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Cat Burglar





Horses I have Known


  • I Like To Snuggle Up by Stacy, age 11
  • I like to snuggle up
  • with a little sealy pup
  • I like to have a laugh
  • With a sweet cow calf

  • I like to dine and eat
  • with a little Parakeet
  • I love it when a cat
  • Snuggles up against my feet!

  • I like to snuggle with these animals
  • And many, many more
  • I really like to have a pet,
  • And I have more than four!
  • (Some things never change...I wrote this over 20 years ago!)



Welcome to my page.  You can see images of all of our critters here, and find out more than you ever would have wanted to know about them.  We all live together in beautiful East Nashville, Tennessee (well, except for Langston, who is boarded  in Franklin).  We love them, and you will too after you check out their irresistable charm here!



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