Everett Peone (#08445-010)

My name is Everett Peone, I am 34, I was born 4/17/1978.
in Oregon city Oregon. I was raised in Boise Idaho.
I am 6'0"  190# with brown hair and blue/green eyes.

I am a motivated man with specific goals in my life. I am incarcerated at this time for felon in possession of a firearm. I am quickly nearing the end of a 70 month sentence in January 2013.
I value loyalty, integrity, honor, honesty and drive.
I am a passionate person who has an idea of the direction my life is supposed to go from here, looking for like minded people to share and communicate with.
I am an extremely fit man who loves fishing, camping, swimming in mountain rivers, and all things outdoors and truly enjoy the culinary arts, I have professional training from both executive and master chefs.
I enjoy writing, meeting intelligent people, and sharing views, both agreeing and opposing.
I am interested in creating a network of people who want to contribute to the pursuit of creating change in the "Justice" system as it stands and attempting to re-unite the families of incarcerated people world wide.

I am trying to accumulate resources for those who are re-entering society from institutions as well as families.
If you choose to read what I write, be prepared to be provoked to respond, in one way or another. I look forward to meeting you.

My Goals

My desire is to affect change in the hearts and minds of families and friends of the incarcerated men and women of the world.
I wish to create understanding of the tactics used by the "Justice" system to generate convictions for the profit driven prison industry.
I have chosen to expose the attack upon Americans through the manufactured War on Drugs and the purchased legislation of the for-profit prison industry.
If you choose to read what I write, I hope it will evoke a response deep inside your heart, that will motivate you to seek out more information, to create a clear image of this system. I also hope you will decide to share any and all responses you may want with me.
I am attempting, through this platform, to bring together those who have been damaged by this system, families, friends, and those who have been incarcerated.
My goal is to accumulate resources for people who are re-entering society from these institutions, as well as their families.
If you have a desire, for whatever reason, to help in this challenging pursuit, I encourage you to read, respond and connect with me and those I am connected with. For me, to remain silent, is to remain complicit in this systematic attack. Complacency has gotten us into this, the responsibility to change it rests upon us.

“Dropped Penny Creates a Change”

As a person who may have walked through this life for several years with my eyes closed, it almost feels like a violent attack to have them opened.  With a gut wrenching realization of the dramatic truth, I face a decision.  Do I pursue the path that is obviously a rigorous and convoluted labyrinth, or do I simply close my eyes again and ignore the penny laying in my path???


Are there still people out there searching for their ‘soul mate’?  Is this an outdated or ‘old fashioned’ idea in today’s society of 4G networks and divorce lawyer battles on prime time CNN?  Is there any chance of making this previously desired connection, is it still a relevant platform from which to search?  With all the chaos and political, social and economic turmoil we are immersed in from the moment we plug into the World Wide Web; is it even possible to make a solid connection, let alone an unbreakable bond such as true love?  Does this term still exist in today’s youth’s language?  Is the word ‘soul mate’ still in today’s vocabulary?  Can these ideals be brought back to life in the hearts and minds of today’s leaders?  Wouldn’t it benefit everyone if the pursuit of this life changing connection were resurrected?  I feel like it would.




Some deep shadow exists in my soul,
Has it exacted a heavy toll?
I must face each new discovery,
From which direction will come earnest recovery?
Looking forward, I greet every new day,
It only occasionally matters that I have lost my way.
Continuously questioning the who’s, what’s, why and when,
Mostly I realize it doesn’t matter then.
Sometimes it feels as if I am parting at the seams,
The desolate accoutrements of shattered dreams.
What to pick, which idol to exalt,
I know now, I understand today, it is my fault.
Faced with a perilous pathway, which direction do I take?
Put a smile, some pep in my step, which is real and which fake.
Continuously counting the times that are measurable and intense,
What I choose, who I affect, my ripples that I cause so immense.



Hello there,
I would like to start by saying today is a new day, no matter the way that things look in this moment of time, they may change at a seconds notice. Just think what's the times old adage, if you don't like the weather, stay a minute......it WILL change, well time is the same way. By finding the pathway to living in the now, it can be life changing, to find out that although the past was rough or uncomfortable, now it is already fading and a moment from now, it will have faded some more. If you fill those moments in between with a thought of someone you love or a time when you were happier then the bridge to healing has already begun.
I speak from experience on this type of matter, after being plucked from society and thrust into the 'Justice System' I was immersed in the misery of fear and suffering. I found my way through a 70month sentence in the Federal System, which is a whole topic of its own. I also found my way through to inner peace and a platform for the voice of my heart which is what anyone who chooses to to speak or correspond or listen will hear the voice of my heart, so i encourage anyone, if you feel what i say inside yourself and want to share or express you own voice with me, please do....
27-feb 2012
Are there people out there that truly want an individual view of the course of events that are set in motion when the US Federal Government sets its sights upon a member citizen???  I ask this because I am willing to give a summation.  Although subjective through my eyes. 
To any and all interested people ..... Especially families who have an at risk member of that family .... Everett

28 feb 2012
I want to address something i said previously....on the topic of "Inner Peace," so obviously I write about the experiences i have had and how they have affected me and my journey through life. So when i say things like "path to healing," and "Inner peace," I don't mean sunbeams and warm fuzzies peace for me came when my eyes became opened from the closed world of methamphetamines and alcohol, wild adventures and all night animal monkey sex, drug conspiracies and ATF weapons violations.
When i finally opened my eyes to the world of global finance, world events, political forums, high power scandal, military supremacy and how all these are achieved I felt like i had been violently attacked. I reeled from the experience, my whole consciousness was rocked to the very foundation of my being.  How had i possibly lived for 31 years blinded , completely unaware of the world around me?
I found myself completely disoriented at first, I would look in the mirror and not recognize my own face. I actually saw a different man  standing there. My body revolted against me. I am a fitness freak and all I wanted to do was quit, what was the point. I felt weak and depleted. For weeks I wandered in a mute daze.  But slowly, as i felt all the accumulated dirt of my previous existence fall away, I started to see and feel like a different man. Doors opened to me, both in my life and in my mind. People of a different caliber began to take notice and communicate with me, I became fluent in the vocabulary of current events.
I took notice and became interested in political science and business, finances, the global currency system and market. I started writing about  a myriad of topics, and  basically one day here recently i looked in the mirror and realized.....I am ALIVE!!!  This is "Inner Peace".
In my understanding any way.....anyone is encouraged to ask any question they may have....I want all conversation....Everett

29 feb 2012


Systematic removal of validatable education programs. There was a day when a federal prisoner could go to prison with no continued education and come home with college credits or a valid degree.  Gone are the days  where a man, if he had the drive to better himself through education and training, he could get it done and officially.
The federal prison system has hemorrhaged money for so long, affirmative action has been in place for so long, and the habit of rewarding staff for doing the bare minimum, and the unionization of staff, has been going on for so long that there is nothing left but a lackadaisical workforce and NO EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES. 
How can the communities that finance this monstrous machine expect individuals who were removed from those communities to pay their " debt to society"  come home and be productive members of those communities, if all we do is remove them and place them in these facilities, which are nothing but an environment of "criminal knowledge" with no alternative to turn to inside those correctional facilities. What is going on......can no one see the vicious cycle that is right before our eyes????? 
Or does nobody truly care anymore?

29 feb 2012

"Justice System???"

What does the term " Justice system," bring to mind when you thinks about it?   Take  the word system for example, doesn't it feel like some sort of clinical or mechanical reference? Does it bring any feeling of humanity to mind? How can we have a method of dealing with human lives and families that from the very words used to describe it we get a feeling of sterility? Lets now look at the word "justice," how many are left in America today who don't shake their and smile or outright laugh or cringe at the mention? 
There's a saying from the state of Montana that goes " the smell of corruption is rendered almost sweet by the flow of money into our war chests," this was said by a  governor in the middle of this century. The very representatives that the people of this country have elected through the popular vote have betrayed us since the beginning. The very system we modeled, after the failed empire of the ancient Romans, has failed again.
Unfortunately no one will stand up and address those in power and pass them the news that its over gentlemen. YOU MUST GO>

29 feb 2012
I am no socialist, I dont believe in redistribution of wealth....I do believe in exercising the constitutionally guaranteed rights of American citizens. What I also believe in is identifying  the moral decay of American society and the complete complacency of our families as the fabric of our connections are being destroyed.
Rich political lawmakers creating laws that directly fill prisons that have become human warehouses for profit, with all that comes with that industry, including corruption, greed and power. Where are the fighters for freedom from tyranny?  Our rights and liberties are being trampled upon by the ones we choose by election to represent our beliefs and interests.
If they no longer stand up for those ideals that placed them in postions of power, we must remove them!!! Why is the population brainwashed into believing and accepting that there is nothing we can do. 
We can remove them from power, our constitutionally guaranteed right are very specific, we must exercise them....do we live in such a state of fear from all the anacronymed agencies out there....does the FBI< CIA< NSA DOD ATF< on and on SCARE YOU? is that how the country was designed, to instill control by fear?
I have already paid the price with years of my life, whats left for a guy like myself to fear?

01st March 2012
Families and friends with incarcerated individuals we must become involved in reforming how our loved ones are being treated while supposedly paying a debt to society inside americas prisons. If our voices are together on the issues that face this " Broken system,"then the "industrialists" who own and profit from these institutions will have to take notice and listen.
Companies like Aramark, Keefe, GEO corp and on and on that are owned by politicians, judges and law makers are profiting from the extreme sentences and convoluted laws being written and enforced, because "ignorance is no defence to the law." well then we must all become educated to the intricacies of the relationships of our lawmakers, politicians and judges.
Not to mention the systematic removal and violation of our guaranteed constitutional rights. We are being duped America, taken advantage of and manipulated. How can political figures who create the laws be allowed to profit from the correctional industry that is the direct result of those laws they create. How is it accepted that the correction ideal is referred to as "Industry," we are talking about humanity, men and women, our family members, friends.
Why do we stand idlely by and allow this, we have a choice to make America.

01st March 2012
If one is even to grasp the concept of the problem of the MACHINE [essentially the corporation, size, impersonal, industial technological complex of our day], It is neccessary to divest oneself of the current prejudices about it.
To look at it objectively. Its utility is so obvious and so enormous that most people tend to be blind  to the evils that it has caused, and to ignore and to discount these evils even when they are brought to their attention, like the prison system/machine. 
I ask though, however, to face with me the question of wether its supposed gains may not in reality be largely empty, or have come at a human price that is too high

2 March 2012 - A little more about me
If you choose to follow what I write then you will become familiar with terms I use to describe what is culminating in our country, and many others as I am sure you are aware. Lets look at "slow tyranny," implementation of systematic programs that work to increase separation of class under the guise of social restructuring. Take things like affirmative action, the program that offers opportunities, unfairly, to people who on their own merit don't deserve to be promoted. Based on things like race, ethnicity, religion, and any number of reasons that unjustly increase the odds of being offered scholarships and corporate promotion.
This quickly became a government handout line to those who didn't earn their right to be in these top level schools or jobs, effectively reducing the amount of people who deserve what they've earned. How can we, as a country, expect to continue as a global superpower in technologies research, medicine, and industry or anything else if we continue to promote this idea that everyone deserves a shot because of their skin color or their scholastic ineptitude?
Where are we going when the ideals of hard work, study hard and move up the corporate ladder are being subverted by less intelligent, less motivated handout recipients? who will stand up and speak clearly to the lawmakers of this and all great nations and say, stop giving away our future!!!

3rd March 2012
Are there still people who are searching for their " soul mate"? Is this an outdated or " old fashion" idea in today's society of 4G networks and prime time divorce lawyer battles on CNN? Is there any chance of making this previously desired connection, is it still a relevant platform from which to search?
With all the chaos and political, social, economic turmoil we are immersed in from the moment we plug into the world wide web; is it even possible to make a solid connection, let alone an unbreakable bond like "true love/" Does this term still exist in today's youth language/ Is the word " soul mate" still in the vocabulary of today? Can these ideals be brought back to life in the hearts and minds of our future leaders? wouldn't it benefit everyone if the pursuit of this life changing experience were resurrected?
I feel like it would, and I will continue to search. Everett

4th March

"Deceit & lies"

When did it become acceptable to run for a public servant position on the premise of lies and deception? How can our political figures stand before the American people and promise the stars with no intention to follow through? Why is the public so spineless that there is no "stand up and fight" mentality any longer?
Our nation was built by free thinkers with goals and the hearts to follow the pathway to change, until the end, achievement!  Even willing to sacrifice the ultimate price, life itself. There is a road back to strength, and it doesn't include radical actions. All it takes is the understanding of the rights that are promised every American citizen. Can we afford to continue to allow our rights to be trod  down by the system that was  put in place to protect those very rights?
I know I am not alone in my desire to create change in this country and the world. My question is, " is it too late already?"
" I wonder"
What is the answer to the question that is never asked? Can contemplation create spontaneous combustion? I can believe in the hybridization of the human collective conscious, I have seen it in the historical fiction of the known recorded history. Why can people so readily believe in the Droid 4g network capabilities, but offered with evidence from the content of the Sumerian clay tablet texts, they scoff?
Since I am sitting here with the ability to write and read these writings, it is the only irrelevant truth, as I see it. I wonder at times, how the Government of this country can intimidate the american population into submission?
Everything we stand for is on the line these days. And even in the midst of this turmoil, I find that I have the desire to affect change.

4th March 2012
When I sit in a state of solitude, which isn't only alone, I struggle with the days events. In review of my interactions , I often see the twists and turns of the characters I am surrounded by.
More often than not there are veiled threats and concealed jealousies that pervade each conversation. Frequently I acknowledge these innuendoes and sub contexts with a laugh of recognition, but this seems to have allowed festering seeds of malcontention in my heart. More and more I recognize the breadth of hate that is attempting to subvert my natural attitude of calm.
A ripple of contention has amalgamated my smooth frequency and disrupted the harmony of my soul. I accept the truth of the severity of the lower lumbar surgery that I underwent recently, but the cacophony of chaos superseeding my existance can only be described one way. "Confusion"......Everett

5th March 2012
Am I to consider myself fortunate to be a witness to the state of revolution that the planet is in? I ask myself on a daily basis, do I count myself lucky? My perception is somewhat different than the basic societal views. Being segregated from the surrounding world by incarceration, I reduced my awareness of political, and global situations faced. Recently I decided to expand that awareness and it has been like the opening of a blind mans eyes, a deaf mans ears, a mutes mouth and both sensory functions of smell and touch all at once.
"OVERWHELMING" I found the world that I had effectively shut off, in a state of economic, political, military, populace and international breakdown....Revolution!  It has been like the old movies about someone coming from the peaceful past into the hurried future.
Except the future is the present and the state of the world is coming apart at the seams. I will be released into society in 2013, basically one year from now. All of society is somewhat immune to the turmoil that surrounds them, I on the other hand am in complete inundation. The river of my consciousness is overflowing the banks of any prior experience.
How do I speak to someone, and relate appropriately, When I see things through such a different lens? I have set about trying to connect with the world through social networking sites, which is basically foreign to me. I am reaching out to people in a way that feels extremely vulnerable. I am a strong man, both spiritually and physically. To be honest I am somewhat behind in the understanding of the world today, But I have set about figuring out where I fit in.
My heart is open now where I have been closed before. I ask that there be someone out there that is willing and able to spend the time to guide me through this revolution that I face in my own existence, as well as the one the world is engrossed in.....Everett

5th March 2012 -
My thoughts
What is the feeling that is the most used to create  reaction? How does "authority" accomplish its envisioned parameters? When faced with the basic reality of loss or consequence, what is the motivating factor?  Could it be the ever present vibration of "Fear Itself?" Enough questions, its time to " Face your Fears!" 
Today is the day to unearth the psychology of how we've come to use others fears as the iron clad manipulative devise to create control of both " the masses" and John Q taxpaying citizen. Which happen to both be propagated by fear of consequences, "which government agency will knock down my door for noncompliance?" 
" If I don't pay -my taxes- I will loose everything to the government." An entire nation built on the foundation of the founding fathers vision of a populous in bondage," to what ?   Fear!!!

6th March 2012
This will be an undertaking, but one well worth the time and effort. I was recently asked what lens I view the world through. After some reflective thought, I came to the conclusion that I have multiple lenses I look through each second of every day. The longer I contemplated, the more I realized that this concept is one of the most reliable, readily accessible, avenues of persuasion and manipulation available to those who promote and profit from the system as it stands today.
I made a decision to be as honest and forthright as I know how to be, which quickly became an identifiable lens. Honesty, which in the past wasn't always the case. This explanation is an objective view of my vision as it stands today. And  is another layer of lenses, objectivity, that happens to be  difficult to maintain. Yet in the pursuit of upholding this lens I focus through the next, integrity, because there are times when I would rather drop the objectivity, but wont allow myself to, which is an exercise in integrity.
When I peel back a few more layers, I feel that I must remain loyal to what I see thus far as my character, and it dawns on me how integral I view loyalty to be, another lens. As I continue to probe the depth of my persona, I start to realize that many of the ideals I continue to uncover are actually what I desire to encounter in the people I hold near and dear, consequently, what I seek in a woman as a romantic partner. Maybe that, so far , is a tough standard.
I know sometimes its not easy for myself, and there in lies another layer, dedication. It definitely seems I desire to continue progressing toward a goal, damn, there is another layer. Desire, all inclusive desire, I desire to succeed in the path I now see before me. To build upon whatever life has in store, to extract every last ounce of destiny, to evoke a response and orchestrate change. I think we tapped a well, filled with desire, one burning brighter than all the others, to culminate a symbiotic cohesion of cause and effect.   Ideals/reality   Design/achievement  Love/life/family/friends    a celebration of existence.......
that was intense,  for me anyway.......Everett
6th March 2012
"Karmic design"
How many people out the believe in karma? For those who do, and even for those who don't, how difficult is it to understand the concept of "Karmic design?" The belief in cause and effect, which is readily proven in scientific study, is in essence what I am presenting. A "debit card" of karma, for lack of a better analogy.
The more you put in, through intentional and identifiable thoughts, feelings and actions; the better "savings" of positive energy and return on output. Is this a tough concept to relate with, or simply a difficult prospect of effort? I will put it another way, what better logic to live life by than creating good returns on top products.
There's another example of the success of this strategy, economics- the science of supply and demand- mathematics. One great product plus a demand for return on investment equals satisfaction.
So with all the supporting physical and visual evidence of this spiritual concept, why is the practice of this design falling so short in the world today?
Do you accept that we would be better off?  Everett

7th March 2012
I listen to the presidential nomination candidates and I shudder at the lies that are so easily spit out on the people. I hear the acting president, which even the media calls Mr - rather than president, continue to stand up and claim credit for some mythical change he has brought about in the country. When the unemployment numbers have never added up since 2005, how can we continue to give credence to such double speak? Lies, deceit, slight of hand, political maneuvering, political science, its all the same technique.
What condition are we in when the consensus is, " I will vote for anyone who's running against the current administration." How can we so easily accept the, " lesser of two evils?"  The declaration OF independence, ONE OF our most sacred documents, clearly states our rights and responsibilities when it comes to a Government that no longer has the good of the people  as its primary concern. 
People misunderstand when they want to effect a real difference. The war is one of words, enough people with the right contextual arguments with the same desire to design change, is what is required. We still have free speech in this country, , although its rapidly being infringed upon, we have to pull together now, before its too late. This is my dream, but I am but one man. Yet many great movements have been the result of one mans life quest.
One great man is what it takes, sometimes...

