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download cooking mama free
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My mama, at seventeen. She died a year ago. She was beautiful and tender, easy to be hurt. She was hard as a rock. She loved beautiful dresses, to be unseen. Shoes was her only luxury. She did not wear jewellery, except three golden bangles on her right arm. She used to do crosswords. She loved the theatre, expecially classical dramas. She cried as a child hearing classic opera music. Her skin was very light. She had grey eyes and brown hair. She was a good seamstress. She could knit. She made pizza and she taught me how to make it. She loved light colors. She would not have understood what I am doing now.
Mama in Crni Vrh
Mama in Crni Vrh
mama a Montenero - si, l'amore per i gatti devo averlo da lei (e questa e una mia posa ideale) schon, die Liebe zu den Katzen mu? ich wohl von ihr haben (und das ist auch meine Ideallage)

download cooking mama free
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