The Contemptible Little Wargames Club North East

St Peter's Parish Church Hall
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE29 7JA 
We meet every Sunday from 1-00pm to 7-30pm.

Welcome to our Wargames Club website. This site has been created to advertise our presence to other wargaming enthusiasts living in the North East of England and to indicate the facilities we have to offer .
We cover most scales and periods. Here are some of our current favourites:-
  • 25-28mm and 15mm Napoleonics using 'Republic to Empire' and 'Blackpowder' Rules.
  • Ancients and Medieval periods 25-28mm and 15mm using WRG and Warlord Games 'Hail Caesar' rules.
  • Warhammer 40,000 fantasy. Warmachine and Hordes.
  • 20mm & 28mm WW2 and Modern using 'Rapid Fire', 'BattleGroup' and 'Bolt Action' series of' rules.
  • 20mm WW1 using 'Kaiser Bosch' rules.
  • 25-28mm English Civil War using 'Maurice' & Warlord Games 'Pike & Shotte' rules..
  • 15mm Seven Years War - WRG amended Napoleonic Rules and Warlord Games 'Black Powder'.
  • American War of Independence 25-28mm - 'Maurice' and 'Blackpowder' rules.
  • American Civil War 25-28mm and 15mm using 'Black Powder' and 'Fire and Fury' rules. 
  • 15mm WW2 - Flames of War. 
  • WW1 Air Combat - 'Algernon Pulls it Off!' and 'Contemptible Little Flying Machines'.
  • Lots of Naval Combat from Ancient to Modern.
  • 6mm 'Cold War Commander'
Even if you are new to wargaming or a seasoned campaigner, come and visit our club. Don't worry if you use a figure scale or period not covered in the list above. New players, rules, figures, periods are always welcome. You'll find that our members will play anything given half a chance!  So call in for a lively debate and enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts.