"What does “being a bilingual person” mean?

    "If you are bilingual –that is, when you speak and read fluently 2 different languages– then you are a very fortunate person. This means that the benefits of being bilingual may be far greater than you ever imagined. In fact, there is a lot of research studying bilingualism. 

    In this sense, researchers have highlighted clear advantages in academic performance, mental health, and even future success. That is what they refer to as the “bilingual advantage”. When they are applied to everyday life, many of these amazing benefits may surprise you in more than one single way!"

Hello dear students,

    The information that you will find in this site is meant to help you in your learning and practicing of English.

    You will find tips that will help you improve your listening and speaking skills mainly; however, you will also find some tips to work on your grammar as well. Remember that grammar is nothing but a tool to organize your ideas and also to express intention.

    You can also have access to material used in class, topics to be assessed and rubrics to be used in the speaking tests among other material of interest.

    You are invited to click on the many links which will lead you to different websites especially designed for English language learners such as yourself. Also, you are invited to share ideas and websites which you have found interesting and useful in this sense.

So...welcome :)


Teacher Karol Maroto Cerdas

Email: prof.karol.mc@gmail.com

(Author of the page)

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