NMR expertises

    Università degli Studi di Palermo, Dipartimento dei Sistemi Agro-Ambientali,

    Viale delle Scienze 13, ed. 4, 90128, Palermo - Italy


    E-Mail:; tel. 0039 091 238 64673; fax: 0039 091404835


2009 till present - Responsible for the NMR lab in the Dipartimento dei Sistemi Agro-Ambientali of the Università degli Studi di Palermo

2009 –Attendance of the course on Fast Field Cycling NMR held from June 1st to 3rd in Mede (Pavia, Italy). The course was organized by Stelar s.r.l.

2005 – 2008 From October 2005 to January 2006, from July to August 2007 and from July to September 2008 Visiting scientist as a NMR expert at the NMR center of the Institut für Chemie und Dynamik der Geosphäre of the Forschungszentrum Juelich (Germany)

2004 – 2005 Attendance of courses on NMR Maintenance, 1D and 2D liquid state NMR and 1D and 2D solid state NMR spectroscopies organized by Bruker Biospin Italy.

2004 – 2007  Prof. Conte applied his NMR expertize to set up the NMR center “CERMANU” at the Agricultural Faculty of the Università di Napoli Federico II (Italy) and to train the personnel of the center in solid and liquid state NMR spectroscopy to characterize humic matter, cells of vegetal origin, peptides, woods, and natural organic products.

2000 – Training period at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” under the supervision of Professor Paci in order to study spin diffusion in organic systems by solid state NMR spectroscopy.

2000 – Three months fellowship at the Wageningen NMR Centre (The Netherlands) under the supervision of Professor Hemminga in order to characterize metal-humic complexes by solid state NMR and EPR.

1996 – Three months fellowship at the Wageningen NMR Centre (The Netherlands) under the supervision of Professor Marcus Hemminga in order to apply solid and liquid state NMR spectroscopies in the study of humic matter and its high performance size exclusion chromatography fractions.

1992 – 1994 Fellowship at the NMR Centre of the Italian Council of Research (CNR) under the supervision of Dr. E. Trivellone in order to study by liquid state NMR spectroscopy natural peptides extracted from sponges and fungi.