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                THREAD       -         PANEER


Ingredients   :

Paneer                               250  gm

Vermicelli(Sewai)    100  gm

Vinegar                            1  tea  spoon

Soya  Sauce                   1  tea  spoon

Chilli  Sauce                 1  tea  spoon

Tomato  Sauce           1  table  spoon

Salt     -                               as   per   taste

Black  Pepper    -         as  per  taste

Vegetable  oil              5  table  spoon

 Method     :

  • Cut   Paneer   into  small   square  pieces.
  • Mix  Vinegar , Chilli  Sauce , Soya  Sauce , Tomato  Sauce  ,  Black Pepper & Salt  in  a  bowl.
  • Crush  the  Vermicelli  in  a  bowl.
  • Roll  over  the  pieces  of  Paneer  in  the  mixture  and  Vermicelli.
  • Fill  the  pan with  Vegetable  oil  and  deep  fry  the  thread  paneer.

 Now  the  delicious  Thread - Paneer  is ready to    serve with  Tomato &  Chilli Sauce.

 Hint  :   For  better  deep - fry  of  thread  paneer  put  the  rolled  Paneer  pieces  in  refregerator  for  1/2  hr.


                  TRI -COLOUR SANDWITCH   


Ingredients  :

 Bread                                                      1  packet

Boiled  Potato                                   1/2  kg      

Carrot                                                    250  gm

Green  pea                                           250  gm

Gram  flour                                        250  gm

Oil                                                             1/2  kg

 Method    :

 1st   layer  :

  • Take  1 tb  spoon  oil  in  a  pan  and  put  it  over  the burner . Mix  onion  in  the  oil  and  fry  it  till  it  becomes  brown .Mix  ginger - garlic  paste  in  the  oil pan .
  • Mash  the  boiled  potato  and  mix  it  in  the  pan.
  • Mix  turmeric powder , coriander powder , red chilli powder & salt  according  to  taste in the pan.
  • Pour  the  coriander leaves  over  the  mixture.

Your  first  layer  is  ready  .

 2nd    layer  :

  • Take  1 tb  spoon  oil  in  a  pan.
  • Grate  the  carrot  and  fry  it  in  the  oil  pan .
  • Mix  tomato  sauce  in  the  fried  carrot.

Your  second  layer  is  ready .

 3rd     layer     :

  • Boil  the  green  peas  .
  • Mix  the  green  chatni  of  spinach/corinder in pea.

Your  last  layer  is  ready .

  • Now  take a piece  of  bread , put  the  layer  of  potato  in  the  bread.
  • Now  take another  piece of bread ,place it  over the previous bread and put the layer of carrot over it.
  • Now take another piece of bread, place it over the previous bread and put the layer of peas over it.
  • Place another bread to cover the sandwitch.
  • Mix gram flour in water . Dip the sandwitch in  the batter  and  deep fry  it in the vegetable oil.
  • Cut the bread in the desired shape and garnish it with th green chatni.

Your  Tri - Colour  Sandwitch is ready to serve . 





Ingredients  :

 Paneer                                         200  gm            

Thick Curd                               100  gm

Tomato                                       2

Onion                                           2

Capsicum                                 2


Salt & other spices              According to taste

 Method     :

  • Slice  Paneer into square pieces .
  • Slice tomato , onion & capsicum into round pieces.
  • Mix salt & other spices in the curd.
  • Dip the pieces of paneer into the curd .
  • In a baking  stick, first put the piece of paneer then tomato onion, capsicum .
  • Keep the baking stick in a Microvave for 3 mins.
  • Then take out the baking stick and put butter over the paneer. 
  • Then again keep it in the Microvave for 1 min.
  • Sprinkle Chat Masala over it.

     Your delicious  Paneer Tikka  is ready to serve. 


                                                         POTATO  NEST


Ingredients   :

 For basket :

Grated Potato                                                    500 gm

Aluminium  net                                                2

Vegetable oil                                                       for frying


For  Fruit salad :

 Papaya                                                50 gm

Apple                                                   50 gm

Carrot                                                 50 gm

Sliced Potato                                  50 gm

Guava                                                 50 gm

Curd                                                     100 gm

Green chatni                                 50 gm

 Method  :

  • Keep the grated potato in a salt solution for  1/2 hr.
  • Then, put one layer of the salted grated potato in one aluminium net and pres the other net over it.
  • Now fry both the net along with the potato in vegetable oil.
  • Now take out the netted potato with the help of the knife.
  • Now , prepare the fruit salad by mixing  sliced papaya, apple, carrot,potato,guava,curd and green chatni.And , mix it well.
  • Fill the fruit salad in the netted potato.
  • Now , sprinkle Chat Masala over it.
  • Garnish it with corinder and mint leaves.

        Your delicious  Potato  Nest  is ready to serve. 


                                              BREAD     -     ROCKS



Ingredients     :

 Bread                                                       4  slices

Boiled Potato                                      2

Onion                                                       1

Tomato                                                   1

Rawa (suji)                                           1  tsp

Cream                                                      2 tsp

Cube Cheese                                       1

Corinder leaves

 Method      :

  • Chop the tomatoes and onion.
  • In a mixing bowl, mash the boiled potatoes.
  • Add the chopped tomatoes,onions,cream,rawa and salt and mix it well.
  • Cut the slices of bread diagonally into half.
  • Spread the potato paste over it.
  • Heat a non-stick pan and place the slices of bread for 10 mins. on a slow flame.
  • Roast bote sides of the slices.
  • Garnish with cheese & corinder leaves.

   Your delicious  BREAD - ROCK  is ready to rock.


                                       MUTER  PATIES



Ingredients       :

 Green  Peas                                              500  gm

Potato                                                          200 gm

Maida                                                           200 gm

Coriander leaves   >

Green Chillies          >                           According

Salt                                   >                                   to

Heeng                             >                              taste

Method        :

  • Boil the potatoes and green peas and mash it.
  • In a pan, put vegetable oil,corinder leaves,heeng, green chillies.
  • Put the mashed mixture of the potato in the pan and fry it .
  • Now, make small round shape cake of the fried potato & pea mixture.
  • Fry it in the pan till it becomes red.
  • Garnish it with onion and chatni.

   Your delicious   PANEER  PATIES  is ready to serve.


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