in Baja Arizona

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Handing down the old ways....

    Our mission is to remember and live 

    the ancient knowledge and traditions

    that have kept the humans in balance with all things                                    WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION

   since the dreamtime.

    We take our name from the ancient prophecy

    that we have just entered

                                                              the fifth world 


                                                                                                                                        sunset at our camp (photo by danny)

 Fifth World Gifting Circle was created by Danny August in response to the urgent call to preserve and teach the ancient wisdom and traditions of indigenous cultures in order to sustain the humans. According to prophecies by native seers, including Tibetan and Mayan peoples, we entered The Fifth world on the winter solstice 2012--opening the door to the final evolution of the humans, in which they expand their awareness in order to regain balance with creation.

For nearly 30 years, danny has been handing down the old ways to humans of all ages and walks of life as they were handed down to him.  He has worked with many native and non-native elders and teachers in the United States, Mexico, Japan and India.  This includes apprenticeships with a 33rd-generation djembefola (drum master) from Mali, Africa; a Choctaw / Tsalagi road man; and danny's own herbalist mother.  But mainly he has learned directly from the source during thousands of suns living in the wilderness doing what the elders taught him, who said:  "Shut up and pay attention. Then you might learn something worth knowing."  
For five years danny guided troubled teens in a becoming-adult rites-of-passage wilderness initiation program in the high desert canyonlands and mountain wilderness of south central Utah.  In essence this program was identical to the adult initiation rites conducted by indigenous peoples the world over thruout time.  The company's original slogan was "We'll take you to hell and back." Which is exactly what the initiation leaders did: they took the boys and girls into the hell of their fear, anger and depression, and back as men and women into the world of joy, awareness and unlimited possibility....
danny (left) and Allan Sparrowhawk Shockley--inventor of the agave didgeridoo (playing on one such of his creations)--in concert at the Tucson Botanical Gardens (photo by Quynn Eizabeth).  Watch Allan with native Australian didge player Ash Dargan:

"Danny is an impeccable teacher."
--Susan H. ((not real name), a member of danny's coming-of-age wilderness initiation program training group).
"Danny teaches about how to live."
--Tiffany M. (real name), "plant walk" participant)

We beleive that the key to sustainability lies in the knowledge encoded in indigenous languages.  His first language is English; he also speaks, reads and writes (Mexican) Spanish fluently; enough O'odham to get into trouble but not enough to get out of it; some French; and has studied indigenous languages extensively, including. Lakota, Dine', (United States), Tzutujil (Guatelmala),  Sanskrit (India) and Nunggabbarra (Australia), and Japanese.
He has taught native ways thru organizations such as Earth Knack Stone Age Living School (CO), Anasazi State Park (UT),Aspen Achievement academy (see ) (UT), Teaching Drum Outdoor School , where he piloted and created the immensly succesful Wilderness guide certification program (WI); Pima Community College (AZ) the Pascua Yaqui (Yoe'me) Tribe (AZ), the Tohono O'odham Nation,   Pollen Circles, Inc. (Dine' Nation) and the annual Winter Count Native Arts Rendezvous (AZ).  He also performed habitat restoration for 5 seasons in several National Parks in the western U.S.
Danny is the author of numerous articles on the old ways, which have appeared in national publications such as The Bulletin of Primitive Technology and Wilderness Way Magazine and local ones including The Tucson Weekly and The Desert Leaf.  His first book (self-published) is titled The Medicine of the Wilderness / A Field Guide to Coming of Age Walkabout in the Fifth World and is currently working on his second book, about how native language creates a more holistic reality.  In addition, he has realeased four CD's of original music in the genre of world / trance / free jazz, in which he performs on instruments including didgeridoo, djembe, native american flute, guitar, keyboards, and vocals, as well as engineering and producing these albums.  His compositions have been aired on KXCI community radio (91.3 FM) Tucson, on the soundtrack for the trailer of the Arizona International Film Festival (2008), and on Earthtribe TV, a pioneer streaming TV channel.
    CFP logo drawn by Allan Sparrowhawk Shockley, which shows Kokopelli playing an agave didgeridoo, which legend has it that that is what he played;
 Controlled Folly-- a teaching of don Juan Matus involving shifting perceptions of reality...