Free realistic cooking games : Cooking mama game 2 : Turkey cooking times in bag.

Free Realistic Cooking Games

free realistic cooking games
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Realistic DX-160
Realistic DX-160
Realistic (Radio Shack) short wave/long wave receiver type DX-160. This model was introduced in 1975, this was the latest of this line of receivers. Earlier models included the DX-150A & B and the DX-150 was first sold in 1967. Radio Shack sold a ton of these. Perhaps back in the 60's or 70's you had one of these models. Let me know what you had or still have one? I had a DX-150B back in the early 70's. I just recently picked this one up. The two old transistor radios sitting on top are some that I picked up at garage sales. Thanks for looking. 73
Realistic Navaho TRC441
Realistic Navaho TRC441
I have this Realistic Navaho TRC 441 CB base and Realistic Amplified microphone by my PC because a friend and I used these to communicate before I had my cell phone when were online since we are both dial-up. We still use them for old time sake sometimes, the TRC 441 is a great CB base.

free realistic cooking games
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