08th March 2012
Understand that I relate the idea of the machine to the industrial revolution and how the men, woman and children of this country are now the product that industry thrives on. Gone are the days of true innovation, the present, perhaps, is the one age which has seen the greatest change in the industry base in the shortest amount of time. These changes are the consequences of the appearance of factors very different from those which have henceforth dominated society.
One of the principle characteristics of the present period is found precisely in the transformation of the determining causes of the evolution of nations. Cause and effect, which you have heard me bring up repeatedly. For centuries religious and political factors have exercised a fundamental influence, and I am not claiming they don't play a role today, but this influence has considerable paled. Economic and industrial factors, for a long time secondary, are today assuming an absolutely prepondering influence. How to find the next, newest product, and how to market that product. The next layer of this comes with the investigation into the buisness of profitability.
And it wasn't much of a leap to recognize the justice system of fines and housing of inmates as the untapped resource of America.  Everett

08th March 2012
"One word"
Even as I watch the ink dry on the first line, A deep sadness descends upon my soul. When first a man or woman was experiencing the feelings that he/she didn't have the words to describe, how could one single word suffice? What series of letters could possibly resonate with enough emotion to relay the inner disharmony being endured. " How can I express to another the anguish I labor in?" 
There in lies another component of the situation, there isn't another. Layer upon layer, deeper still, the quick-sand of despair engulfs my heart. I would like to sit down with the originator of this word "alone" and ask a few questions of my own. Like " what was the experience you were having at the time of inception?" "How did it feel the first time you spoke the word into existence? " What I do know is that the word "alone" resonates perfectly with the concept.
I use the word resonates because that is what happens, this single word strikes the chord in my being that vibrates precisely with the turmoil in my soul....Everett

10 March 2012

It seems from where I stand that the inner turmoil of the world is seething with the destiny of violent uprisings. We appear to be faced with a decisive crossroads. The leaders of the "civilized nations" are barely holding in check the innately human desire to commit violence upon what is viewed as and enemy. But if we could take a step back and look at what is the cause of this strife, we might be shocked to grasp that the catalyst of this rage is the ideal of "protected difference." I want my right to be different to be safe, but all my own, " so don't infringe on this or I will attack you." Cant we see the complete absurdity of this reaction?
Who has programmed this into our consciousness? Where did or direction of " freedom of choice" and all other rights afforded at birth, become a "rallying cry to arms?" How can we possibly see a solution in the manipulation of our destiny? Wake up America, we have a vehicle of change at our fingertips, literally. Use your intellect and compose a response, verbalize the dissatisfaction you feel in your heart.
Enough people, with the right conceptual design, can change how the world is seen....Everett

14th March 2012
What would your question be if you were down to the last of the ink in your last pen ever?
Say that this question would be answered, and the response would affect change in the current system.
Would you ask about wealth, health, or power?
Or would you ask about the degradation of our family connections in today's society? Are there people out there who are actually aware of the
continual attack on the fabric of our love for our families? Do you understand how intricate this war has become? I can see the inch by inch, step by step deconstruction of our values. Women,through constant media barrage, no longer desire to be part of the home-making, maternal, partnership.
Men are portrayed as likely dead beat dads. Kids who go through the time eternal hormone changes that cause outrageous behaviour during the process of finding their mature identity, who struggle with drug experimentation, are seen as delinquent and handed over to the authorities to deal with. where are the days of, " we are a family and will get through this together."? Could this be a major factor in the breakdown of solidarity in our country?
Anyone, please give feedback so we can bring our voices together and alter the path we are on.
There is only one end to this current , programmed direction. It is always easier to divide and conquer, than if we collectively unite behind a message.
Or am I completely out of line????? Everett

14th March 2012
"Current conversations"

"Pomp and Circumstance," The federal government uses an age old technique of overwhelming  aggression, visual stimulation, and ceremony of theatrics.  These techniques are modeled after the ancient Romans, Egyptians, Thessalonians, and on down through the ages of great civilizations.
The irony is that even the superpowers of Russian KGB and the German Luftwaffe and SS failed.  As a matter of history, all these nations have failed in many if not all ways, most to the point of complete annihilation by the next up and coming nation. Which in turn models their government after the previously failed predecessor.  The common denominator, as I see it, is the continued practice of the class system, or cast, or nobility, whatever. The institution of the few must rule the many, which quickly becomes the exploiting the many. Next comes in the innately human deceptive nature to employ any and all means to retain and grow that power and wealth, that in many cases was stolen manipulated, or founded on the proceeds of crime. How can it be seen as anything but a recipe for failure.
Why am I, a multiple time convicted felon with 3 trips into American prison system able to accurately identify these large cracks in the fabric  of our society, no our entire nation? Who desires for something different?
I understand the enormity of  the challenge I lay at the feet of humanity, but what better banner to come together under that Truth?

15 March 2012

Part 1

"Stake holders"

On today's programming, for your viewing pleasure, there is a startling trend occurring. How many notice that its a rarity for the arresting authorities to read a detainee their Miranda rights anymore? Isn't it becoming apparent to Americans that the "innocent until proven guilty," has been completely eroded? Its advertised nightly, to millions of viewers, that you shouldn't ask for a lawyer, but should just come clean effectively incriminating yourself and implicating all others.  If you happen to show some fortitude and resist by requesting your lawyer, which is a basic exercise of your rights, you are immediately threatened with the possibility/probability of long prison sentences and " prison rape."
Doesn't it chill you to your soul that the actual state of our prison system is so easily and effectively used as not only a piece of comedy, but a realistic form of intimidation with the horrors of the reality of prison experience? This will inevitably cause our ancestors to shudder, just as 18 th century public viewing of the gallows does us today.  How did we get to the point where housing humanity in horrendous conditions in an industrialized facility setting, became an acceptable form of punishment for non violent criminals, and a source of profit? Does it sound humane to profit from the industrialization of the suffering of humanity?

Mass incarceration on a mass scale pervades our entire nation. The industry of housing, feeding, adjudicating, and fining has sunken its fangs into every level of American society. The opportunity to profit from this industry has been seized by highly influential corporations, which contribute heavily to lobbyists who through trickle down economics donate to the politicians who create the laws that  guarantee the base product and pave the way for legislation that continues the profits of these major corporations, CCA, GEO corp. etc.So what is the interest being served here, Justice? Or industrial greed. I think it is clear....Everett

16th March 2012
 So, I feel the need to zero in on one of my main goals as I want expressed.
The strength of the family connection is the only way that we as a community and society can reverse the destruction being wrought by the correctional system on our loved ones. I seek to draw together all people who have been damaged.  I want the grown children of convicted parents, the mothers and fathers of convicted children, and anyone who has suffered at the hands of the judicial system to stand together.  The first step is for us to accept that the system is broken as it stands today.  It isn't there to help anyone, it’s a means to tax the population with fines and jail time for any number of laws that are put in place each year, so many that there's no way to keep track with them.
Now the system has begun an attack by designer crimes, laws that require no evidence of wrong doing, only the thought of committing the act.  We must rally behind those members of our families who have been ensnared by the tentacles of this current regime that the Federal government has instituted.  We must stop the commonly held idea that the Government we have is here to help.  It is abundantly clear that the corruption and the prisons for profit we have today are dangerous. 
Take a long look at ourselves America, we are being enslaved by this entity of destruction. Come together and unite in a common cause, our loved ones, Stand up for what's right.  How can anything that has such a destructive force be considered anything but dangerous?
Our families are the most important.  Everett

18th March 2012
"Before Congress"
With all the actors testifying before congress on issues from poverty, teenage gay abuses, AIDS, Sudanese oppression and any other cause of the hour, where are the advocates for prisoners here in America? I hear these famous Hollywood stars stand before congress, both loved and idolized by these supposedly professional politicians, speak on any and all heartfelt and trendy topic of the day. Our all powerful governing body not only accepts these unprofessional opinions, they act upon them. Creating laws, legislation and bills to address whatever issue is presented. I have a question, when is it going to become the "in " thing to do to expose the horrors of our prisons right here at home, the injustices perpetrated against our own citizens, or the destruction of our lower and middle class family structure through unfair incarceration tactics?
Can we get some attention brought to the For profit prison industry? An industry fueled on the misery of humanity. An industry thats become so large, and in turn profitable and powerful, to affect  legislation through lobbying and political donation to ensure exponential growth of the demand (men/women) When can we count on even having a voice? Here in lies the answer, We will never have a voice that speaks out against these travesties. If we wait for someone else.
The Government, hand in hand with these super corporations have banded together to either crush or buy off anyone who appears to be an adversary to their goals. So the only solution, as I see it, is to unite, in numbers, the families that have been the target of these injustices. We must come together and create a collective and unified front to stand against this opponent. This is a war, but a war of contextual and conceptual argument. Informed, intelligent, leadership is the answer we must have. That and the rekindling of the family connection that has for so long been under attack. If you are reading this, chances are you have a loved one in the grips of the prison industry. Are you willing to stand behind that family member and create change?

19th March 2012
Here is a thought
"I don't want to be the man on the sidelines who thinks, I could have done that!" Judgment must be removed from our views for an extended period of time to affect change.
This is a first hand account of the "RAGE" that the American justice system creates. I am not an extremist, I don't believe that anarchy is the way to fix the system. There are many crimes that extended prison sentences are appropriate. Murders, rapists, child predators. perpetrators of premeditated violent crimes deserve the full measure of the law. But lets look at the facts, the numbers don't lie. The majority of Federal and state inmates today are low level, non violent drug offenders. Drug peddlers who are trying to support their habit, which is a societal/civil issue. I understand that drugs damage our society collectively, but lets take a look at what the prison system does in comparison. People are torn from their families and shipped all over the country, effectively alienating them from those they love. Hardship is placed on millions of American households because of incarceration. Gone are the days of inmates receiving help in the form of family counseling, or education opportunities. Funding has been cut to the bare minimum for all federal prisons.
A man being able to get an education if he chose to has ended. So how can it be expected for someone to come home any different than when they left. Well one difference is almost assured. After years of an individuals life is stripped away for a relatively minor crime, he/she is going to be angry, and way behind in the rat race called life. But my point is, how can we stand by and watch as more and more funding is spent on this so called war on drugs that the government has manufactured? How long are we going to believe the propaganda of the mass media that we need more and more prisons to be built so we can watch our loved ones be fed to this monster of a machine. Families across this country are realizing that this is a huge destructive burden on our lives. people, we have to wake up.
Our system of authorities with absolute control is out of control. The theatrics of state and federal police forces has become comical. Not for its lack of deadly consequence, but for the lack of a pure motivation. No longer is the good of the people the motivation, now it has become "Feed the machine" for profit. Fill beds in facilities so we can build  new facilities so we can fill them too, so we can have job security. There are so many layers to the problem that I become mired down and a feeling of hopelessness descends on my soul. But shortly there after it is replaced by an almost unconceivable rage.
22nd March 2012
"Supreme incompetence"
With the most recent supreme court ruling, 3/21/12, that it is now a part of the justice system to have the right to a plea agreement offer. Let me dissect this issue for everyone's understanding. The plea agreement goes like this, a person is charged, usually with a felony in this case. When you either obtain a lawyer or one is appointed to you through the publish defenders office, "the system," they have a standing rapport with the prosecuting attorney, or so it is implied from the start.
Now the first issue, is that you as an individual you have no means to speak with the PA, this is part of the process that has been fabricated by attorney and Pa's across the country. Doesn't it seem odd that you aren't allowed to speak for yourself? Second issue, the PDs office is part of the PAS office. These rapports are forged over lunches, romantic relationships, and drinks at local bars where regular Joes aren't welcome, only PAs PDs lawyers and law enforcement.
Do you see the separation that I speak about regularly? What does it look like is the primary concern being established, Justice, or the manufacturing conviction rates? What paves the way for Pa"s and PD's to move up the ladder to becoming judges and politicians, would you say the pursuit of justice, or the statistically verifiable, recordable numbers generated by convictions? Its easy to record conviction rate numbers, do you see a trend?
So to the point, what better way to obtain conviction rates than a plea agreement? This is the structure of a plea agreement, Judges, PA's, PD's and lawyers agree to reduce a sentence, which begins with the fear of extreme implementation of extended incarceration, to a more manageable and reasonable sentence/ as long as you agree to plead guilty. With this guilty plea you are waiving several rights, but that is another topic. Right or wrong, justice or truth, have nothing to do with this conviction manufacturing machine! Now lets look at issue number three., and probably one of the most consequential points to the "justice system," No one is responsible to the Litigation process, in turn, the cutting edge of Law intelligence is lost. With this supreme court ruling that states, '" The plea agreement process is now a functional guarantee of the justice system." No longer are the PA's, PD's Judges or Lawyers responsible to maintain their fundamental knowledge of the law, they only need to cultivate these rapports to obtain convictions through the plea agreement process.
What quicker, more comprehensive way to feed the for-profit prison industry, and smooth the path to career and political aspiration? 
23rd March 2012
In the USA Today paper, 3/23/12, Nation section page 3A, there is the article about another priest pleading guilty to preying upon a boy and passing him around to other priests and teachers in the school. This monster gets 2.5 years in prison. This is an outrage. This is a violent sexual predator receiving leniency while our prisons are continually choked with low level non violent drug offence. See the problem america/world.
Same paper , same day there is the topic of keeping violent sexual predators in prisons indefinitely, many tweet about it and the field is lopsided for "unconstitutional". Basically let them out when it is time, Do people understand that there is no such thing as rehabilitation in the current system, only house and release, because the federal and state funding has been cut to the bare minimum?
Here comes the kicker, Same paper, same day, Market place section 8 A. Notices, personals, this is word for word America. Lovely Czech women, 10-30 years and YOUNGER. both USA and Canada, no visa required, HAND IN HAND....with a phone number. Now this is 100% verifiable, each section and story. Do you see the words 10 and YOUNGER in this add...Are you kidding me here.. Violent sexual this, predator that, but lets put an add for children from the Czech republic in the same paper, any paper???????
How can we as a people allow this to continue, we have spiraled to complete failure. We are ancient Rome in the now, where does this lead?? can it possibly be more obvious that we have fallen from grace. This is sickening, how are the media moguls of this world not being held accountable???? Where does it stop, I am so ill right now that I am at a loss for words. Believe me that is a difficult proposition at the least. WHY????  How does anyone turn a blind eye to the evil and destruction being wrought upon the earth??? Is it so easy to bury your head in sand and enjoy the latest entertainment provided by the major network channels??? When did the fuel for the country become hate??? I can list several hate motivated major news topics right now....I don't have the heart for this....Everett

28th March 2012
" Equation"
In my opinion the health of humanity is in peril. The very fabric of our beings is on the line in a way that is unprecedented.
On some of my darker days I don't think that we are salvageable, but that's the very attitude that assists the destruction we face. If I am not actively fighting against the degradation, I am a complicit participant.
Hate is the most powerful tool that is available today. It is stoked with the flames of social, racial, economical, and intellectual separation. Where did this human emotion get its capacity to be used as a weapon? Who identified its broader uses in effecting a response, and subsequently manipulated it to achieve a goal?
When hate is viewed as a multi variable mathematical equation to produce a desired result by the power elite, does humanity have anything to do with it? I see the tentacles of this destructive force in every level of society today, from the lowest level of social squabbling to the highest political reaches available. When nurtured into a living breathing entity, hate becomes color blind. Anyone unlucky enough to present themselves as a target will be destroyed. Color blind isn't the right term, in today's society it is more like color sensitive. Just look at the current situation with the tragedy in Florida. What better way for hate to be used in the aspiration to remain relevant.
When taken as a whole, which is easier, more reliable means to an end? Is is to find a way to locate common ground from which to negotiate and objective resolution, or fanning the flames of cultural and ideological divides? Where do you see the greatest profit margins, if everyone has the same needs and desires similar results, or if the individual separation is promoted to the point of defensible identification?
I accept that my standpoint is just another view, but the ideal I have chosen to pursue is to take an active position against common acceptance. I only have one means available to me at this point, the written word, but if enough people have the same contextual argument  than the lines just may be erased that separate so many. Feel free to express whatever I may illicit as a response from your heart...Everett
29th March 2012
"Political news speak"

How can we expect the American political machine to operate when the base principles have nothing to do with truth?
We have "watchdog" groups like Ad watch, Truth watch, truth squad and politifact now that's soul purpose is to check the facts that our public office candidates spit at us with utter contempt. To the very highest of office in the country, President of the United states, we have these groups to see just how dishonest our candidates are being. What else could you possibly attribute these blatant lies than complete contempt for the American voter base, the very intelligence of America is discredited.

These web groups have ratings for these false hoods, the terms are meant to inspire some humor into the situation, but from my view and the way I was raised, these references are nothing short of infuriating. Terms like partly true, half true, mostly false , and pants on fire, are used in regards to the outright dishonesty of these men who are trying to be the leaders of our country. Not to mention all the politicians who are already in office that these watch groups weren't around to blow the whistle on.

