Hi, everyone. We need to make an important announcement about Con X 2013. Over the past couple of months, several personal things have come up. These are things that will require a lot of our time and energy for a quite a while. Therefore, we do not feel at this time we can put together an amazing Con X convention for 2013. It would not be right for us to attempt to do a half-hearted show for everyone. We've been hoping that things would change and we would be able to continue in the planning for Con X, but the last thing we want to do is attempt to continue and have to cancel it closer to the date. We have many people who travel from out of town and take off of work for our event. If we had to cancel closer to the date, all of these people would be out for nothing. We also want to thank everyone for the outstanding support you have shown us for putting Con X together. Con X is not disappearing any time soon, but at this time we feel it is best to postpone our 2013 show.