiting to find clues as to what they will pick up that will distract them from said bottle to the face. Add a billion people and you have society. Marketing, political, educational and parental authorities are all sitting there waiting for the next big distraction that will keep us all pre-occupied. The problem is that we all become very bored… very decensortised, very tired, very apathetic, very negative, very needy, very greedy, very heartless, very, very quickly. The thing is, we are no so cold that we can be cookin
26 Things
26 Things
1. I can be very gleeful and judgemental. I often like making fun of people and I can get pretty mean sometimes. 2. I like beautiful cars and tv shows such as American Hot Rod. I find watching people building cars very relaxing. 3. I'm very shy and I fear unfamiliar social situations. I often find myself afraid of asking or saying something to people - even some of my friends in certain situations. 4. I love sleeping but hate going to bed in the evenings and waking up early in the mornings. 5. I have no idea what I'd want to do "when I grow up". I'm currently studying IT Business but I find it very boring. I get really anxious when I start thinking about my future these days and I can't wait the summer when I don't have to think about school. 6. I'm very artsy person. I sing, play the piano, write songs, draw, write short stories, enjoy movies, read books...I'd probably also paint if I had the equipment. 7. I used to want to become a singer, but I found that I'm too afraid of performing and being the center of attention. After letting that idea go I fell into the big dark unknown in which I still float. 8. I fear public speaking more than death. 9. I love my family and spending the weekends at home is totally normal for me. Weekend partying and socializing not so much. It's fun sometimes but mostly I like spending time at home. 10. I prefer open air festivals to small club gigs. 11. I prefer small open air festivals to big festivals. 12. I love driving. I love driving fast. 13. I crashed my first car in January. 14. I have a poor self-esteem (hence #1) and I'm trying to find self-approval through self-portraiture. 15. I'm surprisingly social online. 16. I love stuff and owning cool things. 17. I dyed my hair red after watching Titanic 3 times during one week a few years ago. 18. I love rally. 19. I'm pretty smart. 20. I have a great memory but it's very short. My mind has an endless capacity for useless information though. 21. I love quoting movies.^ 22. I'm lazy lazy lazy. 23. I love being Finnish. I'm very proud of that. 24. I very often think in English. 25. I can't cook very well. My mom has an education of a home economics teatcher so she's an awesome cook but I guess those genes went to my big sister. 26. I may seem like a happy and up-beat person but in "real life" I come across as total opposite.

cooking real tv show
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