Top ways to boost RAM and clear memory on Windows

Random Access Memory or RAM is a kind of short-term storage which is used for holding currently running programs in the device. More RAM means your device can hold more data together which results in good processing speed. Less RAM means slow speed and you may also get frequent crashes and freezes. If you want to speed up your device then you have to boost your RAM.


Here we have mentioned some top ways for boosting the RAM:


Restart your device

This method is popular as well as familiar. Every time any device starts running slowly; restarting the device is the first thing we suggest. But do you know the reason why? Restarting the device will not increase your RAM but it will remove all the unnecessary programs which are running in the background and eating the RAM. When you restart your device; only necessary programs will run hence your device will start running fast.


Monitor your system resource consumption

The best and reliable way for boosting the RAM and clearing the memory is by removing all the unnecessary programs which are occupying the RAM. We usually install lots of programs in our device such as plug-ins, games, etc. We use them for a time and then install new games but we often forget to uninstall old programs. Remove all programs and applications which are no longer in use. Check the programs which are consuming your more amount of RAM.

1.   Go to Windows Taskbar

2.   Click on Task Manager

3.   Hit the processes tab

4.   Now sort your processes by Memory and check the list carefully

5.   If you detect any program which is no longer in use but occupying a large amount of RAM then you should uninstall it.

6.   Go to start menu

7.   Click on Control Panel

8.   Go to Programs

9.   Choose Programs and Features

10.                     You will get a list of installed applications

11.                     Now uninstall all applications which are no longer in use


Limit the Startup Programs

There are various programs which can't be shown on the task manager but get launched while starting the device. These programs run in the background and occupy the RAM; disable those programs from running at startup. AVG Enter License Number antivirus also provide boost RAM tool which removes all the programs running in the background. You can also disable the programs from running by following the steps mentioned below:

1.   Go to task manager

2.   Hit the Startup tab

3.   Now sort the list by Startup impact

4.   Check the list and identify all unnecessary applications

5.   Right-click on the application and hit the Disable option


Install antivirus

Malware can also occupy space and eat your memory. Not only this, malware such as viruses, Trojans, spyware can harm your device in numerous ways. AVG Activate License detects and removes all malware from your device and provides various other tools for boosting the RAM and clearing the memory.


Adding more RAM is the easiest way for speeding up your device; with more RAM you can perform tasks quickly. You can play games without crashes and freezes. You should also remove junk such as temporary files, cookies, and caches for boosting up your RAM.