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  • The Mosquito or Mosquito alarm (marketed as the Beethoven in France and the Swiss-Mosquito in Switzerland) is an electronic device, used for solving loitering problems, which emits a sound with a high frequency.
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  • gratis: without payment; "I'll give you this gratis"
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  • (Get this) Get This was an Australian radio comedy show which aired on Triple M and was hosted by Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee, with contributions from panel operator Richard Marsland . A different guest co-host was featured nearly every day on the show and included music played throughout.
  • (Get This (song)) Slipknot is the debut album by American heavy metal band Slipknot. It was released on June 29, 1999 through Roadrunner Records, after a demo containing a few of the songs had been released in 1998, and was reissued in December 1999 with a slightly altered track listing and
  • (Get This (EP)) Heaven's Basement are a British hard rock & heavy metal band formed in 2008.

F is for Free. [6/26]
F is for Free. [6/26]
FIRST EXPLORED!!! :D this picture is way too similar to one I took yesterday. but, today has been so so busy, and I am uncreative. and since I've been tagged three times, I'll do it here. 1. Ever since lent, I've been going to church more. and now I want to switch churches. 2. The only show I've ever watched every single episode of is the Gilmore Girls. 3. I absolutely love to read, but I don't read often because every time I do, I read for hours straight. 4. Math is my favorite subject. I'm a dork. :D I even own math socks. 5. My favorite pizza toppings are onion and meatball. 6. I am probably the most awkward person to walk on this planet. 7. I love creative writing, but I'm no good at plot lines, so my stories are mostly descriptive. 8. My taste in music is bizarre. I love techno. and then I love alternative/rock such as DCFC and Muse. 9. I don't like taking pictures of myself because I'm awkward in front of the camera. 10. I cannot stand drama. As in, chaotic social drama. Plays & that kind of drama are fine :) I'm actually seeing a play tonight!
I'm free and I'm waiting for you to follow me
I'm free and I'm waiting for you to follow me
I'M FREE - THE WHO (TOMMY) I'm free -- I'm free, And freedom tastes of reality! I'm free -- I'm free, And I'm waiting for you to follow me. If I told you what it takes To reach the highest high, You'd laugh and say "Nothing's that simple." But you've been told many times before Messiahs pointed to the door And no one had the guts to leave the temple! I'm free -- I'm free, And I'm waiting for you to follow me.

get the mosquito ringtone for free