Rick Tyler of the Winning our future, for Gingrich, has made statements of "More people are interested in the tone of the ad rather than the facts, "Americans are satisfied with the trappings of truth," Is this acceptable? The script writers and political deliverers are banking on the fact that we wont purse the statistics that are purported as truth. These men who desire to run our country are convinced that there is no need to be honest, only to appear sincere. It is now a standard that as long as someone believes what they say is true than it cant be disputed as facts. In today's politics it is more important to repeat rhetoric than to speak the truth. I am shocked that we have survived this long with the foundation of fantasy that is our government.

Is it any wonder that our tax codes, laws, legislation, military ethics, and political leaders are corrupt and ineffective? How hard is it to continue a lie once it is told, having to remember what the lie was and how it fits into the next one? Just take a moment to think of the enormity of the lies we are told on a daily basis and the compilation of lies that this country is founded upon. Are other countries held to this low standard as well? It would seem so looking at the current state of the global community. Where do we go from here? Do we just through up our hands and continue down the inevitable slippery slope we are on, or do we stand up and fight for what's right? Does anyone one care anymore, or is everyone simply listening to the next lie?   Everett!!!
30th March 2012
"Political Outcry"

At the risk of being subjected to the extreme tactics of the " thought police," which are
ever more present in our lives and media, I am going to lay out a subtext that is a chilling
example of Government Interventionism. Just a few of the many examples.

Health Care MANDATE, the federal Government/democracy/ is requiring its citizens to pay into a government regulated and controlled program of health insurance or face penalties, fines, and jail time. What other "free market" society has fines and jail time as a tool in the repertoire of marketing tactics? Does this sound like a National socialist agenda, or a democratic process? If the government can force you to buy health insurance, where is the line to what else can be forced upon American consumers?

Is this just another example of the 3 branches of the American system, Legislative, Judicial, and executive, being completely inept at achieving anything like governance? US supreme court justice Ruth bader Ginsburg wants to hand this matter over to the congress, which has time and again showed its inability to perform even the basic job of decision making. I don't understand how the future of an entire population can be batted back and forth while our society is crumbling around our heads

Lets take a quick look at the "Child police" that Michele Obama has empowered to take the rights of parents and use federal mandates as weapons against the American home. With the recent Lunch police and obesity police movements, parents are so scared to raise their own children for fear that their kids may be seen as overweight and taken from the home by government officials or that they will be prosecuted for mental and physical abuse for making them exercise, that they are at a loss for which way to turn. This is a catch 22 legislated into American homes.

Another shining example of how much power the government has accumulated, A Bridgeport Connecticut woman, Tanys McDowell was charged with larceny for enrolling her son in a Norwalk school when her last known address was in Bridgeport. Where does it stop? The lines of a healthy government have been crossed America, these are just a few examples.

The list is long people, look around you, Americans are paralyzed with fear of what the government will mandate next. These are just the basics, I haven't even touched upon the collection of information from  the worlds citizens. The lines of nationality are irrelevant when it comes to this information storage. Can we so blindly accept that their soul goal is to offer a better shopping experience on the net? Listen everyone, the world is a chaotic enough place without voluntarily remaining a blind sheep on top of all the other issues today. Pull your eyes off your notebook, ipad, and Smartphone. Take a look around at the environment that's been so carefully constructed. The cracks are starting to show through! I ask one last time, if the government can mandate you to buy insurance, where does it stop? Idle ignorance on relevant issues is equal to complicity in this political agenda. Take a stand, speak up..Everett
1st April 2012
"Political paralysis"

Obama was quoted in the USA today, " Missile defense system in Europe wont be completed  because of the complexity of the election season," 3/28/12. What does this say to the world? Doesn't this scream political paralysis during election season? This political process has grown into an immobilization machine.  No politician seeking re-election have the ware withal to act during this ever increasing span of time leading to the election process. How much farther must this go before we reach complete impotence  for our political system? As soon as a politician steps into office he is only concerned with his re-election season.

Our current president hasn't been willing to fulfill his oath of office for more than a year as he jockeys for position in his re-election bid. Take one look at the repeated rhetoric of the state of the union address. Slim to nothing that was promised by this "new age" president has been accomplished, except billions of taxpayers dollars being distributed to big buisness campaign donors, trillions of dollars in debt, weak stances on extremist radicals and nations, and a healthcare plan that effectively taxes, penalizes and coerces through threat of jail time.

Look at what our options are that face this country now. When the collective choice becomes, " the lesser of two evils" isn't it obvious that we are choosing one of two evils!!!Can this trend lead us any ware but down a dark, dank, and dangerous path America? Can we still grab a hold of the situation and affect a change with our voices? I feel like I would be complicit in the problem if I don't take a stand now. Does anyone feel the same or am I speaking with no audience?  Everett
3rd April 2012
" Finally"
On CNN, 4/1/12, Pat Robertson finally gave a national platform to the reality of the system as it stands. I wish you could have seen my face. First the facts, America is only 5% of the worlds population, but we incarcerate 25 % of the worlds inmates. This alone shows the head of the beast, but he continues. He finally gave voice to the fact the the war on drugs has failed, not only failed but bred a monster in its likeness. The complete overcrowding of the American prisons by low level drug addicts was finally placed where in deserves, firmly in the laps of the politicians and lawmakers. He went on to say that the systemic issue has lead to the For profit prison system, and with the huge amounts of money being generated of the backs of the lowest levels of society, and what that quickly became.
Lets face it now America, the truth is that these politicians and law makers saw the cutting edge  of a profitable market, prisons, and everything that goes into supplying the system. From the commissary to health care to food to the geographical stimulus of building prisons in selected demographical areas,  all the way to the lobbyists that fund the politicians. I couldn't have brought the issue to the forefront in any ware near as effective manner as this man has. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am perfectly aware that this was just the first steps, but this, in one fell swoop, accomplished more than years of me pecking away ON A COMPUTER FROM ONE OF THESE PRISONS. The door is finally being opened by people with the voice to start a difference. Maybe now there will be more people willing to get behind this movement of exposing this injustice system we have. I am not foolish enough to believe that those responsible for this travesty will ever be held accountable, but that was never my goal in the first place. But the fact that now the situation may  become a topic in the inner circles of power and change, is such a giant step in the direction we need taken. Thank you.
I have lived through this monster of a machine that is called Justice, to come out the other side with a desire to affect change. More often than not this system destroys families, lives, homes, and the men who are subjected to it. In the recent past I have been blessed enough to meet a couple of men who are in the same frame of mind as I am with similar goals. Things happen for a reason in this life, and I have had to walk this road to come to who I am, but the cold hard truth is that this path has ruined hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives. To hear for the first time the rumblings of understanding of the problem on national Media sites is food for my soul. Just the thought that this beast will be exposed for what it is has given me renewed energy to continue to fight from the inside of the machine.  Everett
4th April 2012
"Thought police"
What the tragedy in France truly evoked from French citizens.
After the tragedy in France recently, the massacre of Jewish children and a rabbi, as well as French paramilitary men, the French population cried out "why didn't the government do something to stop this from happening?" It was obvious that this individual had been under surveillance for some time, but the real voice of the citizens was, if you new so much ahead of time why didn't you arrest him before he had a chance to follow through with this crime?"

4th April 2012

"JADED RESPONSE to brazen violence"

Sensationalism reporting has bred a thirst for more.

The constant media barrage of violence, tragedy, scandal and terrorism has created a voracious appetite and jaded response to brazen violence. There's very little out there today that shocks people into action . One has to wonder if this is just a product or if it was the point.

Where are we today people, when every level of the global society is suffering while the Nuevo rich, influential and powerful roam the globe in exclusive destinations and villas? How have we came to the point where only the few can enjoy what the world has to offer?

The list of atrocities is so long just listing them would be a complete article in itself. I'm narrowing my focus to be more potent on the issue of the destruction of American families by the For-profit prison industry. Where is all this money going? Here we have these giant corporations with political influence vying for control of state/federal prisons. Their whole platform, to turn a profit by housing inmates as cheaply as possible. These companies have a resume of serious violations of civil rights. 8th amendment violations for cruel and unusual punishment for housing conditions, medical services, environments of extreme violence and on and on. These companies clear such huge profits that they have departments specifically for the resolution of lawsuits, handing out millions on class action suits rather than addressing the issues. Does this sound like and environment for rehabilitation and re-introduction preparation for our incarcerated loved ones?

The ground rules for a capitalism market is to clear profits, produce a product at the lowest possible cost to sell for the greatest profit margin. When this business model is applied to the housing, treating, teaching, feeding, rehabilitating, and re-introducing of men/women/and children back into society, does it stand to reason that these needs will be met where low overhead equals high profits? This spiraling cycle of profits will only produce recidivism rates that reliable fill these for profit prisons. couple that with the lobbying power that these profits hold, and what recipe have we written, one to effect change, or one to continue the profit cycle? Maybe that's the point though.  Everett

6th April 2012


Lets take a look at the state of the world today.
Open your eyes to a method of manipulation, a term, Problem/reaction/solution. This method is used by all politicians, economists, and anyone with the foresight to want to manipulate the outcome of an event to benefit the interested party. This is used to achieve a desired result based on individual, group, and societal divisions.

What would happen, say, if you burned Korans in an extremely devout Nation of warriors? Would it be safe to say that the reaction to this problem is easily identifiable? Can a solution be manipulated to achieve a desired result? Say to reignite a war that the politicians say is ending soon. Its pretty basic right? How is it then that people cant see the manipulative power being used everyday, everywhere?

Take one more real quick. Problem, Iranian nuclear aspirations, reaction, kill 5 scientists with cloak and dagger tactics, and a stuxnet cyber attack on centrifuges used specifically in uranium enrichment. Solution, increased tension between Iran and everyone, especially Israel and US, What does this accomplish? Isn't is easy to identify, more sanctions, higher gas prices, Allied relationship posturing, profit margins. Who benefits/institutes these problems? Who gains from these proposed solutions, it seems obvious to me.

 This method is used over and over , the world wide. Its a reliable as political science, social science, economics. So add it up, who regulates the regulators? could it be international governments, who sees themselves as the global police?  Are there enough people out there, suffering from the manipulation that we are constantly enduring, to come together and affect a change? Do you still have faith in the direction the "leaders" are steering us?   Everett

6th April 2012

"All In"

I hate to paint a bleak picture, but take a quick look.
Lets consider some of the numbers, 730 per 100000 people in the US are incarcerated per year, 25% of the worlds prisoners are in the US which is only 5% of the global population. 1.64 million drug related convictions are obtained in the US per year, an overwhelming portion are repeat offenders. These are the true numbers of casualties of the war on drugs. Couple this with the turf wars, gang wars, and border wars as a result of the illicit drug trade and we have the makings of a tragedy of monumental proportions.

Lets drill a little deeper into this war on drugs, what is the nature of drug use, is it social or criminal? Lets go a bit deeper, is it criminal or political? Does this bring the issue into focus for you? With the current trend in America, how much longer can we feed our loved ones to a justice system that is built on the suffering and addictions of our family members? A system that has been built to profit from the mass incarceration of our citizens.

Now that's its coming to the for front of our awareness's, with the denouncing of the war on drugs as a failure by major journalists, analysts, talk radio personalities and outspoken family and community leaders, how can we sit on the sidelines any longer? Why do the political leaders of today continue to push for more funding from tax payers, the citizens that are being targeted, to fund a war on drugs that is lost? Does this sound an awful lot like our military wars of today, costly failures perpetuated by political figure heads? I think the answer is fairly obvious, Profit margins.

Our president recently held meetings with the political, law enforcement and military leaders of Mexico and Canada to ensure the continuation of the concerted war on drugs.  Continue to what? To keep fighting a war that is lost, at the cost of millions of American families? Or to continue to fill the for profit prisons who contribute to the re-electuion campaigns?

Does anyone recognize a deadly trend? The floundering American political machine is failing. Housing market crashes, stack market failure, wall street financial scandals, unemployment numbers skyrocketing, congress insider trading, corrupt government employees, failed government bailouts, super PAC contributions, the war on drugs, for profit prison system, must I go on? The rumblings of change have become thunderclaps of outrage. Everett

8th April 2012


We must arm ourselves with knowledge.
There is a common saying by judges, ignorance is no defense to the law. Let me ask this, does anyone know all the laws. There are hundreds of laws per year being implemented. What about the laws governing our borders, the war on drugs, terrorism, our daily life? Do you know that the conspiracy laws are down from 5 people involved to 1. How can you conspire with yourself? Isn't that just thinking?

My god people, open your eyes. Lakewood Colorado has upgraded their finger print processing capabilities for 700 to 1400. Does that tell you something. Maybe that there is a planed push for new arrests? Does this bother anyone that there is a preparation for large influxes of new arrests. If we don't even know what new laws are being passed, how can we protect ourselves? Knowledge people, and the ability to take simple preparation notices and read between the lines. Teaching ourselves to question the notices and motives of those who create and enforce the laws. We cant just stand by and continue to allow our loved ones to be consumed by the system. We are constantly sacrificing our family members through our own lack of knowledge and for sight. Arm yourselves with understanding.

Look at these numbers, 3000 illegal immigrants have been arrested this week. The for profit prison industry has tapped into another supply. Does the general public understand that these people aren't deported. They are given lengthy federal prison sentences. They are a built in profit margin being exploited by the private prison industry. There was a brand new "Detention" facility for illegal immigrants opened this year in Texas to house these "Hostages." They put things like Awnings and soccer field in them to create a more accommodating atmosphere. Lets look at this for what it is, a new way to market what the private for profit prison industry has to offer. This is a advertising ploy. These men and women are being housed at the American tax payers expense, then profited upon by the private industry. We are in a political police state. we now have new internment camps America. Where does this stop?

8th April 2012

"Feed The Machine??"

 Are we as Americans , a unique society, or one modeled after the great Failed civilizations?
How is it, considering that we are a civilized nation, that we have allowed our family members to become fuel for the
System that is only concerned with the letter of the law, conviction rates, and profit margins?
 Lets take a quick look at this system. It was designed by a group of industrial profiteers. The very first prisons
were built in the likeness of plantations. How can we expect anything but like design if the foundation is built upon this concept. Profit has been the motivation from  the very beginning.

Lets look at the ideal of good business. Isn't the main goal supply and demand? I prefer the term problem/reaction/solution.
 So fast forward from the days of plantations to the present, if you had the ability to create the problem, say drug introduction/consumption/addiction, and manipulate the reaction, say creating a law enforcement feed on this problem. Then isn't it easy to identify a way to profit from the solution? Say building a for profit prison industry to house the drug addict convictions that were created?

So basically America we have been duped, tricked into believing that the system is in place to help and protect, when in reality they stacked the deck from the very beginning, then made us believe that it was our family members and loved ones's fault. So now that the truth is coming to the surface, that the government has created the problem in order to profit from the reaction and solution, what do we do? Continue to stand idly by and allow our lives to be destroyed, our families torn apart, all in the name of the all mighty dollar? If that's how you feel then step away from what I have to say next. We stand up and cry stop, stop destroying our love for one another, stop stealing away our fathers/mothers/and children in the pursuit of profits.

Stop this fabricated war on drugs that serves only the politicians and industrialists. Reach your arms out to the loved ones in prisons across the nation, reconnect with those of your family that have fallen prey to this machine they call the Justice system. Establish connections with other families that are suffering, pool your resources and initiate  groups to approach your community leaders and demand a change. This all starts with an understanding that we have been used America, used to generate profits that are used to keep people in positions of power, and continue the vicious cycle of destruction for profit. Accept responsibility for whatever step you can take to make a difference...Everett

9th April 2012


This week our president will travel to the Columbian picturesque city of Cartagena, for one day. Lets look at this. There will be sharp shooters stationed all down the main boulevard, Gunboats patrolingthe bay, and military helicopters flying low over head. Does this sound like a visit, or a military occupation?

How can this be justified, just exactly how much money will this cost the American tax payers. Add this to the 14 million spent on a Hawaii vacation, and god only knows what other waste of funds. Just the other day an events coordinator was fired for spending 600,000 on an event, but look at the leaders of our country. How can we possibly expect anything other than failure financially, with this type of spend now, pay later mentality.

Couple these tactics with the losing war in Afghanistan, the failing diplomacy with Syria, the continued tension with Iran, China, and Russia, the complete lack of faith from the American population, what kind of future do you see on the horizon?

Please people, accept that there needs to be a change. The only real power we have is our voices, speak up. 

9th April 2012


If you are going to communicate, take the time to listen, that's half the equation.
Some of the current topics of conversation I have shared lately are of a higher caliber than in the recent past. After becoming more acquainted with a select couple of individuals as of late, the quality of communication has increased exponentially. Vary rarely can 2 people set aside their personal attachments and prejudices, let alone indoctrinations and ideaologies, to have a 2 way communication session. I myself would choose this form of contact to the one sided blank stare response.

If faced with the choice of a hate filled, prejudicial, programmed response, or an open  sharing of honest, conclusive, respect filled, experiential founded conversation, the choice would be an easy one for me to make. I feel like the division being ingrained into our society is one that becomes harder to surmount on a daily schedule. The separation has been nurtured for so long, and has had such a diabolical planner, that in my darker days seems impossible to fight. But there are days like today where the essence of my character feels up to the challenges that Lay ahead.

I ask myself, are there people who want to restore the art of effective communication?  I often wonder, are questions, or statements more powerful? I guess it is probably a compilation of both that affects a stronger result. Where is " the line in the sand," that shows we are effecting a change in peoples minds?  I desire a response, even a negative or challenging view, something to let me know we are on the path. Anything is better than silence, how can we exchange views without the first step.

Faced with the prospect of looking myself in the mirror each day, what I truly desire is a sense of achievement.  Encompassed in this term are things like success, realization, growth, maturity, intelligence, fearlessness, completion, change and finality. Each of these has sub textual components as well. Can you see the reasons I would aspire to come to this end? 

10th April 2012

"Called to decision"

Quoted...Wikipedia/free encyclopedia
Lets put the incarceration in America in prospective, and draw some conclusions.
Since the passage of Reagan's Anti- drug abuse act in 1986, the percentage of men in federal prisons for low-level, non-violent drug offences is 55%. For women it is 58%. We are currently the proud owners of the title, "#1 incarcerator in the world!" Followed by china! Just for basic knowledge and comparison, china has 4 times the total population and is a communist country, not a free democratic nation. Am I painting a bleak enough  picture ?

