Very Cheap Living Room Furniture

very cheap living room furniture
    living room
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New Chair - $22
New Chair - $22
I was walking home from getting our CSA fruits & veggies and came across this chair at a stoop sale. The owner was asking $10 for it. I had to pay for a car service to take it home - costing me an additional $12. So...$22 total! You can't tell from this photo - but it matches our wacky chaise very well. There is still some more work to be done in our living room - but it is really coming along.
New year resolution I - New work(?) space at home.
New year resolution I - New work(?) space at home.
Yeap. That's it. I've finished with my 2 mtrs desk (see 2004.08.04 home desktop) and replaced it with this Dona Maria piece of bedroom furniture. Why? More space in the living room, trying to create a more classical look in here. I know, I know... Those shelves must go... They'l go. As soon as I can replace them...

very cheap living room furniture