What is the Control Programme?

The Control Programme is a 10 session group work programme devised by Greater Manchester Probation Trust.  The programme has been written and is run by specialist Probation Officers experienced in working with men (and women) who have committed sexual offences.  It offers the opportunity to speak about online behaviour in a safe environment.  
By exploring their individual motivations for viewing indecent images, the Control Programme seeks to enable men to recognise what emotional and psycholgical needs were met by their online behaviour in order to develop stratgies to manage them more appropriatly in the future.  
The programme also encourages men to consider the impact of their behaviour on themselves, their families and friends as well as the child victims.  Information about what to expect from Criminal Justice System (sex offender registration, sex offence prevention orders, community sentences and prison) is also covered.
The programme is suitable for men who have been cautioned, charged or arrested for their online activities, have taken responsibility and are motivated to make changes to their lifestyles in order to avoid similar behaviour in the future.
  • The sessions each last for 2.5 hours.
  • The sessions are conducted by 2 specialist, experienced facilitators who use a range of group work techniques to meet each group members learning style.
  • The groups are for men only.  Whilst we do work with female perpetrators of sexual offences, the numbers are too few and work needs to be completed individually.  
  • The sessions are conducted in a supportive and encouraging environment.  Ground rules are established collectively by all group members in the first session.
  • The approach of the facilitators is therapeutic, focusing on enabling group members to manage their behaviour, thoughts and feelings in order to secure a safer future.
  • The programme is currently run at a location in central Manchester.  The details of this are kept confidential until attendees have signed a confidentiality agreement and paid their enrollment fees.
  • The location has disabled access.
Please note that participation on the Control Programme is voluntary and completion of the programme does not effect subsequent disposals imposed by the Court.  The Control Programme is design to offer support and guidance separately to any ongoing legal process.
It is not designed to replace the programme you may eventually be directed to complete by the Court - it has been written to deal specifically with the issues you face before being sentenced and is intended to offer you practical advice and guidance to start to make positive changes in your life.