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Free New Cooking Games For Girls

free new cooking games for girls
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black or white
black or white
It took me a bit to understand this tagged thing. Sorry if I ramble. Thanks to aga d and CiaoChessa for actually wanting to know a bit more about me and tagging me. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Chapter 1 - I'm an engineer, but I love the arts. I find these often contradict one another. Engineering, as a science, tends to be filled with formulas and calculations. There is a right ... and a wrong. Everything is either black ... OR white. Strange then how I find myself drawn, at the same time, to the world of photography where it can be made up of blacks ... AND whites. Chapter 2 - I've traveled the world trying to find a better pastry than the custard-filled chocolate long johns at Hinkley's Bakery, to no avail. They are still my weakness. Chapter 3 - i miss my grandfather... Chapter 4 - I've coached MsM's soccer team for 6 years, and am on my second year of coaching her basketball team. I'm a slightly below-average soccer coach and not nearly as good at coaching hoops. I try and stress to my girls that winning the game of life is more important than headers and free throws. I love those kids... Chapter 5 - Cooking is something I find enjoyable and quite relaxing. Grilling is a passion. Chapter 6 - I don't understand it, but the heals on the soles of my shoes always seem to wear first. Honestly, I don't drag my feet and I have a rather steady gate. I firmly believe there are shoe gnomes that come in my closet and quietly sand them down while I sleep. I have no proof of this, but my suspicion remains strong. Chapter 7 - I really enjoy reading. I'm always in the middle of a book of some kind; fiction or non-fiction, I don't discriminate. I took both Latin and African literature courses at the university. Strange electives for a math-inclined engineer (say geek), but its the truth. Chapter 8 - I equally enjoy telling stories. It started when MsM was about 2 that I told her a short, sweet story of a young girl named Cecelia and her dog. As MsM grew, details were added occasionally, and I now tell this same story to J-man once a week, or so. Cecelia is now a young girl that lives in the British Virgin Islands. On her 10th birthday her father bought her a small sailboat. After she gained confidence in the gentle trade-winds of Sir Francis Drake Channel, her father has let her roam to neighboring islands as long as her trusty dog is with her. She sails to the island just north, where a small French bakery is and she buys brioche rolls to take back home to her family for dinner that evening. Sure, I am aware of the counterpoint of a French bakery residing in the British isles, but every story has to have a bit of tension, no? One day I'll write this all down formally and present it to my children as a book. Chapter 9 - I like cheese. Especially a good and smelly French one. Chapter 10 - I strongly feel Ty Cobb was the best center fielder to play the game. I will avoid this discussion with avid Willie Mays fans because I may lose that statistics-based argument. Chapter 11 - I miss my Uncle Jack... Chapter 12 - When I was growing up my father owned a photography studio. When I was older I would work summers there helping him assemble senior photos and processing and printing b/w photos. I still think it would be fun to have a small darkroom. Chapter 13 - Music is very important to me. While I am working on playing the guitar, I'm a better listener. I love Tom Jobim. Anyone heard his composition, Wave? Wow... Chapter 14 - I really love traveling. I find something to adore about every place I visit. I like southern Germany, France, and Sweden as much as anyplace, though. Chapter 15 - My mother was thrown from a four-wheeler a year or two ago. She had never ridden one in her life. She broke her arm, a couple ribs, collapsed a lung, and had a few surgeries to piece her back together. She's good as new. Huh? You surprised by this? I guarantee not nearly as flabbergasted as me and my siblings were when we heard. Sheesh, Mom... Chapter 16 - I love sailing. I have a 14' Lido which was built in Santa Ana, California in the 50's. It is light blue and heavy, slow and pretty forgiving. Maybe why I like it so much.

free new cooking games for girls
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