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Matt D. Cook launched Cook Consulting in February 2007, and is eager to share his expertise in public policy and enforcement. He is a superior public speaker, manager and mediator. Matt brings highly skilled and experienced representation and advocacy to clients with public policy interests. He offers expert insight into public policy development, analysis and enforcement with a focus on beverage alcohol and medical marijuana regulation and compliance.

Matt has varied and extensive experience gained from a lifetime career in enforcement. He has been involved at the local, state and federal levels. His unique accomplishments with authoring and implementing Colorado’s groundbreaking medical marijuana regulatory scheme have earned him a national reputation. His work as the leader of the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division has been featured in popular publications such as TIME Magazine, ABA Journal, NY Times and The Washington Post. In addition, Matt was featured in CNBC's - Marijuana USA and 60 Minutes.

As Senior Director of Enforcement for the Colorado Department of Revenue, Matt also supervised Gaming, Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement, Racing Events, Auto Industry Division, Safety and Security, Drivers License Hearings and he was Chairman of the Colorado Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA). In this capacity, he effectively managed a 154 million dollar budget and 220 full-time employees.

Matt is nationally recognized as a regulatory expert for beverage alcohol and medical marijuana. He served as Vice President of the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators and represented License states as a Joint Committee of the States Representative. As Division Director for Colorado Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement, he established and directed enforcement policies statewide. He was active with legislative proposals concerning dog and horse racing events and alcohol and tobacco public policy. 

Previously, as Licensing Director and Enforcement Supervisor for Colorado Liquor Enforcement, Matt coordinated liquor law enforcement and the licensing with the 332 local venues in Colorado.  He efficiently managed the more than 12,000 beverage alcohol licensees in Colorado. He was also instrumental in drafting many legislative matters for the Colorado General Assembly concerning beverage alcohol.

Additionally, Matt has an enforcement background at the local level. As License Enforcement Officer and Administrator for the City of Colorado Springs, he enforced liquor laws and regulated all other City issued business licenses with a focus on liquor licenses, and became a qualified expert witness in Colorado beverage alcohol law. Matt recognized expertise in the 21st Amendment allowed him to act as a technical advisor to the Local Liquor Licensing Authority.

Matt also served as a Special Agent for the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). He performed extensive case work with DEA, FBI, ATF, DIS and Secret Service while investigating federal crime, including narcotics, fraud, explosives, homicides, counter-intelligence and espionage.