Lets take a quick look at one more verifiable number, just to drive home my point, keep in mind one of my goals is to help expose the reality faced by our families and loved ones. As of 2008, 90.7 percent of the increase in federal prisoners were incarcerated for non- violent offences, So basically the platform that politicians have perched upon for years of, " Protection for the communities from violent criminals," is a lie. Now that the facts are being presented, its apparent that we've been duped America. Our loved ones are being used. Our families have been exploited as a source of revenue for federal funding and the for-profit prison industry. You may ask, in the face of such stark reality, what do we do?

I DON'T CLAIM to have all the answers, but I do have a clear understanding of where to start. Families must realize that the loved ones that were stolen as a result of these laws and profit motivated legislators must be exposed for what they are, industrialists who profit from the destruction of America. Come together to offer support to others that have been attacked by this machine. Offer both your loved ones, and the families of the American incarcerated, the love and support they deserve. Pool your resources and networks to pass the word that we wont stand idlely by any longer, we aren't a profit margin to be taxed by the big business private prison industry. We must put a stop to the government using a failed war on drugs that fuels the counterfeight campaigns of corrupt politicians. Knowledge of the situation id the first of many steps. Take it....

11th April 2012

"Crippling ourselves"

In an environment designed for the strong, our commander and chief continues to take steps to weaken us in the eyes of our acknowledged enemies. Lets look at the facts, We are at war with Afghanistan, war is a horrible thing but when we are engaged in a war we are in it to win it. We don't fight to loose our troops, weaponry, technology or interests. So when it is decided to hand over control to arguably the most effective tactics we employ, namely the Night raid, to the notoriously corrupt Afghan courts, how can it be seem as anything but self defeating. These courts, through intelligence gathering, have been linked to the Taliban and extremists, namely our enemies. What war have we ever been in where we assisted or declared adversary?

Jus to play the devils advocate, what does this potentially open us up for. What about counter attacks? If we give our enemies the knowledge of what target and when we plan to strike, how much of a stretch is it that they will use it to further their cause? It isn't hard to identify the mission of our enemy, the complete eradication of the western influence on the world, which is us. Both religious and extremist beliefs are at play in this war, how can our leaders possibly justify handing any advantage to the opponent, at the cost of billions of dollars and most importantly, American lives?

Where is the public outcry? Are there so few people aware of the issues that there is no resistance to the direction we are being led? Can we, as a country, set down our phones and ipads long enough to learn of these problems and do something? Are our leaders so sure that their will be no reaction to these abuses of authority that they will continue to drive this beautiful nation to the brink of disaster? Listen America, we have a multitude of domestic problems here at home that need to be address, we cant afford to continue to spend money and lives policing the world. Especially in countries that don't want or deserve our interest.

13th April 2012

" Forecasting profits on American lives"

Legislators have continually reduced the discretion of judges.
Life e sentences and mandatory minimums have removed the human element to the justice system. Life sentences alone have increased 83% since 1992, while violent crimes have decreased in the same time frame. Federal inmates, convicted of drug offences since 1981, has increased from 40000 to 500000, an spike of 1,100%. That's quoted from Wikipedia free encyclopedia. And you heard me correctly, add this increase, and contrast with the number of nonviolent life sentences and what do you get? I'll tell you, men and women being sentenced to life prison sentences in federal prisons for a civil issue, drug addiction. And ladies and gentlemen, when I say life, I mean dying in a prison hospital at the end of a protracted battle with hell, body bag. I have been to one of these hospitals and I can tell you the suffering I saw there is unspeakable.

If this isn't shocking enough, lets look at the profiteers in this ordeal. Its been proven, and supported by freedom of information legal documents, that the American government was integral in the creation and introduction of cocaine, crack cocaine and heroine into the black market of the illicit drug trade. Realizing this truth is the beginning of exposing an industries vile ability to profit from the suffering and addictions of our population. So if you held the reigns of legislative power in your collective hands, and had the ability to forecast the increases of drug use and demand, plus realize the need for facilities to house these streamlined drug convictions, and created an opposing industry- namely law enforcement agencies- could you realistically become rich and powerful beyond all imagination? Can I ask a simpler question? Does this describe the American justice system?

Let me paint the picture. Legislators who receive lobbyist donations, who receive their money from huge for profit prison corporations, who profit from the streamlined conviction machine by housing the 1,100% increase in drug related incarceration, that use part of their profits to purchase the legislation to solidify the vicious cycle, there it is in a nutshell. That was a mouthful, and yet I barely scratched the surface.

16 April 2012

"Sad state of Affairs"

In the state of the country today we have million and billionaires squabbling over a few percentage points on capital gains taxes when there are headlines like these. Usa today, 4/13-4/15. Tax refunds provides cash to file bankruptcy. Christine dugas. Our country is sick with a systemic cancer America. Over 200,000 American households will use their tax refunds to pay the increased bankruptcy filing fees.  Hundreds of thousands of people have to wait for enough of a lump sum payment to be able to file for relief from their unplayable debts. How can this be seen as anything other than the tragic state of affairs in America.

In the wake of insider trading scandals, wall street thefts of millions, misappropriated funds in hedge fund accounts, banking industry failings and scandals, Congressional inside trading being exposed, huge corporations filing for bankruptcy protection, and on and on. I could sit here and write a page of this type of vitriol. Look at our leaders America, we are being made to pay the costs of this incompetent leadership. While companies sit back and bilk people out of their entire net worth's and continue to grow fat on unfair, unethical practices, American households cant even scrape together the price of the fees to seek relief from bad debt. How can it be seen as anything but an utter failure in leadership, as well as capitalism. I don't believe in redistribution of wealth, but how about fair playing fields. How about making it possible for the families that make up the tax base, that this broken  system feeds off, a level and fair environment to succeed.is that such a terrible thought? Does it sound possible, or are we just reaching for a wisp of smoke called a dream?

I cant put it any other way America, the system is plagued with the greed and economic loopholes built into it by far reaching design. How do we battle something like this? Can people take their minds off the failing mortgages, credit card debt, defaulted school loans, iphone payments, tax increases, gas prices, and every other financial responsibility they have acquired being John Q consumer for long enough to look around and see the grand scheme they have fallen prey to? Is it so unfathomable to realize that the Government of this country and the global community is sick to its core? There is a cancer at the heart of the issue people, its eating its way through every facet of life on this planet. Greed! It has a name and we are all familiar with its face, but the form of greed that is ingesting this country from the inside out is a beast of a different breed. This greed here is built upon the suffering and labor of its supposed citizens. This ponzie scheme is so elaborate that it is almost a criminal act to speak out against it.

That's probably not to far off with all the legislation being passed that makes it a crime to think. I may have rambled just a bit in this but I also barely touched the surface of the real problem. Have heart, and find some small way to make a difference. We all have to to create a bigger picture change. Come together and share your ideas on the topic of affecting change.

We can find a way, starting by chipping away at the armor of this current system.

17 April 2012

"Startling statistics, or stark reality?"

When faced with these types of numbers, to follow, we must search our hearts and come to realize that these statistics represent our loved ones.
Bare with me while I draw attention to some startling numbers. According to the US bureau of justice statistics,(BJS) 2,266,800 adults are currently in the Federal prison system, as of 2010.  Additionally, 4.934 million adults at the end of 2009, were on probation, parole, and state facilities. So a total of 7.23 million Americans, approximately, are supervised in some capacity by the criminal justice system. This totals out to be about 7% of the American adult population. Does this number cause any type of reaction in your hearts? Lets take a quick look at the breakdown of truly violent criminals inside the prison warehouse.

It only stands to reason that the vast majority of incarcerated individuals should be violent criminals right, I mean with the political platform of "tough on crime" and " keeping our streets safe from violence" and lets not forget the most common fear inducing propaganda slogan, " We must keep our communities safe from violent crime", so the numbers should support the political grandstanding right? I mean isn't that the point of all the tax revenue being received by instilling fear into the citizen base, safe from violence? The true numbers paint a far different picture.

Based on the Wikipedia free encyclopedia, the number of federal nonviolent drug related inmates is 46%. This number actually represents the number of drug recidivists, people who come to prison, leave and return based on drug addiction and social issues. Let me ask you a question, does this show us that the billions spent on the war on drugs is showing any return whatsoever. or does this describe a different reality? How do you think the for profit prison industry sees these numbers, as a solution to the drug epidemic, or as a bottom line to create profits from? I can tell you from my own personal experience, and my decision to pursue the truth of this industry, that the huge amounts of federal funding, tax dollars and profits from newly granted contracts is the main motivation. Not to help the Americans with drug problems. Where is the money in a cure, we see it in every market today. If there is a profit to be made by creating a partial solution to a situation, like health care and drug addiction, then that's the direction the profiteers will pursue. Does this sound like an environment conducive to rehabilitation?

So what does all this say America? Is the war on drugs successful in the ideal of stopping the problem? Or does it now appear that the hole goal is to profit from the housing and pursuing of low level drug related convictions? Does it look like the flow of narcotics into America is slowing, or does it look like the for profit prison industry has succeeded in securing its profit sharing requirements built upon the addictions and suffering of our family members?

So what do we do, do we turn our backs on those we love that are caught up in this conviction machine? Do we continue to follow the party line, to allow our fathers/mothers/daughters/sons/families to continue to be capitalized upon? Or do we arm ourselves with knowledge of the true face of the American Justice system and come together to represent our family members? Let me through one last number in the mix to complete the picture, approximately 27% of federal inmates are nonviolent illegal immigrants. These people aren't necessarily accounted for in the drug conviction numbers, so add this with the other 46 % and what do we have? About 73% OF THE FEDERAL POPULATION IS ACTUALLY NONVIOLENT. These are numbers the government doesn't want to be widely known, because the clearer the picture becomes the tougher it is to ignore. We must stand up together and unite under the leadership of knowledge, we must shake off the programmed response that says our family members who get caught up in this system are at fault. Of course we all are responsible for our own actions, but when the playing field is so uneven ,there has to be some rules that even the playing field. The only thing that can do that is truth.  This with  a recreation of the family link. Stand being your family member who is incarcerated, don't allow them to face this insurmountable foe alone.

19 April 2012

"LIFE Penalty"

 Should your life be an option as a penalty for drug addiction?
 So here is a description of what life in federal prison is, the reality as I witnessed. After hurting my lower back in 2010, which is another story all its own, I underwent 2 surgeries. One I was sent back to the compound, a gang facility, within 30 hours, and the second, a far more serious surgery, I was sent to a federal prison hospital. This is where the reality of what it means for a life sentenced inmate came crashing into my awareness. I am going to do my best to paint a graphic enough picture of this horrendous situation, to draw mass attention to the injustice the American justice system is using. Let me first say this, life sentences in the Federal system means just that, you will not leave until they place you in a body bag.

This being said, if you are lucky, and I mean lucky, you will die in your sleep, or on the rec yard of a massive heart attack. That sounds bleak, but the other reality is so terrible that I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. The far more common method of finishing a life sentence is in a prison hospital. Let me begin by describing what this environment is comprised of. First of all the employees are the lowest level of the public contractors available. The government is purposefully seeking out those individuals who are unemployed due to poor work habits or facing legal troubles. This isn't an exaggeration, many federal hospital workers are facing charges in one way or another and are in jeopardy of loosing their licenses. The government searches these nurses, doctors and specialists out and offers a type of plea bargain. Now this is the rule, of course there is always the exception to the rule. But the cold hard facts, as I witnessed, is this is an environment of medication theft, poor treatment, indifferent attitude towards medical care, and a reluctance to go to even the most basic steps to improve, prolong, and return health to those that are what should be considered patients, not prisoners.

Now let me ask a question, do you feel this is a just sentence for drug use, addiction, and sales? Do you feel that a man or woman who has spent decades of their life paying the price for their involvement in drugs, should be subjected to this demeaning loss of life at the hands of a civilized nations laws? I met men while at this hospital who had only been given a few years as a penalty for their supposed crimes, but had that sentence turned in to a death sentence through the lack of medical preventative care, and the refusal to provide medically necessary treatment. These were young men, 20-35, dying of prostrate cancer, colon cancer, and multiple other cancers and diseases that are almost completely curable in the free world, can it be justice that allows these men/women to die without any recourse to what is right? How can we stand by America and be complicit through inaction?  I stood near men in an elevator in this federal prison hospital for 3 months, watching them drop like fleeting memories from existence. I walked close to these men and listened to their stories of loss and hopelessness. I met men who wanted nothing more than  to hold their families one last time, do you think these people were a threat to the society who so fears drugs and the demonized participants in a subculture that was built by the power elite to reap profits? I cant articulate the emotions I feel even now as I try to type fast enough to get the words out, there is so much more to be brought forth, I can hear the echoes of these men who have died for no other reason than a desire for capitol, the true face of the American justice system. We are a nation of laws, not a nation of men, our very own bill of rights and declaration of independence is to follow the letter of the law, not the spirit of justice. Who are we really America, can you face yourself in the mirror and say that you just don't care because you don't know the truth? Now you know just a piece, and if it doesn't inspire you to action, Then the reality that something is truly wrong should set in....Everett....I tried

21 April 2012

"Manipulating separations and creating division"

What's the most effective tool to control the group mentality of a people?
Lets pick apart the manipulation of division. Division on racial lines, gender lines, sexual orientation lines, and religious lines. There is no more powerful device than the racial divide in America today. This carefully cultivated ideology has become a political tool to create whatever decided reaction best accomplishes the agenda of any organization. Its nothing original, this has been an effective means to an end for the entire duration of this nation. But never has it been more widely used in a political  forum than it is today. Our leaders have no qualms about gaining from the tragedy and inequality that every day plagues our daily lives. This undercurrent has been a malignant factor in many a politicians rise. How better to get the constituency to rally behind whatever policy than to separate them down racial lines, then offer solutions based on each demographics ideals. Its so obvious, but at the same time unavoidable. Not only will you be labeled a racist if you don't conform, you will be called unpatriotic. Being ostracized on these lines is career ending and life labeling.

Lets take a quick look at gender lines..equality for woman is a rallying cry for the masses. Right or wrong, the way women are treated is a crux of political maneuvering. Are we seeing a pattern yet. A political pattern maybe. How can we continue to allow ourselves to be so easily confused and separated. Isn't the age old adage, safety in numbers? So why do we rush to be segregated? Add to this gender discrepancy the racial divide and the lines in the sand become more and more ingrained. That and the more willing we become to be enraged and coerced based on these differences. From an objective standpoint, I feel like a fool for so readily being manipulated. But inn most, these accumulated ideals are almost a programmed response. Could this be one facet in a bigger picture?

Another layer has reared its ugly head, in my opinion anyway. Sexual identification. More of our youth are encouraged to believe that they are supposed to be gay or lesbian, and some to feel they are one gender trapped in anthers body. I am not passing judgment here, what I am trying to do is expose the means that are being employed to cloak the true nature and agenda of the power elite. If you don't hold to the reality that there is a myriad of agendas in effect today, then what I have said thus far wont matter to you anyway. But for those that realize more and more that there are forces at work that want to constrict the separation of classes, the differences in wealth and power, and the monarchial consolidation of assets, then hopefully what I am saying finally rings true.

The final layer that I want to touch on, though not the actual end, is the separation of religion. What better way to incite fervor and the willingness to be herded to  a preordered choice than the personal attachment to ritual and congregation? We aren't talking about spirituality, we are talking man made practices of religious subjection. There is a world of difference. I would say the world of difference between these two. But with what we have identified so far, racial separation, gender lines, sexual preference identification, and religious manipulation, what chance do common Americans have to make their own unbiased opinions? Take a moment and calm your mind America, unplug for one minute from the mass media manipulation machine, and ask yourself. Who am I. Look right in the mirror and try to reason out why you feel the way you feel. Is it because you have made informed decisions, or more possibly, have you been subjected to the barrage of influential propaganda? I don t have all the answers, but I do have some questions. Everett

23 April 2012

"Punishment or rehabilitation?"

These two terms, punishment/rehabilitation need to be separated when thinking in terms of the US justice system.
Unfortunately they are lumped together into one number, and they are the two forms meted out to Americans in unequal measures for felony and other offences. Seeing what we have already looked at, the percentages of drug related, non-violent  prisoners, shouldn't there be a major focus on the rehabilitation part. Less on the punishment?

Lets look at a few disheartening facts of the current systems effectiveness in deterring future drug offences, that and the costs associated with the warehousing  of low level drug offenders versus the costs of providing optional outside treatment, which lets face is the more realistic of the two in changing the problem. Within 3 years of being released, 67% of ex-prisoners reoffend and 52% are re-incarcerated for long term prison sentences. ( Wikipedia, free encyclopedia.) The actual recidivism rate is so high that most reoffend within one year of release. Does this support the concept of warehouse punishment for profit being effective? Well not at addressing the issues of drug addiction and re-entry, but it does seem to be a great business model for the for profit prison industry, I sometimes wonder if that's the true point. What do you think?

So when these two terms are lumped into the same category, where is the rehabilitation involved? We have seen time and again the federal prison budget slashed, and its not the unionized staff being penalized with these budget cuts. Its any and all programs designed to offer drug related treatment, education programs for re-entry, career training programs, and the family reconnection programs. They are gone in today's federal prisons. I am here to tell you this is the facts.

Lets look at the $$$, since that's the crux of this issue, right???? it couldn't be the destruction  of American families and creation of a useable profit base, right? The cost to house a federal inmate today is roughly $23,876 per year. The estimated cost with drug related treatment is $30,000. The cost to provide drug treatment programs on the outside is roughly $8,000 per year. So if the idea were to actually address the drug addiction problem plaguing this nation, wouldn't the bottom line be the main concern. It would stand to reason that the powers that be would see the savings available with outside treatment, right? So how does this incongruity fit into the big picture? How does it remain the main method of attacking drug addiction?  I venture to guess, and potentially lead people to this conclusion, that the system is so corrupted and profit driven that there is no desire to stop this issue. There is only an agenda to continue to find ways to profit on the suffering and pain of personal addictions, and to constrict the nation until the separation of classes is so unbreachable that there will be only one power elite, and no possibility of movement from one class to the next. When millions of people have drug related convictions on their record, doors are slammed in faces across the board......think about it...Everett

25 April 2012

"Summit of the Americas?"

