Systematic Ichthyology


Welcome to the website of the Systematic Ichthyology Laboratory @ TAMU. We share our planet with tens of thousands of different kinds of fishes (36,100+ species) and hundreds of new species are described annually. We are contributing to the global effort to inventory and classify the world's ichthyological diversity through taxonomic and phylogenetic investigations conducted @ TAMU. Our work is possible through access to cutting-edge microscopy and scanning resources, a nationally important ichthyology collection, and a 2500 gallon capacity aquarium research facility, all on the main campus @ TAMU.

Current research projects in the Systematic Ichthyology Laboratory @ TAMU fall into one of three general (but overlapping) categories: (1) Taxonomy and Species Discovery; (2) Phylogenetics and Character Evolution; and (3) Comparative Anatomy. Our basic research on fishes generates new information on the distribution, anatomy, development, life history and/or ecology of fishes, and always leads to the discovery and description of new species.