Mini Jell-O Aquariums


.25 oz box of Mixchief Add Soda! Jell-O

2 cups clear soda (Sprite, 7 Up)

Blue food coloring  (you could also use light blue soda and omit the coloring)

4 half-pint canning jars

½ cup of small jelly beans (I used Hawaiian Punch jelly beans that I found at Walmart)

4 Swedish Fish candies


Pour gelatin powder in medium bowl.  Boil ½ cup of soda, and pour boiling soda over gelatin. Stir for about 2 minutes, until completely dissolved.  Add remaining 1 ½ cups of soda, along with a drop or two of coloring and stir.  Divide gelatin evenly into 2 jars and place in the refrigerator for about 4 hours, until firm and fully set.


Place a handful of jelly beans in the bottom of the two remaining jars.  Right before serving, loosen the set Jell-O from jars by running a knife along the edges. Place jar upside down over the jar with the jelly beans and give it a tap…it will fall right out and into place!

Cut two slits in the Jell-O and insert your Swedish Fish.   Done!!


Makes 2 mini Jell-O aquariums.