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Invitation to Participate in Focus Group in Lincoln

Project Period:
October 1st, 2009 to July 30th, 2010

Nebraska Advocacy Services trained 4 mental health consumers to be part of a Consumer Action Research Team (CART).

CART is currently undergoing the implementation phase of the project to study Nebraskan communities for evidence of supports, attitudes and resources shown to promote wellness among mental health consumers. 


As a key stakeholder in your community, Do you find yourself asking these two questions:

Does your community support a recovery-based approach to promote integration and well-being of persons with mental illness?
Does living in your community produce and sustain the desired recovery outcomes of persons with mental illness and their families?
Asking such questions and using the answers to help improve your community will ensure success in building a recovery-based community for persons with mental illness. 
  Subsequent community assessments will need to be conducted to capture any positive or negative changes in recovery-based outcomes in the consumer population.  

Be an Action Research Team Member:
Conduct Focus Groups 
Interview Key Community Members
Observe Community Attitudes & Behaviors
 Review Written Material
Score Your Community
Write about Your Experiences


For more information contact:

Yuliana Gallegos and Jennifer Monjaras


Nebraska Advocacy Services, Inc.

Phone: 402-474-3183