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 Holy Gobstopper!

These floating spheres of life essence are invaluable items, and thankfully the second most plentiful resource on Matinicus Isle (second only to liquor). They come in five colors and alter your remaining health in different amounts, usually for the better.

Often when you kill an enemy it will leave behind its life essence in the form of purple or blue orbs: these eventually shrink and fade, so grab them quickly if you're hurting. Never stand too close to a monster when you kill it, though: sometimes they will drop harmful red orbs!






Full Recovery



Without ammunition, your weapons are little more than fancy bludgeons. Thanks to Duncan's illicit smuggling activities, the island is packed tight with bullets and combustibles! Ammo comes in small units of 5 shots, and large units of 20. Don't get greedy and waste a big pickup if you're only short a few rounds: a bullet saved is a bullet earned.






flamethrower fuel



Keep an eye out for these "mystery boxes". If you're low on ammo, you can pry one open and grab whatever ammo it contains (assuming it isn't booby trapped).

You can also shoot them and create a chain reaction not unlike a 4th of July celebration. Make sure you're far away before you do this, of course.



violet key

the RSVP

What would an estate be without ornate keys and doors? Hell, what would a first person shooter be without ornate keys and doors?

There are ten keys to the Conway Estate, engraved with the symbol of its corresponding door. The doors light up when you touch them, letting you know which key is required.

One of these keys is an exception: the RSVP, which is required to enter the mansion. Without it, Robert will turn you away at the door.  Don't be discouraged: the hunters in the "Invitation to Death" area all have RSVP's.

 A startlingly ugly door. It only eats red keys.

 Probably tastes like Kool-Aid.

White Vessel


These mysterious vessels are key components of the spell that keeps the Conway Estate trapped in time. Before things went awry, Tess created these vessels as symbols of her body. They were meant to grant her everlasting life, but that was before someone interfered -- with deadly consequences. Collect all ten to escape the island alive!

These vessels contain Tess's essence, and without them you can't enter the attic, where the water clock is stored. Besides being the keys to the game's ultimate puzzle, the vessels can bless you temporarily with special powers! You can activate as many vessel powers as you want in one sitting: hell, activate all ten at once and you become a god. Once a power wears off, however, you can't use that vessel again until you replenish it with a white vessel.

White vessels are few and far between, but they're worth finding: a single one can replenish every empty vessel you possess!



Light Orange






Light Blue


Lime Green


Kills all enemies on the map.

Marks all items on the map.

Weapons do 8x damage.

Unlimited ammo.

Reveals the entire map.

Marks all enemies on the map.

Renders you invisible.

Marks secret areas on the map.

Full health; also boosts max health to 200.

Renders you invulnerable to damage.


They're obnoxious. They're hazardous. They're hidden teleporters, and they're a necessary evil in your quest. You'll discover many of them on accident. Some of them whisk you away from a deadly trap (or drop you right in its lap). Others bring you to secret caches of health and ammo. You'll have to weed out every single teleporter, though, if you want to get to those impossible-to-reach areas where keys and winged vessels are stashed. Be suspicious of every ceiling lantern and every isolated corner: it just might mark the location of a teleporter.


Almost as obnoxious as the hidden teleporters are hidden doors, which can hide just about anything: items, keys, winged vessels, alternate routes, monsters, and even teleporters. Often you can spot the seams of a hidden door if you look close enough. Experienced Doom'ers may sense when one is near. Follow your gut and check any suspicious wall. Or use the Map Secrets vessel power.


Arguably more obnoxious than either of the above devices are switches. Switches open doors and gates, lower false walls, and raise bridges; but the result of flipping one isn't always obvious, so you will have to frequently consult your map. Be sure to mark suspicious architecture when sweeping an area clear of ghouls: chances are it's switch-operated. Some switches are hidden, too: they may blend in with the decor or be invisible altogether. Hope you can stomach switch hunts!

 This wall of switches will have you pulling your hair out.

One wrong step and my rump is roasted.

It's neither an item nor a device, but it's a part of the landscape you'll have to deal with sooner or later. Some areas, particularly the kitchen and the burning storeroom, are miniature infernos. Oddly, the larger flames don't seem to inflict damage, while the little carpet fires will kill you in mere seconds. Still, keep clear of fire if you can, regardless of its form. If you can't, map every possible emergency exit before diving into a burning area. If you hear crispy crackling, run for shelter!



 As you can see, it's Happy Hour.

Your ultimate goal is to find the water clock and destroy it, freeing Matinicus Isle from Tess's curse and allowing you to escape the island.

Ah, but nothing's ever that easy, is it? In order to reach the clock you'll have to unlock ten doors and collect ten winged vessels. Even then, the water clock can't be harmed until you destroy the artifacts protecting it. And that's assuming their guardian, the Avatar of Set, will let you near them (hint: he won't).


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