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  • (Sue Cook) Sue Cook (born Susan Lorraine Thomas, in Ruislip Middlesex 30 March 1949) is a British broadcaster and author.
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Bud, realizing the firemen have no other duties other than to fetch cats out of trees, teaches them how to put out fires and is awarded a medal. He also gets attention from a beautiful cheerleader named Margaret (Marley Shelton), who bakes him oatmeal cookies, the same cookies she was supposed to bake for a boy named Whitey (David Tom). Bud’s act of heroism has inadvertently changed the storyline, but he seizes the moment a
A Huggy Bear (but not the one off Starsky & Hutch)
A Huggy Bear (but not the one off Starsky & Hutch)
I love this. One of Sue Cook's very sweet designs. I like cross stitch where the outlines don't fit flush to the stitching, gives it a child-like cuteness.

sue cooking games for kids
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