The Thomas More Institute

 Educational Services for Home Schooling Families

An Institute of The Avalon School

200 W. Diamond Avenue

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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The Institute News


Spring Classes

CSC Program to open in April.


Personalized Classes

For the first time, parents can order a class and we will design a curriculum and teach it.  If you can assemble five students, we will teach the class either at one of our two locations, or in your home, community center or church.  Please call the director for information.

The Thomas More Institute provides

Educational Consultants

An experienced faculty member is assigned to your family to provide assistance in curriculum development, planning, and execution of educational plans.  The consultant maintains the academic records for the student and helps the parent develop report cards and progress reports.  When necessary, the consultant will compare work to the student's peer group to determine if the student is working at grade level.


Academic Records Management 

The Institute will provide full academic records for reporting to the state or for preparation of transcripts, official report cards or other compliance documents.


Academic Classes

The Institute provides classes for home school students on a weekly basis in a wide range of academic subjects.  These include, Latin, English, history, mathematics, science, music, art, Spanish, ancient Greek, poetry and many more.  Beginning spring 2009, we will launch a new online series of courses in the humanities.  Stay tuned to this site for regular updates.


Academic Resources

Institute Families have access to the expanding library of resources for home schooling at The Avalon School.  For information on accessing the collection, please call the director at 301 963-8022.  Both students and parents are allowed borrowing rights at the library.   


Cooperative Schools

The Thomas More Institute sponsors several cooperative schools in the area.  These are groups of home schooling parents who join together to assist one another by contributing their time and talents.


Faculty Tutors

To arrange for professional tutors, please contact the director.  Fees are highly competitive and results are impressive.