Heart Attack Recovery

In February 2010 I was diagnosed with Angina, after suffering a heart attack and while hospitalized, underwent angiogram and angioplasty, with a stent inserted into a blocked artery. When leaving the hospital I was given medication to lower my blood pressure, cholesterol, and trigylcerides and to thin my blood, as well as to control my Angina. Having an aversion to medication, I researched the drugs I was told I must take (6 a day in all) or risk another heart attack. I was also told I should come back to the hospital in 3 months for another angiogram and possibly a heart by-pass. I then decided to take responsibility for my health. After checking the side effects of each of the prescribed drugs I was determined to find foods that would have the same medical properties, without the side effects. I learned my heart attack was mainly due to eating transfats (artificial fat called "transfat" is added to processed foods to give them texture - but it increases the risk of heart attack – see:
http://www.choice.com.au/reviews-and-tests/food-and-health/food-and-drink/nutrition/trans-fats-in-foods.aspx) .

I purchased an Omron blood pressure monitor, and under medical supervision, weaned myself off the medication, replacing it with natural foods. I stopped eating transfats, changing my diet to include organic fruit and vegetables, Banaban organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil – see:


For various uses of this miraculous oil see:

Black organic sesame oil see:
Organic Carob powder see:

Chia seeds see:

Maca Powder see:
Mackenzies food grade aluminium free baking powder, see:

Melrose organic unsulphured molasses see:

Ceylon cinnamon, see:
Almonds or walnuts, raisins, avocados, free range eggs roasted meats and chicken.

While doing my research I also discovered I was dehydrated and my body was acidic, rather than being slightly alkaline. I started drinking lots of pure water and taking Celtic Sea Salt – see:

http://watercure.com/bookreviews/article_whitaker.html http://www.saltoftheearth.com.au/Celtic-Sea-Salt/.

The need for lots of water is explained in the book, Your body’s many cries for water by Dr F Batmanghelidj MD and after reading this I understood why I had experienced a heart attack and developed Angina see:

http://www.watercure2.org/bolen_hbp.htm and various sites about the Water Cure.
It is also important to drink water that is free of fluoride, see:
Boron is useful in preventing fluoride from affecting the bones and arteries, see:
 Since I changed my lifestyle, I have enjoyed good health and have no need for any kind of medication. My blood pressure is excellent (generally around 112/64 when I take a reading at rest) for a man my age, 66 years young. I am no longer dehydrated and my PH tests are always excellent (slightly alkaline). I have lots of energy and exercise everyday. I used to suffer from Apnea, Gout and sometimes chronic back pain but thanks to my regime I no longer have any problems with my health and enjoy each day. I also lost 13 kilograms without any conscious effort on my part. I previously weighed 85 kilograms and am now down to 72, sometimes a little lower.

I also discovered the need for correct hygiene and no longer use any products containing Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS); for some concerning facts about SLS see:


I now only use coconut soap for washing, shampoo, and shaving and I am truly amazed how much younger I look and how my skin has improved – the best soap is at this site:


I use only coconut oil for toothpaste and as a sunscreen.

If you would like more information then you can contact me at

johnteagle@gmail.com and I will do my best of assist you with any health issues you or your loved ones may have.
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