Converter Pro
Convert Audio, Video and Images right on your iPhone / iPod Touch with out the need for a computer

Converter Pro NOW OUT OF BETA! Check it ;)

Converter Pro is an app designed for the iPod Touch / iPhone. The app is in early stages but promises alot for end users. With this application users will be able convert video files and audio files right on the iPod Touch / iPhone with out the need for a computer. In addition to converting videos and audio files to userfriendly iPhone / iPod Touch files it will also be able to convert image files such as jpeg tiff png giff npng and so forth to any format you please.

The app has a built in smart script design to it. The app is userfriendly and is extending compatibility with other various apps built for the iPod Touch / iPhone such as iphpPod, and apples own designed applications. The audio video sections smart script control converts video and audio files, then copies the output file to a iphpPod userfriendly folder to be played with iphpPod with out any hassel at all ! With images users will be able to convert images, when ever an image is converted to png the image is output is coppied to the wallpaper folder so the user will be able to set the image as a wallpaper.

Soon to come:


  • Built in support for the safari browser ( on the fly conversion and watching) Which means click a flash video file, and it will start to convert to a iPod friendly video file, while it's converting the user will be able to watch the video right on his/her iPhone / iPod Touch.
  • Image conversion support
  • Some more added on formats.
  • Make the new start up screen more powerful.

This app is very early and is my first application created, i plan to develop this application onwards and beyond what it can do at the moment. I'm talking to some application developers to add support for their application in my application. Support with iphpPod is working out great right now, i'm able to set up the application to copy to iphpPod user friendly folders, and the application is easily able to find the file converted and play it ! I do plan to keep support for iphpPod as it is a great application and seems to get better and better every release.

I couldn't of started this application if the program developer Core over at CoreOS didn't port ffmpeg over to the Apple Mobile Operating system. Alot of things are being ported over and i'll be doing my best to adapt them into the application.

Current version: 1.6



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