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Meet the beasts of Matinicus Isle!

Aflac, bitch.

You're looking at the bottom of the monster food chain. He can't hurt you. He dies with one hit from anything. Don't even waste a bullet: you can kill him by walking over him. But when he sees you, he becomes a quacking beacon for all the trigger- happy Duck Hunters in the area.



Your first adversaries, found roaming the front gate in drunken posses. They're pretty rough for first-level enemies, too: once they get going their shotguns can shred your health meter to confetti. Try to pick them off from a distance, or use hit-and-run tactics. They tend to drop shotguns and shells when you kill them.

 Be vewy, vewy quiet. Huhuhuhuhuh.

 They all float in here, Georgie.

So maybe you're the type of player who screams and runs at the sight of a clown. If you let this one get close to you, it'll tickle you to death. Doesn't sound fierce, but it hurts and it stops you in your tracks so you can't run away until you kill the giggly bastard. They have a habit of waiting around corners and just inside doors so they can get the drop on you.



This thing earns a "most obnoxious enemy" trophy. It charges you in a screaming kamikaze run, spitting foul red goo like a pissed off machine gun. When not in attack mode, it flutters around like a drunken fly, making it tough to hit. And unlike ground-based monsters, this one can still reach you if you're separated by a balcony.

 Give him a third eye to shut him up.


The bane of your existence in the sewer maps. It almost qualifies as two monsters: in Dung Boulder form, it crushes you like a steamroller; in Hideous Grinning Slug form, it spits burst after burst of toxic gas in your face. Only in the latter form can it be killed, so shoot the boulders 'til they morph into slugs, then flush the bastards. The flamethrower was put in this area for a reason: use it!



Don't laugh: this beast, unique to the "Columns of Set" area, is worse than any doberman. It looks harmless enough, trotting around like the first place winner at a dog show; then with a bark it lunges, bites your face off, and teleports someplace else before you realize you're dead.

 Not much of a guard dog, but a vicious gossip.

  Inside view of a roach motel.

Roaches are tough enough to kill when they're not the size of human children. This guy probably wins the title of worst enemy because he chases you around corners with loogie volleys and, most of the time, simply refuses to die. If you hear the disgusting sound of Lounge Roaches, go ahead and bust out the flamethrower.



These big, nasty housekeeping ladies guard the bedrooms with iron fists. You'll know that well enough if they get close enough to pound you with them. Getting punched isn't fun: it disorients you and stops you in your tracks. These beasts are slow, but like good maids they sop up a lot of abuse with nary a complaint.

 I'm about to get a stern talkin'-to.

 Now I stuff you wiz lead,
it won't hurt 'cos you're dead!

The developers get points for style here: these chefs are literally walking arsenals, what with their being butcher knife pincushions. Get in the way of their work and they'll pull those knives out of their wounds and make 'em airborne. They don't let up once in attack mode, so either kill them quick or don't stop moving.



I appreciate the irony of a Christian prohibitionist killing people with liquor bottles. They'll make you appreciate it too: the Conway wine cellar has an unlimited supply of ammo for these rigid wraiths. They wing one bottle after another at your head, shouting "Filthy bootlegger!" and other colorful phrases.

 No thanks. Got any scotch?

 It's a sad state of affairs when the only effective bug repellant is a Tommy gun.

Even harder to hit than the Dread Head is this frightfully large hornet. The only upside to this monster is that it has to get in close to sting you (and with reckless abandon, I might add). But they dodge and weave so much you're likely to get a few cc's of hornet martini before the night is up.



This is what happens when you light a cigarette next to an ammo dump. Don't bother these guys, 'cos they got numbers and fireballs that put Doom's imp horde to shame. They tend to loaf about in gangs of three to six, and unload fireball volleys the second they see you. Some of them aren't getting paid enough to chase you, though.

 He'd kill me, but he's on break.

 Say hallo to mah little friend!

The coolest monster on the island is also the most dangerous: nothing can shred your health faster than an undead maniac with a Tommy gun. Get caught in a crossfire and it's time for a new game. They're also tough sonsabitches, often shrugging off pistol and shotgun damage. On the plus side, they're an absolute pleasure to watch in death: they go down blazing, emptying the magazine into the ceiling.



Like the Booze Hornet, this critter flutters wildly about until it gets close enough to gnaw your face off. Unlike the Booze Hornet, it always travels with its entire extended family. Shotgun fodder.

 This bat's all up in my belfry.

 I don't take no shit from no dung beetle.

A strangely rare enemy: it only appears in a few handfuls, and only in the attic and library. Makes you wonder why they aren't down in the sewers, pushing their Bungmunster buddies around. It behaves just like the Booze Hornet, but bursts like a busted lightbulb when it dies.



It's unpredictable and it only appears in the storeroom, where you have to walk along precarious bridges over pits of fire. When idle, it simply rises to the ceiling and evaporates; if you're close by when it appears, it drifts toward you, dons a ghastly face, and swoops in to bite you. This usually knocks you over a ledge to a horrible, fiery demise. I've never killed one. I don't know if it can be killed. Just run. Or cry.

 That's a bad gas leak.

 Played by Edward Fox.

Found only in the attic, this critter behaves like the Dread Head, but attacks more aggressively and looks prettier. Watch your back up there.



At the end of the game you'll face the only "boss" Killing Time has to offer: this gruesome mummy-demon who doubles as the game's mascot. Like Jason Voorhees, he hunts you relentlessly and always comes back no matter how many times you kill him; unlike Jason, he heaves ball lightning down his victims' throats. He's actually not too tough: avoid him if you can and focus on destroying the water clock, gunning him down only if he gets underfoot.

 Like most wicked storm gods, his touch is electric.

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