Slow cooker bbq pulled chicken. Cookies ship. How to cook a tuna steak

Slow Cooker Bbq Pulled Chicken

slow cooker bbq pulled chicken
    slow cooker
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  • Barbecue
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Slow Roast Chicken Sandwich
Slow Roast Chicken Sandwich
ok, so I started out with boneless skinless chicken breast in the slow cooker with the intention of making bbq pulled chicken sandwiches, however Once I was done I decided Scott would probably like it better with mayonnaise, so more like a chicken salad sandwich. Although the chicken was slow cooked in a bit of bbq sauce, along with seasonings, onion and garlic. (and a touch of mustard as well, which was sort of a random addition) Anyways, it turned out deliciously tender and full of flavor! man those onions really came through. Or was it the Mustard??? anywho, served on a croissant with onion rings and Macaroni Salad. YUM :)
pulled pork
pulled pork
Jonathan made one of my favs, pulled pork, for dinner. I, of course, slathered mine in barbecue sauce. Hopefully this will be the last totally boring food shot for a while. I want/need to make more time for photography. 262/365

slow cooker bbq pulled chicken
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