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An Invitation to the Full Exercises

In 2012 Contemplative Christianity Willunga invites you to make


 (The full Exercises according to the 19th Annotation)

As a 35 week Retreat in Daily Life.

The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola

Ignatius of Loyola, the 16th century Spanish founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) developed a remarkable series of Spiritual Exercises which were offered to people wanting to grow deeper in their love for God. The full Spiritual Exercises are undertaken either as a 30 day enclosed silent Retreat, or as a 35 week Retreat in Daily Life where retreatants put aside one hour for prayer each day for 35 weeks. Contemplative Christianity Willunga will offer the full Exercises as a Retreat in Daily Life in 2012. You can begin the Spiritual Exercises at any time during 2012.

The Spiritual Exercises is a series of meditative exercises divided into what Ignatius called ‘weeks’. The First Week focuses on ourselves as ‘loved sinners’. The Second Week focuses on the person of Jesus. The Third Week focuses on the passion and death of Jesus. The Fourth Week on the Resurrection of Jesus. The Fifth Week becomes the rest of your life! Central to Ignatian spirituality is discerning the action and will of God in our lives. Ignatian spirituality is in essence ‘apostolic’. The genius of Ignatius is as relevant to modern spiritual seekers as it was when he wrote the Spiritual Exercises nearly 500 years ago. They are a spiritual masterpiece

The Retreat in Daily Life structure

Most lay people are not able to find 30 days in which to go away for an enclosed silent Retreat. It is also a very expensive form of Retreat (it can cost as much as $3000) which prices it out of most peoples reach. For this reason the Spiritual Exercises are also offered as a Retreat in Daily Life. This allows you to attend to your everyday life responsibilities such as work, or family commitments, but still undertake the Spiritual Exercises. Instead of a 30 day enclosed silent Retreat, the Retreat in Daily Life is offered over 35 weeks where retreatants commit to a minimum of one hour of prayer each day for the entire 35 weeks. Each week (each of the 35 weeks) the retreatant will meet with the ‘Giver’ of the Exercises for an hour. At these weekly appointments the retreatant shares his/her experience of their week of prayer and are given the prayer Exercises for the coming week. Generally the Retreat in Daily Life form is undertaken over 35 weeks, however due to certain circumstances (eg sickness, holidays etc) it may take more than the 35 weeks. Retreatants will need to keep a prayer journal throughout the Retreat. Retreatants will need to be able to come to Roy’s Retreat at Willunga each week during the Retreat in Daily Life. An agreed regular time for this can be set with the Giver of the Exercises before commencing the Retreat.


The cost of undertaking the Spiritual Exercises will be by donation to Roy’s Retreat. This will be discussed before commencing the Exercises.

 Interview and information session

Anyone wishing to undertake the full Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola through Contemplative Christianity Willunga in 2012 will need to have an interview prior to commencing. At this interview you will be given more information about the nature of the Spiritual Exercises and have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. There are a limited number of places in 2012.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Ignatius strongly recommended that people only undertake the Spiritual Exercises once in their life. You are invited to take this once in a lifetime spiritual journey in 2012. The Spiritual Exercises are life changing for anyone who is able to make this 35 week commitment.

To book an interview time, or to find out more about the Spiritual Exercises as a Retreat in Daily Life offered by Contemplative Christianity Willunga in 2012, please complete this contact form or call 8556 4686 or email ccwillunga@gmail.com

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