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Welcome to FindMediConf daily news reports on all aspects of stem cell research and advances in regenerative medicine. 

Here are our daily news reports  on all aspects of stem cell research and advances in regenerative medicine. 

February 26th 2018
Stem cell hope for incurable diseases
A group of scientists at the University of Colorado has achieved positive results in an experiment with stem cells extracted from human skin, a technique that has "the potential" for successfully treating presently incurable diseases. The scientists "reprogrammed" cells in both healthy and sick adults into ...

Feb 23rd 2018
Scientists isolate cancer stem cells using novel method
Stem cells are in various tissues in the body, and unlike regular cells, which have a limited lifespan, they can divide and renew themselves for long periods of time. They are also unspecialized, meaning that when one of them divides, the resulting cells can transform into another cell type. For example ...

Feb 22nd 2018
Mesoblast stem cell therapy meets goal of pediatric Graft vs. Host study
(Reuters) - Nearly 70 percent of children with potentially fatal acute Graft Versus Host Disease responded to treatment with an experimental stem cell therapy from Mesoblast Ltd, meeting the primary goal of a late-stage U.S. trial, the Australian company announced on Wednesday. The study tested ...
Feb 20th 2018
Stem cells help patch up brain damage in stroke victims
Researchers at the University of Georgia have developed a new stem-cell-based treatment for strokes. When tested in animal models, the technique was found to reduce brain damage and help the brain heal itself faster, and the results have been promising enough that human clinical trials may follow ...

Feb 19th 2018
Sheep-Human Hybrids Made in Lab—Get the Facts
On Saturday at the 2018 American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in Austin, Texas, researcher Pablo Ross of the University of California, Davis, announced that he and his colleagues have fine-tuned the procedure—boosting human cell counts in sheep embryos to one in ...

Feb 15th 2018
Poseida Therapeutics Presents Stem Cell Memory CAR-T Therapy for Prostate Cancer ...
“P-PSMA-101 is a first-in-class stem cell memory CAR-T therapy that exhibits a persistently high frequency of stem cell memory T-cells and mediates durable anti-solid tumor efficacy that surpasses previously established anti-PSMA CAR T-cell therapy in several in vivo models,” said Eric Ostertag, M.D., ...

Feb 14th 2018
Clues to aging found in stem cells' genomes
Stem cells that produce sperm use a genetic trick to stay perpetually young across generations, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Investigator Yukiko Yamashita and colleagues have discovered. Certain sections of the fruit fly genome get shorter with age. But remarkably, some reproductive cells ...

Feb 13th 2018
USRM Successfully Launches Stem Cell Webinar Series
SUNRISE, Fla., Feb. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Kristin Comella, Chief Science Officer of U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. (OTC: USRM), a leader in the development of proprietary, physician-based stem cell therapies and novel regenerative medicine solutions, today announced the successful launch of an open, ...

Feb 12th 2018
A review on stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis: special focus on human embryonic stem cells
Abstract: Multiple sclerosis (MS), a complex disorder of the central nervous system (CNS), is characterized with axonal loss underlying long-term progressive disability. Currently available therapies for its management are able to slow down the progression but fail to treat it completely. Moreover, these ...

Feb 11th 2018
Functioning human mini-kidney grown from stem cells in mice for first time
Functional human “mini-kidneys” capable of filtering blood to produce urine have been grown in a living organism in a medical first that marks a major step towards treatments for kidney disease. Researchers have been able to develop human stem cells into a mini-kidney which is “markedly more ...

Feb 10th 2018

Researchers uncover how cancer stem cells drive triple-negative breast cancer
8, 2018, Cleveland: Cleveland Clinic researchers have published findings in Nature Communications on a new stem cell pathway that allows a highly aggressive form of breast cancer - triple-negative breast cancer - to thrive. Hormone therapy for breast cancer blocks cancer cells from interacting with ...

Feb 9th 2018
Stem cell transplant may be effective for systemic sclerosis
Velu Nair, M.D., from the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, India, and colleagues assessed four patients who underwent autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) for SSc between 2008 and 2012. Selection criteria included rapidly progressive disease with involvement of at least one ..

Feb 8th 2018

A&M and Celltex partner on stem cell Alzheimer's research
Stem cells are considered a potential future of medicine. Their potential to rejuvenate dying or diseased tissue and organs has excited researchers at the Texas Medical Center and around the nation for 20 years, the envisioned linchpin of a new field - regenerative medicine. The field has not yet made it ...

Feb 7th 2018

Researchers devise strategies to target glioma stem cells that could improve patient survival
Glioblastoma multiforme is the most common and aggressive primary brain tumor and has one of the worst survival rates of all cancers. Despite surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, these tumors virtually always become resistant to therapy and eventually recur. The cancer stem cells within these tumors ...

Feb 6th 2018 
After decades of effort, scientists have finally managed to derive embryonic stem (ES) cells from cows and keep them in their primitive state in a dish. Access to these versatile cells, which can become all kinds of tissues, from skin to muscle to bone, could make it easier to tweak and preserve useful ..

Feb 5th 2018
Haqqani: Repairing the heart with stem cells
The heart is a muscle that relies on a steady flow of oxygen-rich blood through its chambers to nourish it and to allow it to keep pumping as it should. When blockages occur in the arteries that deliver blood to the heart and blood flow is interrupted, the result is a heart attack. The areas of the heart fed by ...