At the summit of the Americas, it became apparent just how profitable the for-profit prison industry, and conversely the War on drugs, has become.
Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos and all 32 other nations leaders, Obama aside, wanted to address the legalization of some drugs to combat the drug trafficking epidemic. While no one was advocating the total legalization, the opinions were " more diffuse" Than ever before. Mainly because the American war on drugs has failed, which is the commonly held view by the worlds leaders represented.

It became crystal clear, through Obama's obstinant declaration, that the profitability and opportunity to continue insinuating the Us global police force and domestic police state is the tunnel visioned goal of American leaders. The hidden underbelly, whats not being said openly, is that the current system is built upon the finance of the for-profit prison industry. From investigating, incarcerating, prosecuting, sentencing and warehousing of Americans with drug addictions comes such vast sums of capitol that  of course it doesn't make sense to legalize anything!

The fear that's been generated for years has created steadfast political platforms, the profits gleaned from the for profit prison industry has  been pumped into campaign funds  and countless "War chests" for re-elections, politicians in return are beholden to the lobbyists and special interests who made the campaign contributions, which culminates in the form of legislation in return. This is just a minimalistic overview of the vicious cycle know as the American system. Is it any wonder our society is so sick?

What can we do? I am no body, but I can tell you that the family structure is being destroyed by this targeted attack. The casualties of the failed war, which was labeled as unwinnable by the summit members,  are our loved ones. We cant stand by any longer and allow our voices to go unheard. If you have family members, loved ones, friends, friends of friends, who are suffering at the hands of this war machine, come together and share your experiences. Support those who are incarcerated, educate yourself to the nature of this beast, pool your resources, network with your and others affected networks, take a stand, let your voice be heard America. Shout out, " stop profiting from the destruction of our loved ones."   Everett

26 April 2012

"Unregulated personal information accumulation"

Does it cause anyone's hair on the back of the neck to stand on end when it becomes apparent that web giants like Google are being investigated for gathering unencrypted personal data like emails and web chats? What about when they are doing it remotely...through wireless web interception? Maybe this is just commonly accepted as " necessary evils," when it comes to the convenience of internet use?

Let me put a finer edge on the issue, The FCC reports in the Week magazine that its investigators are being blocked, " deliberately impeded and delayed," by Google, in its investigation into the wireless collection of personal wi fi information. Currently identified were the Google vehicles that are intended to "map" streets, these mobile data collection systems are accumulating random wi fi information and uploading it into storage. Does this go along with the "Mr. Nice " image that Google has been promoting?

Hello! Wake up America, does this companies aggressive collection of personal information seem accidental as it is being touted?
Do you feel like your privacy is being invaded?
Or do you think that these are all just innocuous means to create online shopping experiences?
With more and more countries creating online identity profiles for the use in pre-empting crimes, do you still feel like you fit the clinical description of harmless?
How do you feel about being profiled for the monitoring, profiting and potential prosecution based upon your online presence, even when you have no idea its going on?
If this is a private companies capability, what application do you think the authorities will conspire to use it for?

Ignorance is destructive, knowledge is enlightenment. 

One last question, who do you think is in the market for your personal online identity, and why is it being gathered without your knowledge?...Everett

27 April 2012

"Sound business plan, or corporate corruption?"

Even this title doesn't give justice to the level I am going to try and lay on the table here.
When corporations profit from legislation and creation of tougher laws. What's it called when the Director of Business Development, now Senior Director of Site Acquisition, of the corporation in question, and the former Vice president of this same Corp., sits on the decision making agency that creates model legislation and initiatives that ensure both current and future profits? Corruption? I would say, at the very least.

Let me try to connect the dots for your viewing pleasure.
CCA and Geo Corp, formerly Wackenhut, both major players in the for profit prison industry are major contributors to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Ring any Bells? Wait till the plot is laid out. ALEC is a Washington DC based public policy organization that develops model legislation that advances tough on crime legislation and free market principles like privatization. Are the curtains opening on the conflict yet? The depth of this will be apparent. I am quoting from Wikipedia free encyclopedia, and try to really listen to what I am laying out. These companies that are in the private prison industry are profiting from legislation they are helping to form, but it gets even deeper.

 Under ALECs Criminal Justice Task Force, tough on crime initiatives have been successfully implemented, ensuring profits, like "TRUTH IN Sentencing," and "Three strikes laws," as well as Proposition 6 and more. MOST of ALECs funding is supplied by  corporations such as CCA and Geo corp. These contributions create the operating budget and directly influences its political agendas through participation in policy task forces, does it appear that these Corps  are buying the legislation that will ensure sustainable profits?  I would venture to say this is a successful means to ensure legislation to secure the profit base, our loved ones. Isn't anyone concerned yet?  Are we fighting on an even battle field? Or are we engaged with an enemy who controls through corruption?

Just how far does this cancer go? Here are some of the names, always remember that the only means of change is knowledge.
Again quoted from Wikipedia. In !999 CCA made the Presidents list for contributions to ALECs State and National Policy Summit, so this isn't a new trend. Wackenhut (GEo Corps predecessor) also sponsored the conference. Past chairs of the Criminal Justice Task Force have included Brad Wigging, then Director of Business Development of CCA and now Senior Director of site Acquisition, and John Rees, a former VP of CCA. If you feel the need to refer to my opening, now you have the connections. Just as an example of the systemic nature of the problem, on November !!, 2010, Geo corps outgoing COO Wayne Calabrese, told a large community gathering at Bangor , Pennsylvania, that Geo had withdrawn from ALEC earlier because of the obvious conflict of interest in creating legislation that insured and increased supply of prisoners. So now we see that both CCA and Geo have been active in creation of initiatives that increase sentence and create new crimes that they, being in the for profit prison industry business, directly profited from, and continue to profit from.

I have taken a lot of text and quoted as accurately as possible, which isn't my normal writing style, but the reality of these words is so potent on their own that just laying down the facts should start to open the eyes of American families that have been programmed and manipulated into believing in a system that is fundamentally corrupt. My soul purpose is to create awareness in the families of incarcerated people, to bring about change in the hearts and minds of everyone who has had contact with this disease of Justice in America. No one who comes in contact with this monster will walk away the same person, that's the design. If we don't surround our loved ones with love and start on the pathway to combat this machine, our  friends and family will continue to be consumed by the for profit prison industry. Are you seeing how the deck is stacked? Do you feel compelled to tell your story about the destruction that's been wrought in your life?

We have to come together, find the resources that are out there and start to compile them into some form of remedy. We can see that these companies aren't in this for anything but profits, so we must take it upon ourselves to counteract and countermand this disease. Step up America, face the reality that we have been duped, used, tricked and exploited and start to create a network of like minded people who share the desire, drive, and passion to effect a change.


30 April 2012

"Investigative sickness"

In the insueing investigation into the Secret service Sexual stutter step, a broader problem rears its ugly head for all the world to see, if you open your eyes long enough to recognize the implications.
Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) The representative of the Homeland Security Committee assigned to investigate this sexual Fopaux, Met with Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan who promptly assured her that a thorough investigation will follow. House speaker John Boehner was quoted as saying" I am awaiting the results of what I hope will be a thorough investigation," here we have to top level Americans that have complete faith in the American system of Justice.
Lets take a quick look at the state of this system.

It is commonly understood through the programming of shows on prime time TV like CSI, Bones, NCIS and so forth that there is no longer any need to follow the clues of a crime to find the guilty parties. All that's required in today's Justice system is to tell first, fastest and the most to reduce the amount of time in prison you are facing.

So with this widely accepted practice it has become less and less important to any Authority what the truth is, or what evidence exists, only what statements there are from whatever  source that they can present in court. Does this sound like an environment for " thorough investigations?"

Add to this the practice of producing witnesses, who have shady backgrounds, and are already in trouble, and what have you got, a thorough investigation?

The system only degrades from here, I don't have time to bring out the facts of character assassination and unobjectionable testimony, and fact by default, and on and on.

So let me ask it this way, if you had high level professionals, such as Secret service members, who had quite a lot to loose, and place before them the opportunity to " get out of jail free" by sending his "friends" down the river, do you think you would get accurate or thorough information?

Or is it more likely you'd get a skewed version of the truth that is aimed at reducing culpability and inflating the sins of others?

So when you see these things splashed across the headlines of the worlds media sites, think to yourself, how is it this system is still functioning? Then maybe take a look at the American prison system and you will realize the reason for the choking sound you here in the media headlines. The completely clogged justice system in America is a direct result of the fabrications being presented as truth to the judges and prosecuting attorneys that count them as fact because they result in the all powerful " Conviction rates" they so desire for track record keeping in their career aspirations.

So I ask one last time, do you feel confident in the complete picture of events produced in any touted "Thorough Investigation?" I hope Susanne Collins and John Boehner are satisfied anyway, since the rules don't apply to them anyway. 

Keep thinking America

2 May 2012

"Demonstrable, provable Failure"

By funding and participating in ALECs Criminal Justice Task Force, private for-profit prison industrialists are profiting from legislation purchasing.
As we've seen in  previous writings, legislation bought and paid for by CCA, spearheaded by Brad Wiggins, senior Director of site Acquisition, and John Rees, former Vice President of CCA-who both have sat or co chaired The Criminal Justice Task Force for (ALEC) American Legislative Exchange Council- Have been Key in the passing of tough on crime laws like "Truth in Sentencing" Which created fixed sentences and was the predecessor to Mandatory Minimums, "Three Strikes" Which culminated in life sentences for 3rd Offences, and Proposition 6 in California, again assuring long Fixed Sentences and mandatory life sentences.

With the tiniest use of intuition and analytical thinking the conclusion is obvious. Correctional Corporation of America, and in turn all for profit prisons, paid for longer prison sentence legislation which assures their continued and exponential profit margins. Profits generated from the pain and suffering of addiction, addictions of our loved ones, friends, relatives, associates and on down the line. This isn't some abstract thought, nor is it a far away event which doesn't affect people known to us.
Almost every family in America has been touched by the destructive hand of incarceration. Fathers are stripped away, subjected to the "Overwhelming Force" and operational term in today's law enforcement, when arrested for even the minorest of drug infractions. Sons, Daughters, mothers, grandparents, nieces, nephews, the entire family unit isn't immune to the tentacles of law enforcement reaching into our lives on behalf of the for-profit prison industry, in search of convictions to fill beds in future prisons.

Now that the heart of the issue is laid in your lap America, what choice do you have, other than to stand up and shout ENOUGH. Our Families are not for sale! We will no longer stand idly by while every acronymed agency of the Government comes into our lives in search of another conviction to feed to the system, we will not meekly watch as our families are stripped apart and led into the conveyor belt Justice system.

Come together America, set aside whatever programming that leads you to think that you should turn your back on those incarcerated. Search out the truth as related to the things I write, its available. With the amount of money generated from the pain and anguish of those we know and love, its unhideable where the campaign contributions are going, where the lobbyist donations are, and what purchased legislation has lead to profits for these Corporations.

With a little digging , the names become apparent. With a little deductive reasoning the connections become visible. I don't think it is too late people, but somehow we have to kindle the burning desire in the millions who are assaulted by the federal governments need for a renewable conviction source to fund the political process.

We have to America, no one else will...Everett

2 May 2012

"Faces of tough on crime mandatory minimums"

Prisons were never designed to be geriatrics facilities. Yet truth be told, US correctional officials now operate old age homes behind bars, and with that comes untold atrocities through the hopelessly inadequate care environment. Obviously this results in some of the most cruel, pathetic, and inhumane conditions imaginable. I often wonder if this is acceptable on any level, least of all in the spirit of justice? I am going to try, with the aid of first hand experience,  to attempt to put a face on this hideous reality. I am going to fall hopelessly short, but I hope you will feel the anguish, on whatever tiny level I can inspire.
However close I may come to the reality of this situation with these following words, I will assure you that I have fallen completely short in the description as to the stark reality of what I witnessed with my own eyes, and the anguish I felt with my own heart at the sights and sounds and smells of this issue, an issue of humanity and the propensity for cruelty. Please bare with me.

First some facts. According to Human Rights Watch, aging people in prison is the most rapidly growing group in US prisons. Officials are falling hopelessly behind in the struggle to address the problem of continuing their incarceration, because apparently release isn't an option. According to a 104 page report, "Old behind bars, the Aging prison population in  the US," State and Federal prisoners 65 or older grew at 94 times the rate of overall prison population between 2007 and 2010. Along with these inmates comes a 3 to 9 times greater cost for care and medical treatment. From everything we have learned of the for-profit prison industry and their modus oper AND OF CUTTING COSTS TO THE BARE MINIMUM, DO YOU THINK THESE NEEDS ARE BEING MET, KEEP Reading.

Human rights watch found that 9.6% of these men have life sentences, and 11.2% have 20 plus years, that equals about 20% going to serve out their entire lives in prisons with hopelessly inadequate facilities to address their specific medical needs. These numbers don't grasp the reality though...the length of prison sentences, though they may be 10 or 15 years, are being handed out continuously, and these turn into life sentences of thousands who will not leave before they die. Let me ask it this way, do you think these old men are still a threat to society, does this represent a deterrent to future crime, or suffice for the crime equaling the punishment?

With the humane aspect of sentencing, the who's, whys and mitigating circumstances are being removed from judges hands by the purchased legislation interest of the for profit prison industry, how can it be seen as anything other that profit interest being served, not the spirit of justice. Let me take a minute and try to relate to you what I saw in a Federal medical center, arguable the best facility in the country, and then ask yourself these questions, and one more. If this is the best, what's going on in the rest? Think America, what will continue to happen to these people, and those that will, in the future, be a part of these circumstances. Life sentences for drugs are handed out every day, after reading the following, ask yourself, does the punishment fit the crime?

I am going to relate a few stories now. These are going to cut to the bone of the issue, but still fall short of all the points that need to be made. If these don't insight emotion in your heart, there is a deeper problem. While on the Acute Care unit in a federal Medical center, which I will not name in the interest of my own safety, but if asked will give that info, I was a witness to a display of humane cruelty the likes I had never seen before.

This on two levels damaged my heart. The first level was the cruelty that was apparent from the aftermath, a broken shell of a man laid in a bed without the ability to move, speak, or communicate in any way. His body was twisted into an almost unrecognizable heap. This man was a member of a prison Gang, and one super bowl day, after drinking prison "hooch" with his compatriots, they beat him into his current, permanent shape. One female nurse explained to me that his wife had come for a special bedside visit, stayed for two days at his side and grieved his death, for all intense purposes he will never live again. She left, forever.
One night, after I had observed for a few days this mans existence, if that's what you can call it, of being cleaned by nurses who didn't want to do this task. Noses upturned, anger in their eyes and voices, the one point of humanity was an inmate assistant who didn't get paid, nor was licensed to perform this task. I saw something that broke my heart into tiny pieces, the administration, through their prescription of morphine , had created an addiction in this man so great that the only noise he could muster was a catlike meow to alert someone that he was suffering from withdrawal the likes I cant even imagine. Added to his already horrendous circumstances was this addiction, and in response to the heart rending noises of protest, the night nurses, both men, would mimic him and laugh amongst themselves and joke that he isn't hurting yet. I cant put any finer point on this one situation, so I am going to move to the next.

While going from one floor to the next on the communal elevator, I saw what I can only describe as Morphine pump Zombies. These men push their own gurney of sorts that distribute narcotics on a regular period. This is commonly recognized as last stop patients. This alone isn't the point, the point is the 19 to 24 year olds pushing these pumps down the hallway, skeletal In appearance, hollow eyes, suffering from end stage prostate and colon cancers, all but curable in the modern world. This is a glaring display of the lack of medical care in the prison system, A program of responsive medical treatment, not preventative care. The absolutely negligent treatment of the nations prisoners was no more apparent than in these tragic cases. Let me ask you this, do you think that the majority of these young men deserved a literal life sentence for whatever minor drug crime. Though they may have been given 5 or even 10 years, they are never leaving prison again, effectively erased from existence by a justice system more interested in profits than humanity.

In the interest of time I am only going to briefly touch upon one last story, I could go on for hours I assure you. Once I started to see the truth behind this situation I became insatiable in the pursuit of men's situations and experiences, if only to try one day to relate this tragedy. Let me tell you this is going to be brief but devastating. I met men on the fourth floor, this represents the ascendancy of degrading health, to the 5 floor of finality. Men who have served decades of their lives in prison with the hope of eventual sentence satisfaction and release come to this floor to face the truth, life has come to a hopeless, lonely, fear filled end. The ailing men in this situation may have lived for decades longer and one day seen their families, if they had been given adequate care. But the truth is that this isn't in the business plan of for profit prisons. These men who have finally come to this realization still fight, its commonly known that no one goes to the hospice floor willingly, it is an unavoidable sign of the end.

There is no more hope for these men, only the fact of indifferent nurses, over worked Doctors, and the concept of "why give a doomed man any treatment, its a waste of treatment resource, which are hopelessly in short supply." This isn't an exaggeration, again the men must face death alone, in a world of loss and fear, alone. In an environment of narcotic drug theft by inmates and staff, lacidasical, at best, treatment. 3 trays a day, if they can still eat solid foods, and a drawn out end to a wasted life spent in the fruitless dream of once again being free. I am stopping, not because I feel I have even come close to conveying this problem, but because my heart can only handle so much of this reliving of these events.

Some day I will be able to give these men a better rendition of the situation, one day when I know someone is listening.....Everett

7 May 2012

"Financial Mafia Acquisition Tactics"

The financial Giants of the For profit prison industry have been using aggressive extortion tactics on ailing states, struggling with both soaring non-violent drug conviction rates and plunging budgets. These numbers are there for all to see, and with the purchased "tough on crime" legislation and private industry advantages enjoyed by these monstrous Corporations like CCA,  Geo corp. and MTC, it isn't hard to see these tactics for what they are, predatory. Predatory upon the States, predatory upon those suffering Drug addictions and predatory on the Tax payers with families incarcerated. Let me go ahead and lay out some numbers and facts from a current Brief being investigated for presentation in Idaho, fourth  in the country for burgeoning methamphetamine addiction.

