Shooty Space Adventure 

A free arcade space shooter 

What is shooty?

Shooty is a free 2D-space arcade game, as many seen before. Its was written as a pygame / SDL development introduction and took the development team only one weekend to finish and another weekend to polish.

The game has 5 levels with different types of enemies and a boss.

Please download it below and email me your comments and / or suggestions to cookie.michael1 [at]


Download Shooty

Current release is Version 1.0 runs on Windows, Linux, Mac. It has been tested under Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.5 and Ubuntu Feisty.

After extracting the files, run the to play!

alternate download link: (alternative)

Older release:


You may need to install python and pygame to play this game. Python can be found here:

The Pygame libraries can be found here: