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The guns stashed on Matinicus Isle, and how to use 'em.

  Awesome bug repellent if you don't mind lead fumes.

You came to Matinicus Isle armed with a nickel-plated .45 caliber revolver. When you're dealing with a single enemy or picking fools off from a distance, it's reliable if a little slow. It's also a sure way to preserve ammo, because it only uses one bullet per shot.



Find the revolver Mr. Conway used during the 1920's to chase away sea-faring smugglers, and you can have a gun in each hand. Do double the damage in the same amount of time. Increase the odds you'll score a mortal hit. The down side? You'll use double the ammo.

Even if it does spend twice the bullets with each attack, dual-pistols are dandy at taking down human-sized monsters quickly. Don't get too trigger happy with these or your ammo cache will be dry in a flash.

You can find this gun in the same area as the RSVP, but you'll have to hunt for it.
Splattering ducks with a .45 caliber duet.

 Also known as a "buckshot mop".

Popular among members of Conway Estate hunting parties. A lot of power with good spread -- makes very impressive holes with each lethal blast. These old rifles take a second to reload, though -- so aim to kill!

The perfect backup weapon. It has its own ammo type, it can take down up to three enemies with a single shot, and it's great for clearing out those small, fast, hard-to-hit critters. Its slow reload can be a problem, though, especially considering it's semi-auto (that is, you can't keep shooting by holding down the button). Duck in, line up your targets, take a shot, and duck back out.

Some Hunters let you pry this gun from their cold, dead hands.



More affectionately known as the "Tommy gun", this gangster-era baby takes the same bullets as your Colt "Peacemaker". Eats through enemies like a lawn mower. Eats through ammo supplies even faster.

Sadly, though you can keep firing this puppy by holding down the attack button, it's not quite a true machine gun. It operates like a full-auto version of the shotgun at three bullets per shot, albeit with narrower spread and speedier firing rate. It carves through monsters big and small with little effort, and it's the weapon of choice to use against the Zombie Bootlegger, but give me the Tommy gun from Blood any day.

Zombie Bootleggers occasionally let you borrow one after you lay them out.

  Rat-a-ta-tat and down goes the rat!

  I'm showing him a classic German flambe recipe.

The Big Burner. During WWI some maniac brought a few to the island to defend it from invasion. After the Estate was built in 1921, the Conways stored them in an unlikely place. Find one and start cooking!

Its max ammo capacity is 50 shots. Even if it were only 10 shots, it'd still make you an unstoppable force because there's plenty of fuel lying around the island and it only uses 1 unit per shot. The flamethrower sprays a stream of fireballs that burst on impact (for splash damage to you if you aren't careful), and each of those fireballs can one-hit-kill any enemy it touches, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes. Devastating and fun.

As far as I know you can only find this weapon in the sewer. Happy hunting!



Partly due to luck and partly to accuracy, in combat there's always the possibility a monster will go down with a single shot. It's kinda like a bonus kill that saves you ammo. So aim well and shoot straight!

The PC/Mac version of Killing Time didn't have this feature, which is too bad. Most of the monsters in that port have so much health it renders half your arsenal useless.

 Doing a little cleanup. Lounge Roach knows he's next.

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