MTC, Management and training Corporation, the 3 rd largest private prison corporation in the Country, has been a protege of the larger private corporation CCA since 1987. MTC has built a prison in Idaho, my home state, without a contract or legislation to legalize private prisons in Idaho. Keep this in mind as I lay out the dismal numbers for this blog. Idaho has massive projected incarceration increase numbers, the prison population is projected to grow at a 20% increase  in the next 4 years. The regular population is only projected to increase 7.7%. This alone should speak volumes. Would you say that purchased legislation that directly benefits for-profit prisons is working?

Can you see the aggressive, long term vision of legislation like :Three strikes" "Truth in sentencing" " proposition 6"  are culminating in the manipulative power of these Corporations. In Idaho alone there is a 10 year projection of a need for 5,560 beds, couple that with the cost of 494 Idaho inmates being housed out of state in private prisons and the picture starts to come into focus. The current yearly budget for Idaho Department Of Corrections is $201 million, a 943% increase from 20 years ago, right around the time of these purchased legislations went into affect. The current short fall of the IDOC budget equaled out to about $30 million. Can you see the set up. These projections are common, easily accessible knowledge. Can it be directly linked to the building of a non contracted, illegal private prison? Do you start to see the coercive power of these Corporations.? Do you feel like these aggressive, mafia style financial construction tactics are legal?

Couple this with the Governor of Idaho pushing for legislation to allow MTC to staff this prison and the question arises, WHY? Maybe if we look a little closer we will see the $10,000 campaign contribution from CCA, or the $8,ooo campaign contribution from MTC. Both the legal limit for private contributions at the time. I feel like I have adequately laid out a portion of this issue in this blog as well as others, I use the word portion because that's what it is. This issue has several more facets, like Colorado suing CCA for increasing the per diem cost of housing inmates in the middle of a contract, effectively being identified as Extortion. The state faces the very real issue of where to house these inmates now that they went with a privately owned and operated prison, do you see the situation? Look just a bit closer, these corporations recognize which states are facing financial and incarceration struggles, basically every state. Now that the stage is set, and the template struck, this for-profit prison industry has created what could be viewed as a monopoly.

This is capitalism gone completely insane, an industry built upon the misery, fear, suffering and addictions of our nation. This is a sickness America, not a solution. This facility that stands empty in Idaho, like several other states, was slated to be the first drug and alcohol treatment facility ever in Idaho. Although this would still be incarceration it would be the first attempt at addressing the issues of addiction, but it sits, empty, because the state and a private industry cant come to a financial agreement. sickness. We will have to join hands people, come together and try to create our own solutions. Standing behind your loved ones when they start to show the first signs of addiction, circling your family around a struggling member, friend, or relative. Accessing whatever means necessary to address the issues  that face American children today. Step up, don't allow the authorities to enter into the family unit at all costs.

These are  only the first steps America, but Knowledge of the reality is key. Everett

7 May 2012

"Beauty and truth"

The belief in beauty and truth is being attacked. All that concerns itself with beauty and truth, with the forces that have the power to transform us, is steadily being extinguished by our current Corporate state.

Art, Education, literature, music, theater, Dance, poetry, philosophy, Religion, Journalism. None of these disciplines are worthy in this corporate state of salary or compensation. These are viewed as useless pursuits that, even in our universities, are condemned as impractical and whimsical.
But it is only through the exploration of the impractical, through this which can empower our imagination, is the pathway of healing that will ensure the survival of our species, humanity.

This prosaic world of breaking news reports, the collection of revised scientific and corrected factual programming, stock market manipulation of statistics, and the sterilized records of dastardly deeds  in historical prose, has crippled the minds of entire nations.
These do not permit us to understand the elemental, instinctual understanding or imagination, which has the power to cure these sicknesses faced today. The continued removal of unacceptable options, filed away into the basements of governmental fortresses, will continue as a cancer if allowed to progress any farther.

We will never penetrate the meaning of creation, the mystery of existence, or the power of love if we don't recover and rekindle this original language, one spoken when time began.

Goddard wrote, "poetry shows a man his soul, as a looking glass shows his face." I say " The past civilizations show us the map to destruction, if we choose that road, we can expect the same failure." The one truth we all face, is that imperialistic capitalism, business of extortion, and unchecked pursuit of technology seeks to crush the one true gift, our spirit.


8 May 2012

Possible in America???

With the "War on Terror" Declared over  by Mr. Obama, where does that leave us? Nothing that has been developed to date for war that has been fazed out, only a new application. Well, lets  use some analytical thinking real quick.

Drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen are continuing at an equal or greater frequency. Yesterday, Top  Al-Qieda member Fahd Al Cahaba was killed by a drone strikes in Yemen, as he exited his car. That statement alone identifies the extreme accuracy of the drone ability. This man was responsible for the Bombing of the USS Cole. So I will ask it, is the war on terror Over?

Lets ask another question, and this takes us to a different level, Why are small towns across America purchasing drones? Lets look at Nampa Idaho, and a small town is accurate, I am from Boise Idaho so when I tell you this is small town USA I am serious. Now these purchases are purported to be for emergency assistance and investigations. Lets ask ourselves though, what does it take today to be placed on the Domestic terrorist list? Well it is pretty simple, Drugs and guns, exactly what is the most common place of crimes it the US. So if these men and woman are "Terrorists" then how much of a stretch is it to think that Drones could be used against Americans?  Lets take another City, Memphis, TN. Two drone helicopters were purchased for the same reasons I stated above. Again look at the numbers of convictions in the Area. Now lets see, who is the main prosecutor of the Drug and gun crimes, well none other than the FBI. Well lets look at who was hand in hand in the Drone strike yesterday, CIA and low and behold the FBI. Now under previous understanding the FBI was only an American domestic investigative agency. But here we have this acronymed agency co-opting with the top Clandestine intelligence agency in the world, arguably. Now this isn't the first, nor the last time this has happened, but I will say this, this is a deadly step into a world that may allow drone strikes in the Homeland USA.

Finally I want to Identify one more piece of the puzzle, not the last obviously, but none the less integral to the plan. Today, 5/7/2012, another underwear bomb is thwarted by the CIA that was destined for an American airlines. Coupled with all the other "Interrupted" terror plots in the recent past, and the picture becomes a little clearer. If you are to listen to the Media, all the wars America is in have been won or brought to a perfect resolution by our commander and chief. When the truth is dug up though, the reality is we dismally lost Iraq, we are fighting a never ending lost cause in Afghanistan, Libya was a travesty, Egypt is a mess, Syria is on the brink, Iran is preparing for nuclear conflict, China is prepared to exist without an American economy, Putin has decided we are at an end of our relationship, North Korea is Posturing with long range missile failure, the Euro Zone is fighting its own members,  The American economy is a joke, and our claim to fame  is an UNDERWEAR BOMB attempt avoided.

9 May 2012

"Identity Attack"

What would the world look like if "Identity" was removed from the equation?
Lets break it down even further, the concept that creates separation is exactly this term. So if control is the desire, then we have unearthed a plan, right? The belief that what I wear, drive, have accumulated and who I associate with, the places I go, the things I want, and all the desires that have been carefully nurtured through attack adds, all compiled together and carefully crafted equals my OWNED personal "Identity" Right??

So lets look at all this just a little closer, who developed this cycle of desire? Does it stand to reason that just a few decades ago this was the case? How has this exploded into the pursuit of the newest Iphone, or Ipad? Even closer please, who controls the mass media that promotes the "Healthy" appetite for newer, better, faster, bigger, more more more??  Is it safe to say, if your mind hasn't shut off completely already, that there is a governing body that  decides who gets air time, who gets advertising, who makes the "NEWS" and who doesn't? Can there be a comparison drawn between America and communist China? Do people disappear from the "Limelight" here just as easily as there?

I am sure that many have stopped reading by now, but bear with me for one more minute, has any of this started to bring the big picture into focus? Can anyone tell me a better way to create conflict than personal desire manipulated to serve the purpose of separation?  Let me ask it this way, if I had control of the system that establishes the spark of interest that flourishes into full grown prejudice by design, how easy  would it be for me to profit from the factions I've instituted? Are these tough questions, or is the truth so obvious that you don't want to face it?? Everett

11 May 2012

"Today's World"

In today's world, there is such impassable separation that buffers the mindset and lives of our varied classes of individuals. Elitists are comfortable by their mansions and comfortable luxury Vehicles, separated by their feelings of superiority of the world and knowledge of the big picture politics and events.

Upper middle class, thought envious of their perceived "Superiors" have no  connection with the lower middle class of struggling home buyers facing underemployment and projected college tuition. Satisfied with their ability to master their finances, oblivious to the travails  that face over half of American Society., a world apart in their own minds, life is good. Next in line comes  lower middle class, or does it? This class of struggling individuals are burdened by leveraged debt, Financial shortfalls and a bleak outlook on providing for the success of their children. Lower class had previously been two categories, but today this is only poverty. Reliant on Government programs, plagued by addictions and unable to maintained gainful employment, the a American dream of the "Rich $ prosperous" has died. Blinded by the pitiful existence that appears inescapable, addled by incarceration, illegitimate children, and removal of rights, this becomes a prison all its own.

Lets look , with an open mind, for one moment, these distractions have accomplished far MORE THAN ANY SINISTER DESIGN COULD HAVE HOPED TO ACHIEVE. just TO Display what is accurately transpiring, at least from a global standpoint, I will give a brief overview of current events. Removal of rights, Engineered governmental reliance, sexual scandal, Idol worship, religious persecution, ethnic cleansing, Genocide, Terrorism, financial upheaval on a global scale, Wars on every front, Political corruption, Racism, loss of freedoms, homosexuality , contention amongst all groups, federalism, Government interventionism, Imperialism, child exploitation, subterfuge, subversion, Agent provocateurs, Clandestine ops, Political intrigue, super PAC purchased political offices, Economic meltdown, Judicial Assault, Executive pandering, Political kowtowing, class warfare, population subjection, Deep breaths, have I put too fine an edge on the situation? Unfortunately I haven't even scratched the surface. Ask yourself just how intricate each one of these current events truly are. Or return to the insulated state of mind where news casters regurgitate the party line of whatever special interests they serve. Continue to accept the desensitizing propaganda machines programming, happily narrowing the scope of vision to include the rat race version of the American dream. I imagine these inflammatory :Key Words" have been grabbed by the powers that be.

11 May 2012


Continual corruption has insinuated itself into the fabric of our society, our social makeup is ill. My question is, how can a nation model itself after a previously failed Government, and hope to succeed? All the plagues of Roman society, corruption ,greed, subversion, homosexuality, racism, prejudice, war and religious persecution are present in our Daily experience. And this country is only a few centuries old.  Several civilizations have suffered these same plagues, but the point is made.

 How can we feign ignorance as to the direction we are traveling? The road is clear, there is a blueprint laid out already. How do our lawmakers, politicians, and financial manipulators hope to create change by convoluting the layers upon layers of ineffective, deceptive, conciliatory Governmental programs, agencies, and policies? Why aren't there more people demanding answers to these questions? My first guess would be fear, fear of reprisal from any number of the myriad of investigative agencies, fear of social stigma status, fear of government watch lists. FEAR. Its a sad when the multitudes come to this realization, with no recourse from bondage.

14 May 2012

"Police state"

A state in which political police secretly watch and control citizens actions, Webster's Dictionary. Does this sound anything like the UNITED States of America???? How do you feel about terms like Big Brother, surveillance operations, Data gathering, Fusion centers, clandestine operations, Double agents and Government oversight committees???  
Lets take a quick look at a few identifiable aspects of life today in the USA. Keep in mind that everything that follows is verifiable, none of what I am presenting is hidden, unless you consider "in plain sight," A good hiding place.

Lets take a quick look at what it takes to fly in or out of America, and the storage time of the information gathered in order to pass through customs, or even TSA checkpoints.  First off you must have a credit card, or bank account, if you are trying to pay cash you will have already tripped a red flag, and it doesn't bode well from the beginning. You are in jeopardy of drawing unwanted attention and probable scrutiny from TSA Officials, and we have seen in the papers what happens when this happens.
So lets just look at the list of required personal information, Date of Birth, Social security #, Drivers license #, Phone # (Preferably cell phone #) Email address, passport, itinerary, and most recently requested personal info, Face book password. This isn't a joke, I AM  completely serious, try it without these if you question the validity of what I am saying.

Take a look at how long this information is stored, 5 years!! Why is a government agency monitoring you this closely, for this amount of time, this may seem innocuous right, but add this to your Internet identity and we now have  the beginnings of what I am saying. Right?  I mean how much do you want your web predilections used against you, seriously, I can only imagine what it is the majority of Americans, well all nations, look at on the web. Is it common knowledge that these procedures are in place because of the Laws put into effect in regards to terrorism?

Keep in mind that now all this info is needed for Home loans, school loans, vehicle purchases, and any bank transaction. If you are without any of this identification, you are already raising red flags. Lets take a look at a couple other things that can bring you to the Governments attention, then ask yourself what this monitoring is all about. Thing for one moment about the uproar about websites these days, Frances tragedy recently came with cries of "Why didn't you stop this ahead of time///" Without any thought to what is the consequence of this type of response. If the Governments of this world are already gathering all your personal info, as well as you internet identity, your purchasing history, and your personal preferences, how far is it to using that info against you in investigations, and one step farther, in pre-emptive arrests. For those of you who have read Orwell's book, 1984, you may recognize the indications of the "thought Police." This is going one step further, by setting up your potential thoughts, things you are likely to think, based on you previous decisions. My god people, wake up. For those of you watching "Julia" on TV these days, where did this character emerge from, could it possibly be "Julia" from 1984. I am not the only one thinking along these lines, so those of you that see what's happening today, let your voice be heard.

I am going to just list a few more things in closing, just to reinforce the issue.  Key word Gathering, collective identity scrutiny, Profile storage, facial recognition programming, watch list identification, Name recognition software, Media manipulation, party line propaganda, black out website abilities, Theatrics in Authority Arrests, Investigative incarceration, For-Profit prison industry, purchased legislation, Coercion in sentencing.

I could go on and on, but for times sake, I am done.

Think about it America, everyone.....Everett

16 May 2012

"Faces of Justice"

Lets peer into some ancient #s real quick. I say ancient because there doesn't seem to be any statistics on Federal Drug Conspiracy law "1999" after Oct. 2000-sept. 2001. I would like to think its safe to say the current numbers are exponentially higher than what I have. We can be safe in inferring that the exploding Federal prison population for low level, non-violent drug convictions would be a reliable indicator that the actual current investigation and conviction rates are significantly higher. I'd say it is also safe to assume the purchased legislation of " Truth in sentencing" " three strikes" and "mandatory Minimums" is benefiting their designers - For-profit- prison Industrialists. I am Already ahead of myself here but you get my continued point.

Quoted, Wikipedia, Numbers from Oct. 2000 to Sept. 2001. Suspects investigated and convicted under "1999" Conspiracy law. These don't reflect the other simple possession drug charges for crack cocaine, the current plague of this nation. 121,818 suspects arrested, 118,896 defendants prosecuted, 82,614 Convictions, of these convictions 90.3% were sentenced to prison for an average of 89.5 months- roughly 8.5 years with an 87% time served requirement. Roughly - and here are the intimate details- 90% of these convictions were obtained by plea agreement. Approximately 5% go to trial. Now we can lay out the sickness for its pale underbelly.

America and World, here is the reason for overcrowded, horrendous prison conditions, not to mention the "injustice" of our "great" nations Judicial system. These numbers are truly ancient, we can see with our eyes wide open the situation has burgeoned into the current Profit sharing misery machine.  5% of these cases are going to trial, the right to face your accusers, and be judged by a jury of your peers- a guaranteed constitutional right- isn't being exercised, WHY?

There is a common prison Tattoo, it is 13.5, this stands for 12 jurors, 1 judge and half a chance in hell. This is the common understanding of the "justice" system, half a chance. Here is what you face from point of arrest, the investigative process is a whole other topic, CONTINUAL Fear, period. Induced threats from authorities of "box carred" sentences- sentences of multiple charges being ran consecutive, "Box carred."

COERCION, continual attempts by authorities, prosecutors, and your own lawyer to "play Ball" and implicate others. which consequently contributes greatly to the number of new indictments.

Your lawyers constant advice to "take the deal", don't chance trial, there isn't any way to beat the feds. This is the first conversersation you will have with whoever your lawyer may be. FEAR<FEAR<FEAR.
When a glimmer of hope is finally presented, which is just part of the Coercion tactic, a plea bargain is offered in the guise of leniency. In truth this is what most would have been sentenced to anyway had they kept quiet, but then that's "privileged information" Any sane man at this point after being threatened, coerced, and promised a girt will jump at the opportunity, the common response is "please send me to prison as quickly as possible for as short as possible" Sickness. Coercion, intimidation and promise of plea bargain. This is the American justice system laid open for all to see. And when your day in court finally arrives you are expected to stand before an " honorable" Judge and lie, saying you weren't coerced , threatened or promised anything, perfect quote.

Lies....deceit....fear....misery...profit margins....need I say more...Everett

19 May 2012

"One Man"

Facing the east,

I experience the rising of the sun.

I can accept an ancient spiritual belief in reverance,

At this moment I feel as if I am only one.


One man, One life,

One soul on this earth,

At this very moment,

I question if this has been my destiny sice birth?


Have I been meant to walk this path,

relying only upon myself-Alone?

Recent, continual, contemplations into this journey have opened my eyes

is this something new I have been shown?


I accept this new branch in the road,

I turn my shoulder to the sun and now head west.

I make this choice with a firm understanding,

I am a warrior, I challenge any new test!!!!


19 May 2012

In the Usa Today, 5/18/2012 there was an article that displays the absolute sickness of this "great" country of America. Don't mistake me, I do not hate this nation, I don't hate the Authority, I do not hate period. I do feel that the only remedy to the illnesses this world, and consequently my home , America, is to stand and make a statement that outlines the systematic degradation of this society. This disease has plagued every Major Civilization since the very beginning. There is a reason every great Nation on this earth has become sick and died, and I will lay out one of the multiple layers of the Cancer eating away at the heart of our existence.

Sean Kelly, Director of the Eastern state prison of Philadelphia's public programming and Steve Picker, Jefferson City convention and visitors Bureau were quoted as saying,  " We are experiencing double digit increases in the revenues from visitor tours to our closed prison facilities." So this is the situation, there are now tours, for a price, of several major prison sites that have been closed. Here is where I will choose to attack this issue. Don't believe for one moment that I am mincing words, What I say in the following is heart felt and accurate. This is another profit sharing source of cash for those that choose to capitalize on the misery and suffering of men and women from this nation. How can we consider ourselves anything but failing if we allow the Authorities of these areas to find a new and improved way to turn the pain, fear and sadness  experienced by humans, someone's loved ones, into profits?

