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                              CHOCLATE  CAKE

 Ingridients :

90    gram                                          Flour

90   gram                                           Sugar

3                                                              Eggs

Few  drops  of                                Vanilla  Asscence

1  tea spoon                                    Coco  Powder

2 tea spoon                                    Choclate  Powder

1/2 tea spoon                                Baking  Powder

 Method :

  • Mix  Sugar  with  Eggs. Beat  the  mixture  nicely.
  • Add  Vanilla  Assence  to  it.
  • Then  in  a  seperate  bowl , prepare a  dry  mixture of  flour, choclate powder, drinking powder , coco    powder  and  baking  powder.
  • Filter  this  dry  mixture.
  • Then slowly,slowly  add  this  dry  mixture  to  the  beated  eggs  &  sugar.
  • Then , grease  the  mould  with  butter.
  • Pour  the  final  mixture  into  the  mould . And ,bake  it  in  the  Pre-heated  oven  at  150' C      for  25-30  min.
  • Then  decorate  the  cake  with  cream , icing  sugar
  • then  the  delicious  cake  is  ready.


                                       ROLL  -  GOLL   PUDDING


Ingredients  :

 Apple                                                     3

Milk                                                          1    kg

Bread                                                       1  packet

Nuts                                                          1/2  cup

 Method   :

  • Slice  the  appple  into  small  pieces.
  • Boil  the  milk  for  10-12  times.
  • Cut  the  bread  in  the  round  shape  and  squeeze  it  in  the  boiled  milk.
  • Now , roll  the  squeezed  bread  over  the  pieces  of  apple .
  • Now , pour  the  boiled  milk  over  the  roll -goll  apple  .
  • Put  your  roll-goll  pudding  in  a  serving  glass  and  garnish  it  with  the  desired  nuts.

Now , your  roll-goll pudding  is  ready  to   serve.



                                             CHOCLATE  PUDDING


Ingredients   :

Milk                                                             1    cup

Crushed   biscuit                                150  gm

Butter                                                        100  gm

Sugar                                                          4  tea  spoon

Drinking  choclate                            2  tea  spoon

Coco  powder                                        2  tea  spoon

Nuts                                                            1/2  cup

Method   :

  • Boil  the  milk  for  5  mins.
  • Mix  Coco  powder  in  the  boiled  milk.
  • In  a  seperate  bowl , mix  sugar , drinking  choclate & nuts  in  the  butter.
  • Now , dip  the  crushed  biscuit  in  the  boiled  milk  for  just  1  sec  and  put  its  1st  layer  in the  bread box .
  • Now , put  a  layer  of  butter  mixture  over  the  crushed  biscuit  in  the  bread - box.
  • Now,  again put  a  layer  of  crushed  biscuit  dipped in  the  boiled  milk  for  just  1 sec  over  the  butter.
  • Now , put  another  layer of butter  mixture over it.
  • Garnish  your  pudding  with  the  nuts.
  • Keep  the  pudding  in  the  freezer  for  1  hr.

   Now , your  Choclate pudding  is  ready  to  serve .


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