We Are Here To Provide Assistance To You When Selling Or Buying A Property – Conveyancer Sydney

A professional and licensed conveyancer is a property law specialist who will work on behalf of his or her client.  Their task in mainly to help the client to sell or buy a property, which mainly includes a land, premises, business, flat, or a house in Sydney. Conveyance Sydney deals with all the legal matters, admission, finances, as well as queries. 

Conveyances process and agree on contracts, leasing and mortgages, transfers, and drawing up all documents that both parties must sign in the course of a transaction. They make it their business to advise their clients on the technical content of the documents as well as their financial implications. They could act on behalf of the seller or the buyer and in exceptional circumstances both parties in the same transaction. 

The Responsibilities Of A Conveyancer Sydney

The fact of the matter is that they do have a lot of tasks or work. Some of these tasks include:

•    Researching more data about a property and communicating the information back to the client. Communication can be done through the phone, in person, through a letter or by email. 
•    Using computerised case management because many conveyancing tasks are done online
•    Taking client’s instruction and following them in a better and legal way
•    Seeking to protect their client’s interests each and every time, as well as taking precaution against potential fraud and money laundering
•    Sending terms of estimate and engagement fees and disbursements including work with new home building contracts
•    Checking or obtaining land registry documents or title deeds (this will happen if the land is unregistered)
•    Checking and drafting sales contract and real estate agency agreement terms with the other party
•    Collecting, checking and sending supporting legal and financial documents
•    Exchanging and completing the transaction

Other specific tasks for purchase transaction include:

•    Conduction a search or checking pre-contract searches by looking if the property is affected by mortgages, land taxes, covenants or easements, leases, local authorities, susceptible to flooding or subsidence. The task may also include liability for unsound building repairs and structure faults

•    Preparing Mortgage and Transfer Deeds
•    Receiving funds
•    Taking care of stamp taxes and dealing with registration  

NOTE: Income figures are intended as a guide only.


Moving house is truly an exciting thing, but the fact is that it is stressful at the same time. This can be stressful particularly when you are trying to buy your new home and selling the current one at the same time. For this reason, it makes conveyancing stage complex, stressful and confusing. Do not forget that at the same time being very careful to prevent and avoid fraudulent activities. 

However, through the help of a Conveyancer Sydney, you will make the work easier for you by having a professional deal with everything.