The Main attractions to these facilities are the famous prisoners they once held. This and a new group, ghost hunters, have begun frequenting these tours to try and locate supernatural phenomenon. Are you kidding me, does no one understand that the reality of these prisons is so far past sinister that I become almost speechless. Notice I said almost, let me expound for just a moment. If there is any type of paranormal happenings, the true source people is the misery, anguish, loss and fear that the men and women experienced at the hands of the American justice system and consequently these institutions are the physical manifestations of these human feelings of despair. This is what's being sold to you, isn't that enough to turn your stomach, I understand that most wont ever look at this in this light. But let me be the first to say that if we don't wake up America, we will be laid in the graveyard of the history books as just another "Grand" Failed nation. Failed as a country and failed as a people. Take a stand, open your eyes, begin to feel with your heart and begin the process of healing....Everett...Please

19 May 2012


30 years after the moratorium on the Death penalty was lifted, there is still no supporting, reliable research as to the determination of whether Capitol Punishment serves as a deterrent to Homicides. This According to a review by the National Research Council. The purpose of this council was to determine if there was any recordable evidence to the deterrent factor for future murderers and their potential for abating these crimes by reinstituting the Death penalty.

This review was funded by Justice departments National Institute of Justice, it was found  to be "implausible and incomplete" evidence as to the effectiveness of the Death penalty. There is little to no measurable potential for how a murderer perceives the risk of execution as a possible consequence for their actions. Let me repeat, no evidence that Capitol punishment serves any purpose to deter this form of crime.

The next glaring flaw, The impact potential for other sentences like life without parole or life sentences, was never even considered for review. So there has been no investment into searching out possible, effective, alternative options. Carnegie Mellon University Professor, Daniel Nagen, who chaired this committee, stated, "There are fundamental flaws in any research done in the last 30 years as to the measurable affect at deterring homicides."

 So if there is little to no supporting evidence as to its effectiveness in preventing future crime, why do we continue to execute men/women in 33 states, and several per year in states like Texas, which Is renown for their bloodlust/intolerance? If it isn't in the interest of justice, and serves no measurable means of avoidance, what's left? How about Retribution, bloodlust, injustice, and don't forget perpetuating the cycle of hate and political gain.

This is just one more in a list of "injustices" perpetrated by the American "Justice " system. One of many. I think that if we can start to get the message out  as to just exactly what it means to face life in prison for various crimes, including non-violent drug crimes, we would be far more effective at deterring future crime. This and showing to the masses that as opposed to having "no measurable affect"  on violent crime, there is a multitude of research that proves warehousing non-violent drug offenders in for-profit prisons is not only not a deterrent, but the only recordable benefit is to the shareholders dividends and profit sharing margins.

As I stress in several previous writings, knowledge and understanding of the true injustices of the current system is the key to not falling victim to an Agency of hate. I have only a few questions left, only to try and provoke thought. How do we continue to accept these travesties of attack upon our lives and families? What is it that creates inaction in the face of such ineffectual "correctional" programs? Break free from the chains of fear from Government Agencies. Educate yourselves, if you choose not to take even these basic steps against this beast, you will be counted as guilty by complicity to these miscarriages of justice. Stand up for what's right.

I can tell you from personal experience, there is very few things in this world as final as the sound of the Judges Gavel. The stench of the branding iron of conviction will linger upon your existence forever. ...Everett

24 May 2012

"Under Attack"

Is America under attack from a single Branch of the Government, or does it go so far beyond that?
An article in the Week Magazine, May 25th, 2012, In the Notes section on page #18, says that the entire Germany police force fired c85 bullets in the 2011 Year. Then continues by saying, New York police fired 84 bullets at one murder suspect in April of 2012. I don't have the numbers of bullets fired by American authorities for the entire year, but I guarantee you it would be shocking to all sensibilities. If that is even close to the correct descriptive word.

Here is another glaring example of the "attack." University of Michigan Law Professor Scott Burns, and Northwestern University Created a National Registry Of exoneration, and the findings are just one more, in a myriad, of indicators that Americans are victims of the Judicial Branch of the Government in ever increasing numbers. The Following are only numbers of those individuals who were "Lucky" enough to have their wrongful Convictions overturned. These numbers don't reflect the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have no "Vehicle" left open to them to get their Cases Back into the courts, despite any valid claim they may have.

The National Registry has Identified 873 cases that were clearly wrongful Convictions. The Main reasons sighted were Prosecutorial misconduct, prosecutorial failure to disclose information or evidence that could have established a solid defense, and ineffective assistance of council. These following numbers are the counties in American states that have the highest rates of exonerations, again they don't represent the issues of "injustice" in the system. Chicago, Cook County-78 cases, Dallas-36 cases, Las Angeles-23, Bakersfield-20, Boston-19, Michigan-18, Brooklyn-16, Bronx-15, Manhattan-14, Orleans-13. Keep in mind that these are only the ranking highest, also bare in mind that these are only the cases who had a viable "vehicle" into the courts. The truth of this is that there are so many people today in prison that have a justifiable reason to have their case at the least reviewed by the courts for multiple reasons, but have no means of presentation, or are too ignorant of the law to understand where they were victimized.

In closing, let me just put a little sharper image on the Life devouring machine called "American Justice."  When an individual is targeted by the system, and a conviction is rendered, your rights are quickly locked behind the "Vault Door" of the Judicial system.  The untold numbers of wrongfully convicted ability to speak out is rapidly extinguished, we aren't allowed to hear the heart rending pleas for "Justice" or relief, these pleas are smothered by the "Legalese" of a law code that is an unnavigatable labyrinth of time bars, file dates, ineffective assistance of council, and illegal sentences. Keep in mind that in these law books is a clause, "Ignorance of the law is no defense."  This whispering of the Violations of "Due Process" that is now being heard, is the beginning of the true voices of anguish from those who are sacrificed on the alter of Conviction rates for political gain and For-Profit Prison Industrialists strategic harvest of quarterly dividends. If these whisperings are allowed to be heard in full volume they would deafen even the most hardened of hearts. 

Please take a moment to tune out the cacophony of today's vicious advertising and materialistic programming and listen to the screams of those who are being attacked, if there is no action taken to address these travesties, our path will be destined.  Failure, as a society, as a nation, and most importantly, as humanity....Everett

2 June 2012

"Another Look"

Where are we today as a society when our "Justice" system is based on reducing men to a numbers to be used as Fundamental Analysis, the study of identifiable Factors to be used in business profit potential projections? When our Justice system is focused only on the procedural process of dispensation of sentences, instead of the protection from outrageous and obvious violations of simple true Justice, where does this path lead?

We no longer are a nation based on the rights of Men, which was our founding fathers dream, we are now a nation that caters to the profits of industry alone. Humanity is that industry now, the base for the Fundamental Analysis, and the reality is laid at our feet. Does it surprise anyone that the numbers have been crunched and a growing number of prisons are now contracted out to for-profit Corporations?

It is widely known and accepted that Corporations of this magnitude contribute heavily, through lobbyists, to politicians and in turn Legislation. These Companies are purchasing the means to secure profits. Does anyone see the fault in this? These companies have contracts with the state, and their profits depend on spending as little as possible on housing as many as possible in these privately owned prisons, does this sound to anyone like an environment conducive to rehabilitation to lower recidivism or dependence on the comfort ability of incarceration? Does this seem like it will dissuade crime in any way?

It seems like it would be hard to find a greater disconnect between public good and private profit. When the desire of the company has nothing to do with the dispensation of actual justice but everything to do with housing as many as possible as cheaply as possible to secure profit margins for the shareholders, that humanity plays little to no part, Greed has the only role in this equation. Coming together to form an informed public and creating knowledge in the families being attacked is my goal. Please find it in your heart to surround your loved ones in love and pool your resources to create change with me.    Everett

7 June 2012

"New Understanding"

I don't know what its like to step into military combat, But I do know what its like to be removed from the rushing stream of society, placed behind the isolation of concrete walls, forced into an environment of extreme violence and offered 2 options. Survive or succumb. I know what its like to be segregated from a culture, and forced to adapt to another, an underbelly subculture of hate and despair.

 Submerged in a seething sea of desperate greed and disingenuous disguises. Faces that are nothing more than masks placed upon the lives of some of the lowest forms of humanity to distort the reality of a dangerous characteristic of deceit. I can relate to having to hone my ability to be hyper vigilant to a razors edge. understanding what is a threat, a perceived threat, and a non-threat, three categories of reality that under normal circumstances of life fade into obscurity.

I've been given the choice to navigate this matrix, or be navigated by it. I've been allowed gifts of discernment and eloquence in order to create a small sphere of influence  to establish an outlet for knowledge and a conduit for education and learning. I accept that non of this was provided for my by any administrative policy. Where does this leave me for the preparation for release back into the torrential rush of society? Am I prepared? I have accepted the truth of this question, and my answer is yes.

7th June 2012

"1000 thoughts"

I'd like to paint a picture, for anyone who wants to know,
I will create images in your "minds Eye," with pen strokes that swirl and flow.

A day inside of this mammoth concrete encasement,
The stains upon my existence, from innocent till conviction, I realize my soul has suffered irreversible defacement.

Often I hear words of encouragement from those with love in their hearts, but no true understanding,
I will accept every attempt, from every source, but never from a perceived superior aspiring to be condescending.

A moment in my mind, creates 1000 connected thoughts,
at times it seems there's a struggle for clarity, of battles already fought.

Can I possibly create sense from these experiences I have felt?
My only desire is for someone to accept my detailed description of this hand I have been dealt.

And for myself to find a way to trust and love.....Everett

8 June 2012


Has anyone witnessed, in your neighborhood, the show of assumed guilt put on by Authorities when an arrest is made?
I say it this way because the 3 ring circus of inter-agency assault upon a house at point of arrest leaves little to no room for "civilians" in the area to assume anything other than, "whoever's being arrested with this much force must be guilty." Do you think this may be exactly the point? The conviction in the publics eye is instilled immediately! The standard of "innocent until proven guilty," is removed from the very beginning.,

Lets look at it like this, when the ATF, FBI, SWAT teams, state and local authorities show up in force, with riot gear and fully automatic weapons drawn, an assault vehicle to batter down the door and bring in a command center vehicle, completely inundating the area with Forces, what are you to left to believe? After the suspects are hauled away amid a swarm of acronmyed authority representatives, high 5's are given and "Councilors" are left to disperse the crowd, disseminating incriminating speculation against the detainee, what choice is there other than "guilty" right?

Is there any comparisons we can draw from any past Regimes throughout history? Can we compare ourselves and current tactics to say the Gestapo of Russia, KGB maybe, Secret police? Did they have any similar tactics, like extreme and overwhelming force? What about the SS of Germany, say their secret police or Luftwaffe? We could go on down the line of Hussein's Iraq, The Czech Republic, Africa, Europe, Poland, Middle eastern Countries, China, North Korea? Should I go on? Do I need to to make my point?

This nation was created to be free, free from religious persecution, free from governmental intrusion, free market trade. Look at the slow Tyranny that has culminated in a police state and Government policies controlling everything from health care to investment banking. Every layer of society is inundated with government  accumulation of personal information and predilections. We are now a prison nation, I wont even touch on the loss of rights in the courts, the Judicial Branch of the Government, one of three. Can you see how the cancer of the system has begun eating away at the heart of freedom?

Knowledge people, we must come together and create a change by first sharing our experience of violation and victimization of our families and loved ones. Next we have to create change at a community level, affecting a difference in local leaders, expressing our outrage and create a detailed plan for remodeling what we see as wrong. Sharing and pooling our resources, networks, and finances. Learning how to obtain assistance and guidance, and above all else, follow through with this desire. Complicity by complacency has gotten us into this. The responsibility now rests upon our shoulders. No one else will do this unless we do. We must....Everett

9 June 2012

"Crack Cocaine 18-1 reduction"

First a little background, the recent reduction in the sentencing scale of "Crack Cocaine" from 00-1, which means the sentence for 1 gram of crack cocaine base is the same for 100 grams of marijuana, was brought down to 18-1. You can see how the previous sentencing scale resulted in massive prison sentences quickly, considering prevalence of cocaine in the inner cities and the reliance upon it to support the lifestyles encouraged by MTV and BET. We aren't even going to touch on the precursor issues of unemployment in these cities that sets the stage for the subculture of "Rags to Riches" hip hop persona, drug dealing youth. What I want to touch on here is the outcome of our prison Nations failure to address even the smallest rehabilitation efforts while these young men are inside the walls of the for-profit prison industries massive cookie cutter style constructs of concrete and steel.

Has anyone even acknowledged the similarity of these prisons and the projects of the inner cities? Let me draw this comparison, as I approached a unit from the rec yard and several men hang out in the front stairwells as if they are perfectly content and comfortable, this is when it struck me, they are home. Let me further be a witness that these young men aren't so much as being punished, as they are coming of age, earning their bones so to speak. These young men come here with the air of fulfillment, legitimacy in their neighborhoods after completing their first sentence.

After spending whatever length of time inside playing Basketball on the concrete courts, just like at home in the neighborhood, and Kicken it with the homies, writing rap lyrics like their idles did, smoking weed and cigarettes their girls bring in, writing letters and calling the female groupies from the clubs, and hustling stamps on stolen vegetable and gambling tickets, they are set to be released into a society that praises their accomplishments.  This may sound harsh, but the true face of this situation is so far beyond whatever words I can string together that it is almost futile to try. Are we rehabilitated yet? Does the issue of recidivism sound resolved?

So here's the kicker, now that the 18-1 reduction is retro-active, hundreds if not thousands of sentences are reduced. These young men, who haven't learned anything "New" inside , no work training, job skills, education, or coping skills, are do to be released back into the world they came from. To do what ladies and gentlemen? Build a successful, law abiding, noncriminal Life? Have you read anything I have written thus far?  Its an obvious conclusion, though harsh and now the true repercussions show there ugly faces.

These men and women, receiving leniency, don't recognize the tactics of purchased legislation like "three strikes" and "Career offender" Laws. There is no leniency in a prison nation, only profit driven, political agendas of wealthy prison industrialists who desire to fill prison beds for as long as possible and build more prisons to finance their personal and political careers.

Do you honestly think these men will make an attempt at the struggle of legitimate lives of poverty and closed doors? Or is it far more likely they will fall victim to the pitfalls placed in their paths of longer sentences and the generational propitiation of profits generated on the ignorance of  a poverty stricken populace?

This is Crack Cocaine.

11 June 2012

"Two Choices"

Today, after years of indoctrination or Prevention medicine Dogma from Doctors and universities, The Us  Preventative Services Task Force, has reviewed the Data and released a revised review.  I like the way the Term "Revised Review" comes into play for any government agencies alternate numbers or statistics.  The review states, there is no longer any need to have preventative exams or screenings to prevent certain Cancers, like prostrate Cancer. Which ironically has been proven these tests help to battle these types of cancers, but that obviously doesn't matter anymore, right? Keep reading

Do you actually see what this means? Does this pattern start to come into focus, or is the population to plugged into the party line to understand? So either we have been paying premiums and doctors bills for generations for preventative care, early screenings and detection, and building data that shows the measures are successful, or we are to believe the revised numbers that there is no benefit in this. So does anyone see a reason why a new government agency like this Preventative Services Task force would come out with new Data, arguably against all recorded Data from Universities, Doctors and medical research? Could it possibly be the new Obama care getting ready to be made law, could this possibly be a way to pre-emtively attack the Cost margins of these tests? Does it make sense to anyone that this would be a means to an end, possibly convincing the American population that they don't need time testes proven screenings, to save costs for the government subsidized insurers? 

Are we so ready to accept yet another Caustic attack upon American intelligence? Are we so programmed by this Regime that we will turn our Backs on the Medical Journals, Independent studies and University research, not to mention the leaps and bounds made on Cancer research?  Can it be possible that this Nation is so brainwashed that the Governments attempt to stonewall the truth with such thinly veiled attacks on our understanding?  I guess if that's the case, then step right up to the propaganda spewing media machine of today and get your next flu shot. Its good for you.

Other Revised medical news. All this quoted from the Time Magazine, June 4, 2012.
Old science- Women should begin getting mammograms at age 40 to help reduce the risk of breast cancer, arguably one of the most dangerous to women.
New science_ Don't worry about it till 50
old Science- Estrogen and hormone treatments for post menopausal women will fight heart disease
New science- these treatments will do nothing
Old science- chest X-rays can help early detection of chest lesions and cancer
New science- Chest X-rays don't help patients live longer, even when early detection helped identify an issue

13 June 2012

"Jail the sick?"

I personally don't subscribe to the belief that addiction is a disease, but I do understand it as a dynamic compulsion, putting all else in ones life behind any and all consequences of a particular  pursuit. What I don't understand is for those who do see it as a disease, how it can be seen as acceptable to try and correct/treat the course of this disease- legal problems, health, family, job, and life problems- with incarceration. I recently heard a woman speak emotionally about her husbands destructive battle with alcoholism, and the problems I just mentioned manifesting in their lives and her final belief, what would or would have addressed all of these issues, in her mind? It was jail/prison time for her loved one.

Hold on, one of her main concerns was the financial burden associated with the legal fees, fines and penalties, not the emotional or physical toll. So let me ask this, and this is just a piece of the issue, if her husband was sick with say cancer, would jail time help? She firmly believed he was sick with disease. What about AIDS, prison prescription might help?

This is a major issue programmed into Americans today. The belief that people deserve time in an American prison, for any number of domestic or civil issues. The lazy view that authorities should take care of any and all uncomfortable or difficult problems, even family situations, is destroying American family structures. This is one of the main "tricks" of a profit driven prison industry and we are falling for it, and willingly, adamantly demanding to sacrifice our loved ones to a Prison Nations need for convictions. Do you know what the environment of an American prison is like? I do, and it isn't a ":safe," healing one. Don't expect your loved one to come home somehow better in any way, if you can call them loved as you offer them up on the alter of willing sacrifice in the first place.

