Old Irishman's Hot Buttered Rum

And now it’s time for a drink.

2 pounds light brown sugar

2 pounds dark brown sugar

4 pounds butter

14 cup vanilla

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

makes: enough to last through the primaries, but not the general election

1. Put everything but the rum in a large pot and stir over low heat until firm-ish.

2. Do not eat. (Well, maybe just a taste.) Do not swig rum. (Like we said.) Scrape mixture into tightly lidded containers in fridge. 

3. To make each drink, add two tablespoons of mix and 112 ounces rum to a six-ounce cup or wine glass, and fill to the top with boiling water. Cheers!

Submitted by Liz Scott Monaghan