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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 20 2009    Winston-Salem NC  Fiddle and Bow Country Dancers Contradance     

Thursday, January 22  Old Farmer’s Ball  Contradance at Warren Wilson College, Asheville NC  

Friday, January 23   Carolina Song & Dance Association Third Saturday Contradance    Carrboro NC 

Saturday, January 24  Charlotte Dance Gypsies Contradance  Charlotte, NC 

Sunday, January 25  Dance and House Concert

Stephen Stiebel  (919)-880-7033. Max 48 people; reservations recommended!

3222 Hendersonfield Rd.  Mebane, NC 27302  Chapel Hill

Dance, potluck and concert: $20

Dance and potluck: 2-5pm  $10

House concert (starts at 7pm): $15