I guess exposing the real consequences of prison would be the logical NEXT step. In all reality understanding the scars to a mans mind, body, and soul that will undoubtedly mark him for life, from the "deserved" internment in the for-profit prison industries " correctional" facilities should have been the first step, not an after thought.  Everett

14 June 2012

"Attacked again"

Another attack on the science we have all grown up with. This is much bigger than when eggs went from horrible to healthy people. In the USA Today, front page, 6/13/12, in an article written by Janice Lloyd, Liz Szabo and Nanci Hellmich, the Governmental Preventative Services Task force has released another stark contradiction to everything women have been educated to believe and practice when it comes to Calcium and Vitamin D supplement usage. The question begs the asking, WHY?

The attack the PSTF has drafted, new recommendations that denounce years of medical research and study, calling all previous medical Journals, University and independent studies, inconclusive on the benefits of Vit. D and Calcium use, Which we have been taught since childhood is necessary. There is no longer any benefit, according to this recommendations findings, for Cancer preventative quality. No colorectal Cancer, prostrate or Breast cancer evidence that these supplements, in any way, help. And here is the kicker, there's no supporting evidence for post menopausal women's resistance to to fractures gained from their usage. So either everything we have learned from science is wrong, or there is a reason for the government to take a stand against their use. What could that be? There is no longer any benefit for your bones, even though Common sense tells us our bones are calcium, so an extra bit of calcium in a calcium low diet, has to help, right? Are those dangerous thoughts now?

So Why the concerted attack on prostrate, breast and colorectal cancer screening and preventative medical care? Can it be the costs associated with these medical tests? Next question begs the asking, what's coming up that would benefit from the removal for the need for these expensive medical screening tests? HMMM, maybe a governmental subsidized health Care plan? Is there on looming on the horizon, one with things like mandatory payment participation, and panels to decide who gets what treatment based on their ages and possible outcomes?

So there seems to be a systematic assault on our intelligence America, the economy is great, the housing market is fine, politics aren't corrupt, we don't need medical screening for cancers any longer, Arguably one of the top killers in America, all things are being taken Care of by Big Government agencies in you best interest right?? Drones are over the American skies to help, not invade privacy, big banks are there to help the little guy, even though its illegal to feed and house the homeless in 5 states now, we are a charitable nation, our interests in Afghanistan is for the liberation of their people, the Syrian Regime is the victim, china factories are safe, Russian President is there to help his people, North Korea is Safe, we are all fine right? Plug Back into your Mass Media programming machine and get your next Dose, Its good for you, there's no longer any need to worry about Cancers so eat whatever you want, unless you are fat and then you need more government regulation to control the size of your sodas. Get with it or we wont make it people. The real Reason for the War on Drugs is to keep the streets safe, not to create profits and safe jobs for the Government workers, or to fill the pockets of the For-profit prison industrialists. I am sure of all this, aren't you????? Think about it.

15 June 2012

"An Example"

What's in store for a man whose entire existence, in his future, has been branded by the indifference if the indiscriminate judges Gavel of conviction? The sound that pervades the courtroom at the strike of one nations symbol of authority, echoes through time with the finality of the death rattle of eternity. There is no concept, left alive, that believes in the payment of your debt to society. The idea of atonement for your engineered sins has vanished. All that's left in its place is the life changing stigma of Conviction, which is carried upon the permanent record of identity in the stream of information that equates a mans persona of today.

Once the numbers of your new registration is entered into the program of cyber reality, your character, personality, morals, beliefs, and previously untainted existence has become void of relevance. Once the doors of the human warehousing vault are finally cracked open, and you step back into this torrential river of today's information streaming devices, the invisible chains upon your future begin to pull you below the surface of this flooding reality.

The arcane understanding of full payment for your actions, becomes a reality of intense struggle for survival. these are the obvious results, far more subtle are the wheels of self-doubt and fear that begin to turn in your unrecognizable subconscious mind. Left unchecked, the outcome of these machinations of thought will manifest into systemic failure, from an unseen foe. How can a man possibly face an enemy force so dynamic? Who can I rely upon in this concerted battle for my very life? I cling to two things, trust and love. These alone hold the power to countermand the affects of any pre-programmed system of failure. These alone are buoyant enough to survive the seductive pull of the ever present undertow and riptides lurking just below the sinister surface of a reality that has become a destructive confluence of seen and unseen action.

Two things, I have no greed, these two things can allow for rescue, trust and love. I dont think these two things are too much to hope for.

17 June 2012

" Innocence, not equal to Freedom in US"

Innocence is no longer the only requirement for freedom. In today's USA today, 6/14/2012, Nation section, first page, "Locked up but innocent," a stark reality is presented to the world about the American Injustice System. I encourage you to read the entire article, several harsh points are presented, I have chosen just a couple of the most glaring injustices to drive the issue home.

Up to 39 individuals from North Carolina alone are in Federal prison who are being held on a criminal charge with up to 10 year sentences, with a required 85% served, for Felon In Possession Of  A Firearm, when the don't meet the required prerequisite criteria for Felon. Thus they are innocent of this Crime because all Americans who don't have the stigma of "Felon " attached to their lives, are guaranteed  the right to bare arms under their 2nd amendment.

Many are ignorant of their innocence, but more and more are becoming aware. Most don't have a  viable vehicle back into the courts, now the issues take on a venomous reality. Since the 2255, correction of an illegal/incorrect sentence is a timebarrable vehicle after one year, and the tried and true Habeas Corpus vehicle has been changed to a timebarrable vehicle after one year, its become irrelevant that these individuals are innocent, farther than innocent, this crime, felon in possession of a firearm, doesn't exist in their cases there fore there is no federal crime. But here they sit in prison and innocence isn't enough to release them, or even offer them an avenue back before a judge.

This is just one is just one of several injustices, and the Department of justice says, " Its not their job to notify these people of their innocence." It sure was their job to incarcerate them.  Anne Tompkins from the US attorneys office of North Carolina doesn't feel its her responsibility to address this issue either, " We cant be outcome driven." So who's problem is it, aside from the families and individuals who are being victimized by the system?

In Closing let me identify several other injustices commonly perpetrated against these citizens, Ineffective assistance of council, prosecutorial misconduct, evidence mishandling, judicial prejudice, plea agreement deviation, new evidence being time barred, the damn time bar itself. I could go on, but the main issue is we need to review the commonly  programmed belief that the men and women in prison "deserve to be there." Just like the entire system needs to be reviewed. We need to surround our loved ones with love and create change through education of this systems attack tactics. If you want to help, please go to The website Convicts4change.com or the fb page, prisonersviews and read more on how we must expose this system for what it is. We need to help one another, because ignorance of the law is no defense, we must remove ignorance and replace it with knowledge

19 June 2012

"One more cost of WAR"

Today there are 124 deaths recorded in the war in Afghanistan, in active Battle. This is a huge price to pay for a war that few understand the reasons for. But lets take a quick look at the untold casualties. There are 154 recorded suicides already this year, this works out to be 1 per day. What could possibly show us more clearly the costs associated with a war where men and women cant face their enemy in most cases. A war where there is very rarely a physical combatant present at the point of attack. I cant even begin to imagine what it must be like for our service members to work there way into enemy territory with the understanding that the next burn out car, or local villagers may be carrying an IED.

How stressful to the psyche to know that an explosion, that has ripped apart a convoy, or someone you know, is waiting for you around the next bend in the road. I cant imagine these things, and I am blessed for this ignorance, but what are we doing America for those who face this reality every day of their active deployment, then return home to a different world. How can we continue to redeploy these men and women into this nightmare, a nightmare with no end in sight.  Now that some idea of the end may be near, and we have to bring these brave soldiers home, but home to what?  It is common knowledge to these warriors that they face a life they have become estranged from.

There is a poisonous whispering among the returned service members of PTSD, and suicide. Can you imagine what it must be like to face a return to a society that is crumbling, an economy that wants nothing to do wit h you? This is the only point I can relate to, but my empathy reaches out to these protectors of our nations interests. We must find real solutions to these very real issues they face, Suicide, there has to be a way America, and if the powers that be cant find the answer, that's when we must step in as a whole.

Families and friends, pick up the slack and begin to love, in such abundance that it pervades the country, and the byproduct will be less suicides, more economy, and a better future for our kids.....Everett

21 June 2012

"Is this helping?"

These issues I raise are in my own sight, I take the liberty to shape my words to paint the picture as I see it.
Vista California, 2 men walk into a store with a child in a stroller and steal six beers. This isn't the opener for a joke, and the undercurrents of a prison nation are no laughing matter. What would you say would be a just, adequate response  from Sgt. Dave Perkins? Maybe petit theft, maybe shoplifting? Try robbery, commercial burglary, child endangerment, conspiracy and resisting arrest. USA  Today.. June 19.
Am I the only one who see's the absurdity in this? Break it down further ,and look at this as the conviction tactic it so obviously is. Over charging people, with the ultimate goal of securing a conviction through the plea agreement, and the result becomes evident, at least in my opinion. I have written on these issues several times, and California is one of the worst offenders in the treatment of prisoners, so what's the end game here? Is it public safety, do you think the neighborhood is more secure for sending these men to some of the most renown violent prisons in the nation? Or is it the permanent branding of men and women with the finality of life long stigma, closed doors, and removal of the ability to rise through this once great nations rungs of success? I loose my fiery delivery at times like these, overwhelmed with a sense of despair and sadness.
Its quickly replaced with utter contempt. The Next day, same paper, same section, same state as a matter of fact. 18 inmates and one guard are injured in Soledad prison in California in a weapons related, racially and gang motivated fight. Is it any wonder that these prisons are ever more Violent and dangerous? What about the thousands of unreported incidents across the nation, and I mean thousands? When peoples lives and liberty are removed for less and less in this prison society, its not hard to see the catalyst for violent uprising as a display of the deep despair. When a mans life is destroyed, with no hope for a future free of stigma and prejudice from the permanent stain of incarceration and conviction, and is placed into a notoriously degenerating sub society of prison drug use and gang violence, with little to no attempt at anything resembling rehabilitation or education, how many successful outcomes are apparent?
Unless this system is reconstructed, all that can be expected is the continuing profits filling the pockets of the for-profit prison industrialists, not a safer, more just outcome. Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat the failures, take a look at the history of this issue thus far, and tell me the future.....Everett

27 June 2012

"New threat"

The governmental Preventative services task force is moving forward in the removal of the right to decide, and its a silent move to remove your freedom of choice in your health. How many people realize that they soon will have little to no choice as to weather they get treatment for obesity related medical needs with out having mandatory counseling ? Along with the removal for the need of prostrate, breast cancer, colorectal cancer screening exams, as well as the removed need for Vitamin D and Calcium supplemental treatment, the government has decided that to be treated for the myriad of issues related to obesity, you will have to under go required and mandatory counseling sessions.

Their methods are insidious America, the back door to this new attack is so blatant that I cant believe more aren't screaming. Maybe its another shining example of the complacency of the country. The backdoor to this mandate is that the insurers will require this treatment plan, to full fill the coverage obligations. Hello, the government is taking over the insurance industry, so this requirement, will be handed down directly from the governmental agencies who run the subsidized insurers, effectively creating the mandates. This door is so wide open it makes me fearful that more aren't seeing this slight of hand attempt at complete governmental control. We have a history of what the government has done thus far in America, from corruption to national dept, from foreign policy to the eminent domain rules, the list is long.

In Closing let me bring out one last layer to this issue, one that it just now emerging. In Helena Montana, and 89 year old world war II veteran with prostrate caner, ironically enough, was ordered by a judge to vacate and sell his home that he built with his own hands. The reason, to pay the medical and insurance bills incurred during his wife's final years. Now look at it, this is a vile head of this monster, if the government owns the insurers, like with Obama care, and the government places judges in position, and judges are willing to order your assets liquidated to pay your insurance and medical bills, then what has happened? Could it be the streamlining of the process of complete control, from mandate to bill collector?

Let me list the acronymed governmental agencies that have the authority to appropriate your personal property to satisfy a debt generated by the Government itself, if you desire to know what these acronyms stand for, and what their jobs are, then search it out yourself. 

IRS, FBI, DEA, ATF, State/local/national law offices, DOJ, DOD, NSA, and now, the governmentally subsidized insurance industry. I am sure I left several out, but the point is clear, we are in trouble.

29 June 2012

"Next Level"

In Rocky Hill Connecticut the cold case investigators have issued the second set of playing Cards to the inmate population with old unsolved case pictures and information on them to encourage the inmate population to become familiar with the cases and jog their memories of anything to do with these old unsolved cases. They are also offering some rewards, both financial and reduction of time potential for information leading to arrests and consequent solving of the unclosed cases. Let me ask a question, does this sound like solid investigative technique? Do you think the quality of information obtained this was will be up to the standard of valuable police work?

There are three main issues sited in the 2000 wrongly convicted peoples cases, with the 284 reversals of conviction, the main reasons for these wrongful convictions are False evidence, false and inconsistent eye witness accounts, and prosecutor and police mishandling or planting of evidence. This alone is staggering, but add to that this next level of investigation laxing of the rules and what do you think will happen? Does it stand to reason that with the ever increasing expendeture of tax payers dollars on increased police and investigators that they should be doing their own job, and effectively? Does these three main issues look like effective use of resources? Let me ask it this way, do you think the quality of evidence, and the motivations of those inmates who come forward , will be in the best interest of Justice? If you actually believe that it will then I am sad to acknowledge that the path only leads to less reliable info, less reliable testimony, and an open door for more evidence planting and false testimony. So rather than addressing any of these issues, the door is opening wider to these problems to occur more and more often. These vicious cycles that are increasing in the criminal justice system are widening the expanse of injustices like wrongfully convicted men and woman serving hard time in American prisons. These are true travesties, especially considering the state of our correctional system.

4 July 2012

"Untold consequence"

Do you know what the institutional consequences are for the slightest of infraction for your loved one?
First, let me explain a few things. From the moment a prison guard enters basic training, or the academe, they are subjected to the most aggressive form of conditioning allowed. I might ask if this should be allowed. First they are conditioned to believe that every individual that is inside one of the thousands of institutions is a con man and trying to scam his or her way in order to get something from them. The programming continues, and feel free to research what I am saying by studying the Manuel for new recruits to any facility in America, This is only a side point to this blog. The real nature of my point is this.

If you are under the assumption that your loved one is receiving any valid treatment or rehabilitation, please open you ears and listen. With the government stimulus of a new facility, or an existing one, there has been demographic studies into the areas that support the workforce potential to staff these places. Their number one consideration, low employment numbers, thus insuring a full staff. Now couple this, with the programming of "training" and add in the fact that there are consequences for any slight infraction, and the scene is set. We have covered the facts that treatment, education, and carreer training is cut to the point of none existence, so what's left for your loved one to hold onto. How about the family connection? Lets look at this closer. What means of communication is available?

There's mail, phone calls, and now in the federal system there is e-mail. Now lets look at the disciplinary actions of an institution. I wont go into too much detail here, if you want to research this farther, feel free. But for a basic outline, there are 300 series, the least severe, 200 series and 100 series, each more severe than the last.

So what do you think would be the goals of these least infractions ? Let me tell you what a 300 series could entail, possibly the room untidy, and this is a vast area of discretion for an officer.

So what would be adequate to address the sanctions for a minor incident report such as this?

How about 3 months phone restriction, 6 months commissary restriction, and a possible fine of $50?

So one final question, does this sound like your loved one is receiving any education or promotion of family connection if the first, and least severe infraction, results in the almost complete severing of the available communication with the family?

I hardly see where these are beneficial or helpful to an inmate  or a family. Don't you think that the system might want to promote the family connection? Unfortunately that's just not the case.

4 July 2012

Portrait of a friendship

When the connection of two  people comes together into a friendshipthere is a period of communication that takes place, a sharing of ideas, goals, beliefs, plans, life experiences and loves.

It doesnt really matter whether its a man and woman, or man and man, or woman and woman, what becomes inspirational is the understanding of two peoples destinies.

The falling away of prejudices, ideals, conditioning, and preconceptions happens in a fluid progression.

The opening of minds, hearts, and soul becomes a fulfilling-journey  to each.

When an agreement occurs, that has its roots in truth, there can be no doubt left.

If I choose to share my fears, grief, sadness, joy and happiness with another, I can safely call that person My friend.

There's one last level that  becomes apparent, in this experience, when I can see, feel, and endure those emotionswith another, without reserve or doubt, then I can add the final piece to this illusive puzzle, Trust.

I understand now how difficult it is to create a true friendship, I have been blessed recently with the gift of friendship. as a matter of fact, I have  experienced this and the development of what I can call love.

This is a concept that I don't expect many to relate to, with the loss of human connection that plagues the world today.,

But I do ask one question, does the pain associated with this journey ease with time?

Am I to believe that these things are given, only to be taken away?

I don't fear this, I accept that enduring all hardship and trial is life itself.

Am I alone in the desire for this rare occurrence to last a lifetime?

 For the two people this is written for, Thank you ...... Everett

23 July 2012

"Why the demonization"

Lets look at part of this multi faceted issue from a fresh perspective. How can we possibly  hope to achieve the goal of " Correction" of the criminal issues of this society, if each state has its own separate view on the question of rehabilitation and recidivism of incarcerated individuals? Let me detail a quick indicator or the different stances on this issue. New Mexico, Santa Fe, State auditors say the state correctional department needs to better prepare inmates for release from prison to reduce recidivism and curb the prison population. The Finance committee found that 55% of inmates return to prison in their state. The conclusion was with better pre-release preparation, they believe they can knock this down by 10%, saving the state millions of $$.

But not too far across the country, in New Hampshire, the department of corrections report that 515 out of 1,095 inmates will violate and return to prison within 1 year. The states response is a 180 degree difference from New Mexico, demonizing the inmate as the one at fault for not better preparing themselves for return to society, rather than finding ways to create funding to return education programs and others like it. The final outcome becomes clear when in the next page of the report the state asks for further tax payer funding to create new prisons, lobbying for donations to political leaders, instead of trying to use time tested and proven means to reduce recidivism and crime.

How Can we face this issue as a nation if there is no co-operation amongst the states as HOW TO  handle these issues? If there is no concerted effort to educate our loved ones while they are in prison, how can we expect anything other than what we have, a prison Nation. There is a times old adage, Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life. Lets take it upon ourselves to teach.

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