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                             VEGETABLE  SOUP


Ingredients  :

 Cauliflower                                   50 gm

Green pea                                       50 gm

Capsicum                                       50 gm

Carrot                                                50 gm

Cabbage                                           50 gm

Butter                                                1 table sp.

Araroth Powder                         1 tea sp.

Salt & Black pepper                  According to taste

 Method     :

  • Cut all the vegetables into pieces & boil it.
  • Take butter in a pan and put araroth powder in it.
  • Prepare a paste of araroth by pouring some water in it . Pour salt & black pepper in it.
  • Now , pour all the boiled vegetables in it.
  • Garnish it with vinegar,chilli &tomato sauce.

 Your delicious   Vegetable  Soup   is ready to serve.

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