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Vanuatu NGO Salary Survey

Consulting Vanuatu is now working with the Birches Group, and its partners, InsideNGO and People In Aid, to bring the NGO Local Pay survey to Vanuatu.

Birches Group conducts the NGO Local Pay survey in over 80 countries each year, and works with hundreds of the world’s leading NGOs and development organizations.

Why is the NGO Local Pay Survey right for your organization?
        The jobs included in the survey are relevant for NGOs and  development organizations.

     The comparator organizations include the ones most important for the development sector.

     It’s part of a global survey initiative to meet the needs of the development community.

What’s included in the survey?
The surveys are comprehensive. Each country survey is summarized in a two-part report that compares your data to the market for base pay, fixed allowances (such as thirteenth month), short-term incentives and in-kind benefits (such as meals, transportation and recreation). 

Values are shown for each position at various percentiles of the market. The survey report also includes prevalence information for benefits such as retirement and medical plans; insurance programs; family benefits; and leave benefits. 

A summary of the local Social Security and Labor Law, Income Tax and Exchange Rate history is also featured in the report.  There’s an interactive online version available, too.

How much does it cost?
The cost of one-time participation in the NGO Local Pay survey in Vanuatu is US$745.  Organizations must participate to receive the survey results. 

Discounts are available for those organizations who commit to three consecutive years of participation, and those that have entered into agreements with Birches Group for global contracts through their headquarters.

How can I learn more?
      Contact Tim Hewatt at Consulting Vanuatu to discuss your specific needs.  
    Download the NGO Local Pay Brochure.
     Visit the NGO Local Pay website at for more details and to download sample reports


P:   +678  7755657
P:  +678  7799925

Survey Sustaining Partners include the following organizations:

and over 200 more participants.