Latin by the Sea

A Full Immersion Experience in the Latin language, geared particularly for teachers of Latin, offered by the UMass Boston Classics Department.

Ars Loquendi  Ars Docendi



UMass Boston


CB 2020




(1.) "The Conventiculum helped me see Latin as a real language, and I now feel more at home in Latin texts because I improved my spoken fluency. I am finally able to sight-read advanced literature without marking up my texts using a series of parsing symbols. After the Conventiculum, I began to introduce active teaching methodologies and spoken Latin into my curriculum. I was pleased to notice that finally many auditory learners were steadily making progress.  The Conventiculum environment is festive and fun, and I am already looking forward to participating in the program again."  -Serena, CB 2012

(2.) "Thank you for the best immersion experience I've had yet. The dormitories lent themselves well for community events each evening and the catered dinners ensured camaraderie at times when in the past several participants might have been very alone. Well done, all!" -Anonymous, CB 2016

(3.) Stephen Cole Farrand writes about his experience at CB 2017 here.

(4.) All in all, I have turned from a spoken-Latin skeptic to someone who is open to incorporating some elements. And I am optimistic about the future of Latin, seeing the vigor of the ‘movement.’” -Anyonymous attendee, CB 2017


  • The 670 course is for first-time attendees of the Conventiculum Bostoniense; no prior experience with Spoken Latin; only an interesting in in it is necessary! We have designed the course particularly for Latin teachers who want to incorporate active techniques, that are in line with cutting-edge SLA research. 

  • The 675 course is for repeat-attendees to read and discuss Latin texts from Plautus to Pope Francis I in the target language of Latin.  

  • Either program can be taken for 3-credits, 2-credits, or 45 PDPs (as an auditor). 


Join us for the first time, at our hone: University of Massachusetts Boston's gorgeous campus. This new location puts us in the heart of Boston and allows us to both discuss and interact with this one-of-a-kind city.


The immersion week itself runs July 29th-Aug. 5th 2019, for both the 670 and the 675 classes. Participants in the 670 course must participate in a three-week online component, prior to attending the CB proper.  This online class, taught by an expert in SLA, will give students a brisk but rigorous overview of SLA theory.


All lovers, teachers, and speakers of the Latin language, no matter how experienced, are encouraged to attend. Successful completion of this program only needs an open mind and positive attitude. As for the instructors, we have invited veteran Latin speakers and PhDs from around the world, who have been speaking and teaching Latin for decades, to work with our tirones and veterani alike. The opportunities for one-on-one interaction and small group sessions are vast at this intimate immersion experience. 

How? How much? 

The application is a quick Google Form that can be filled out and sent to the directors electronically. The application is the same for participants in the 670 and 675 class, 2 or 3 credits, and auditors. 

These fees include a room at UMass Boston for the week, the university graduate credits (or PDPs), the course and its materials, all excursion fees, and a few meals.  

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