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                                                   DAL  -  MAKHANI


Ingredients   :

 Pulse  (Udad  dal)                        250  gm  

Rajma                                                  100  gm

Heeng                                                  a   pinch

Eating  Soda                                    a   pinch

Sliced  Ginger                                50  gm

Water                                                   5  cup

Salt                                                        according  to  taste

 Ingredients   for  boiling  dal  :

 Tomato                                      4

Curd                                             1/2  cup

Crushed coriander            50  gm

Green chillies                        2

Garam  Masala                       1  tea  spoon

Cream                                          1  tea  spoon

Ghee                                              4 table  spoon

 Method   :

  • Boil  the dal(pulse)  along  with the ingredients  named  above.
  • Prepare a paste of one tomato & 1 green chilly  with the help of the mixture grinder
  • Take butter in a pan &  pour the above mixture in it and boil it nicely.
  • Mix curd & crushed coriander in it.
  • Mix the above prepared mixture in the boiled dal .
  • Garnish your dal-Makhani with cream & coriander

Your delicious  Dal - Makhani is ready to serve


                                            RAJASTHANI  KABAB


Ingredients   :

 Gram                                          200  gm

Dal (Masoor)                         100  gm

Boiled Potato                         2

Green chilly                           2

Ginger                                        20  gm

Coriander                                50  gm

Salt & Garam Masala        According to taste

 Method   :

  • Wet  the  Gram  &  Dal  in  water  a  day  before preparation.
  • Prepare a paste of both gram & dal .
  • Mix boiled potato in the paste .
  • Mix green chillies , corinder , ginger , garam masala & salt in the above prepared mixture.
  • Prepare small round pieces of this mixture.
  • Fry it in the pan.
  • Garnish it with chatni & Sauce.

Your delicious  Rajasthni Kaba  is ready to serve.


                                                   BUTTER  PANEER


Ingredients   :

 Paneer                                                    1/2  kg

Chopped  Onion                              300  gm

Ginger                                                    1 tea  sp.

Chopped  Tomato                          200  gm

Curd                                                        200  gm

Salt ,Red chilli powder               According to taste

 & other spices

Cream                                                    1  cup

Butter                                                    For frying

Orange colour                                 1 tea  sp.

 Method    :

  • Cut the Paneer into square pieces and fry it in the butter till it becomes light brown.
  • Fry the chopped onion & ginger in the butter in a seperate pan
  • When the colour of the onion becomes light brown pour curd ,tomato,spices & salt into the frying pan along with onion & ginger.
  • Mix the fried pieces of paneer in the prepared gravy and boil it for 5 mins.
  • Mix cream & orange colour in the mixture.

Your delicious  Butter  Panneer   is ready to serve


                          VEGETABLE  -  BIRYANI


Ingredients  :

 Boiled Rice                                            500 gm

Carrot                                                        50 gm

Potato                                                         50 gm

Capsicum                                                50 gm

Green pea                                                50 gm

Cabbage                                                    50 gm

Tomato                                                     50 gm

Onion                                                          50 gm

Green Chillies                                      According to taste

Ginger                                                        According to taste

 Milk                                                             250 ml                                              

Saffron                                                       20 gm

 Method    :

  • Boil all the vegetables together in a pan.
  • Mix saffron in the boiled milk.
  • Now, take a pan.First put the layer of the vegetabls
  • Put the second layer of the boiled rice.
  • Pour the third layer of the milk mix with saffron.
  • Now, again put the layer of the vegetables.
  • Then again put the layer of rice .
  • And finally pour the milk-saffron milk over it.
  • Garnish it with chatni and onion.

  Your delicious   Vegetable - Biryani  is ready to serve.


                                                     INDIAN  -  IDLI



Ingredients   :

 Rawa (Suji)                                                1 cup

Sliced Ginger                                           1 inch

Kaju                                                               8-10

Yoghart (dahi)                                       1  1/2 cup

Green chillies

Coriander leves                                    

Salty Water                                                               

Method      :

  • Put vegetable oil in a pan and fry rawa in it.
  • When it become cool, fry kaju in it.
  • Now make a thick paste of rawa, ginger, green chillies, kaju, Yoghart and salty water.
  • Now put the paste in the idli-stand and keep it in the pressure cooker.
  • And as it start rising in the stand, take out the idli-stand from the cooker.
  • Garnish it with Coconut raita and chatni.

       Your  delicious   INDIAN  IDLI   is ready to serve.


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