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Contemporary Porch Furniture

contemporary porch furniture
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contemporary porch furniture - Sea Gull
Sea Gull Lighting 8938DPBLE-10 Single-Light Dark Sky Outdoor Lantern, Bronze
Sea Gull Lighting 8938DPBLE-10 Single-Light Dark Sky Outdoor Lantern, Bronze
Bronze finish with integrated photocell. Enjoy the beautiful night sky while conserving energy with this Dark Sky compliant outdoor wall light. The top of the fixture is capped, allowing only downward light to spill out. An integrated photocell turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn. Includes a 13-watt GU24 compact fluorescent bulb, item [262466]. Approved for wet location use as defined by the National Electric Code. Please consult your local electrical code for details. This fixture meets strict Energy Star Qualified requirements. Energy Star Qualified is a government-backed program dedicated to promoting products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This organization assists individuals and businesses in the identification of energy efficient products. Visit for more information. The International Dark-Sky Association is a non-profit organization that was created in response to the rapid increase in night sky light pollution throughout the United States. Dark Sky Compliant fixtures help to eliminate night time glare emanating from outdoor light fixtures by concentrating the light output towards the ground. Dark Sky Compliant Fixtures meet International Dark-Sky Association specifications. This product, or component of this product, contains mercury. Do not place in trash. Please recycle or dispose of in a certified hazardous waste facility. DL # 276065.

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Pitcher Inn
Pitcher Inn
Located in the Mad River Valley, the Pitcher Inn is a New-England style building with white clapboard siding, wide porches and a gabled rooftop. Inside, the atmosphere is as cozy and welcoming as a visit to your grandmother's - if your grandmother had exquisite taste, a flair for the whimsical and happened to be a gourmet chef, that is.Nine large bedrooms are offered along with two two-bedroom suites in an adjacent barn. Each follows a theme specific to the state, such as trout fishing, mountaineering, and two Vermont-born U.S. presidents. In addition to massive furniture and creatively integrated memorabilia, all have well-hidden entertainment systems and computer and fax hook-ups. Most have wood burning fireplaces and private porches.The 40-seat restaurant features seasonally-inspired dishes based on contemporary American cuisine and prepared with locally-farmed ingredients. Intimate dinners can also be set up in the wine cellar, home to an impressive 6,000 bottles.Skiing, hiking and golf are just a few of the activities available in the surrounding countryside. And should you need an apres-ski or post-hike massage, the hotel can arrange this and other treatments at the day spa across the road.Moreover, Warren's own authentic country store is the perfect place to stock up on everything from handicrafts to maple syrup.
The porch
The porch
it looks like a porch, but it's actually a large, attached cat house, for my 13 cats! The house wasn't really supposed to stick this far out of the ground, but the contractor said that if he pushed any more soil up around the basement walls, it would make our front yard very steep. Hopefully it will look better after we have something put up around the base of the porch and get some plants around the foundation.

contemporary porch furniture
contemporary porch furniture
Log Cabin Covered Porch by Sung Kim 20.00X16.00. Art Poster Print
Log Cabin Covered Porch by Sung Kim 20.00 inches width X 16.00 inches height.Printed on Fine Art Paper, Thicker and Nicer Finish. This item is a higher quality reproduction than a typical poster.Museum quality fine-art print, printed on high quality archival acid free paper. Most prints are on a thick (120 pound or higher) stock of paper. Each print is of the highest museum art print reproduction quality and are supplied by the world's leading art publishers. These prints rival any detailed reproduction from their originals and are geared towards the discerning eye of the particular art collector.We can transfer this PRINT onto canvas with the museum wrap method (image goes to the edge of the surface, plain white sides) or the gallery wrap method (image wraps around the edge, and continues back toward the wall) with or without Brushstrokes.Please select CANVAS TRANSFER in our shop and our skilled artisans will create the feel of an original painting with meticulous quality workmanship. This Site offers Amazon Payments as a checkout option. This item is covered by amazon a-z claims on this site if using the Amazon Payments option to checkout.