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Red Cooking Wine Recipes

red cooking wine recipes
    cooking wine
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  • Generally a wine that should not be used as a beverage. Some experts recommend only using wines that you would drink as a cooking wine.
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red wine and kalamata olive marintated tempeh
red wine and kalamata olive marintated tempeh
Recipe from "Appetite for Reduction" The marinade was a faff because I had to de-stone the olives first (no finding pre-pitted/stoned kalamata olives here) before blending it. The tempeh was left over night to marinade and then cooked as per recipe. It was well flavoured but I noticed the marinade didn't really absorb very far into the surface. That's why it is cut so thin. I'm not a big fan of tempeh but can imagine it having its place in Indonesian cuisine. The red wine and olive marinade tried to pull it into (an imagined) Mediterranean cuisine and didn't work. Fusion is not always good. with quinoa & caulis dressed in more olives and capers. This recipe was from D'Acampo, an Italian chef in London. His recipe had anchovies of course but it was good without. Might treat future caulis in similar way cos they are deadly dull otherwise :D
Roast lamb with shallot and red wine gravy, on mash
Roast lamb with shallot and red wine gravy, on mash
The recipe called for roasted aubergine, but I forgot what aubergine look like, so accidentally roasted courgette instead. (Hey, I'm still new to this cooking thing!) It was all very, very nice however. I will henceforth be putting shallot gravy on everything.

red cooking wine recipes
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