Our History- A work in progress

 Florida Peninsula Evolves

    Florida's land then and now
    Florida formations

 Why we have lots of ground water  (at the moment)
    Florida's water then and now
    Florida's aquifers
    Hydrogeologic framework  of Florida aquifers
 Florida History Timeline

Who was here first? What happened next?
 Early Local Communities
     Short History of Florida Native Tribes   
     1908 railroad Report
    Abandoned Rails
    Map of the small local communities
    Ghost towns
    40 Acres and a Mule
 Land leased to Army during WW2
    Army training and maintenance
    Site overview
    Leesburg Air Service Center
    Site Inspection Report
 Hester Sells Property
    Frederic Hester sold 'us' the property
    Hester trail in Phase 1 is named for him.
    Hester background

Initially a camping community
    Plan for Continental camper resort
    Typical camper
    Golf Course History

 Then Manufactured Homes
    CCC ad Ocala with Mickey Mantle
     CCC ad Connecticut newspaper
     CCC ad Milwaukee newspaper
    Where are we from?
 Mickey Mantle Years
    Mickey was a CCC Spokesman
    Mickey and friends entertain Continental
    Mantle acquires Wildwood home
 CCC Histories
    CCC Ladies Club History printed in 1994
    CCC Development History
    Purchase of Continental Country Club
    CCC "Today" 2005
     CCC Resident Memories
 Aerial Photos over the years
    See historic aerial photo Page
 Continental Country Club now
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