A Very Unusual Cookbook



Cookbook for the Hungry


    A wickedly delicious collection of recipes and cooking tips,

 spiced liberally with political wit, served up by Louisiana Democrats
 created by

The Northshore Democratic Women’s Club


The north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Southeast Louisiana is where people from New Orleans live when they want higher ground and lots of Republicans around them.  The Northshore Democratic Women's Club was founded to connect, serve and educate the Democratic women of the area, and to comfort each other.  In January, the group sponsored a forum on the problem of hunger in St. Tammany Parish. You wouldn’t think we’d have hungry people in such a business friendly and conservative parish, but surprise!  It doesn’t always work the way Glenn Beck says it will when the conservatives are in charge. 

Shortly after the hunger forum, several members were gathered at our monthly book club meeting,  enjoying some lovely wine and the delicious food the hostess had provided, laughing at each other’s jokes, but feeling vaguely guilty about being middle-class and not at all hungry.  Susan's pan-roasted vegetables were so good, and people were asking for her recipe.

Toni said "We should do a cookbook."

Liz, who is a humor writer, said "We can make it funny, and sell it, and give the money to the hunger project." 

And so we did. – Ann Porter
 P.S. You can donate to the hungry by ordering from a local bookstore,  just  click here.http://www.octaviabooks.com/product/cookbook-hungry-northshore-deomocratic-womens-club. Or you can order from Amazon and click here.

            ISBN    0972396853
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