My Wartime With The Army Service Corps

People, Places, Experiences

Capt. Alfred Allen Hall

When I commenced putting some of my army memories on paper, my idea was just to fill a page or two, but when I got started I found my memories were much clearer than I had thought. Each account brought back more memories, so I just let it run on.

I am now 89. If I had tried to write this earlier, bitterness and memories best forgotten would have crept in and an excess of detail would have made it less readable. The information is given as I remember it. I know I have left quite a lot out, some of it purposefully, but nothing has been included that did not happen.  Names of places and people may not always be accurate and the sequence of events may, at times, be questionable but overall it gives a true picture of my army career.

In this account I have made no attempt to cover the Iron Divisions bloody assault of the Normandy beaches or the brutal and attritional fighting that it went through on its way to Bremen and victory. The accounts of battles are much better left to those more able to do the research necessary to cover them with any degree of accuracy but to anyone interested I would recommend the following books:

Monty’s  Ironsides: From  the Normandy Beaches to Bremen with the 3rd Division (Sutton Publishing, Limited, 2002) by Patrick Delaforce

or alternatively

Assault Division: A History of the 3rd Division from the Invasion of Normandy to the Invasion of Germany (Williams Collins, London, 1947)  by Norman Scarfe


A A Hall    March 2008

Capt. Hall died on 4 June 2010, aged 92