IR-LED head tracking

The following outlines our design of the head tracking array (IR-LEDs) to be used in conjunction with a webcam and the free software: FreeTrack  or FaceTrackNoIR (with the point tracker add-on Information here)

ntroductory video to headtracking and our product:

YouTube Video

The use of 3 IR LEDs allows the user to have 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) within the virtual cockpit environment.  In high fidelity simulators such as Falcon BMS, the DCS series and Microsoft Flight Simulator (see: compatible titles and sims) the ability to head track is next to essential. It adds a significant element of realism being able to use your neck and head to dictate the simulation point of view as you would sitting in the cockpit.  Our configuration meets this need and only requires you to provide a compatible webcam that is able to "see" or detect IR light emitted by the array. Refer to this list to identify web cameras that have been tested or modified successfully to be used as a head tracking device.