ControVol In A Nutshell

A plugin to help control schema evolutions for NoSQL Data Stores.

 Building scalable web applications on top of NoSQL data stores is becoming common practice.Many of these data stores can easily be accessed programmatically, and do not enforce a schema. Software engineers can design the data model on the go, a flexibility that is crucial in agile software development.
The typical tasks of database schema management are now handled within the application code, usually involving object mapper libraries.However, today's Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) lack the proper tool support when it comes to managing the combined evolution of the application code and of the schema.
Yet simple refactorings such as renaming an attribute at the source code level can cause irretrievable data loss  or runtime errors once the application is serving in production.
 ControVol is a framework for controlled schema evolution in application development against NoSQL data stores.

ControVol is integrated into the IDE and statically type checks object mapper class declarations against the schema evolution history, as recorded by the code repository.

 ControVol is capable of warning of common yet risky cases of mismatched data and schema.

 ControVol is further able to suggest quick fixes by which developers can have these issues automatically resolved.