Release Info

Convert Audio, Video and Images right on your iPhone / iPod Touch with out the need for a computer

Version 1.7 Released:

Brings Bug fixes

  • Beta testers reported some little bugs with the software so i fixed it
  • Tweaked the settings menu for a more powerful clean up cleans up more than one file type from the directory you selected
  • Cleaned up unwanted wasteful files

Version 1.6 Released:

Brings New Start up screen!

  • New startup screen brings visual appeal to the application
  • Fixed some more youtube conversion bugs this time with ffmpeg saving the file as an awkward file ending .filepart or .mp4? implimented my program to rename and copy the files to the right folders
  • Kept the old style for those who are interested

Version 1.5 Released:

Brings New Theme!

  • Fixed some youtube transfer bugs
  • New theme
  • Updated the cov bin file for more stability support
  • Add a settings menu to clean up converted waste

Version 1.3 Released:

Brings New Features!

  • 3 New Conversion Formats which include VOB WAV and M2V
  • A Save as.. feature (optional) as been coupled with those new conversion fomats and is planned to be added into the rest later on
  • New Updated Cov bin file which impliments the new features and has bug fixes which enhance usability by a gain in stability.
  • A New FAQ Section now implimented into the GUI should help some users with common problems.
  • Youtube Mp4 bug fixes and file transfer fixes done in cov bin file