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Multi-Sector Salary Survey

Consulting Vanuatu is now working with Birches Group to bring the Birches Group Multi-sector survey to Vanuatu.

Birches Group conducts multi-sector surveys in over 140 countries three times a year, and works with the world’s leading private and international organizations.

Why is the Multi-sector Survey right for your organization?
The jobs included in the survey are relevant for all major sectors in Vanuatu.

The comparator organizations include leading global and regional private companies as well as international public sector organizations. We strive to include industry leaders in major sectors of every survey we produce. 

We use a single, standardized methodology in all of our surveys. The Birches Group methodology is designed specifically for developing country markets. Our approach allows us to succeed where others cannot, with relatively few employers.

What’s included in the survey?
The surveys are comprehensive. Each country survey is summarized in a two-part report that compares your data to the market for base pay, fixed allowances, short-term incentives and in-kind benefits (such as meals, transportation and recreation). Values are shown for each position at various percentiles of the market. 

The survey report also includes information for benefits such as retirement and medical plans; insurance programs; family benefits; and leave benefits. A summary of the local Social Security and Labor Law, Income Tax and Exchange Rate history is also featured in the report. 

There’s also an interactive online version available.

How much does it cost?
The cost of a Multi-sector report subscription, inclusive of three updates per year, is US$1,500. Organizations must participate to receive the survey results.  A surcharge of 50% will be added for non-participation in the survey. Discounts are available for those organizations who commit to three consecutive years of participation, and those that have entered into agreements with Birches Group for global contracts through their headquarters.

How can I learn more?
Come to our Roundtable Meeting  to learn more about  the survey. Contact us for the next date. 

Visit the Birches Group website at for more details and to download sample reports

Contact Tim Hewatt at Consulting Vanuatu  to discuss your specific needs

P:   +678  7755657
P:  +678  7799925

 over 140 country participants. See the list

Birches gather survey data from participating employers using data gathering interviews.  These one-on-one conversations are conducted either over the phone or in-person with a Birches Group survey specialist, resulting in a fast and easy process for data submission.

Developing country markets include a myriad of cash allowances and in-kind benefits, which vary by country, and even by employer in the same country.  Unlike other surveys, we capture all of the allowances and in-kind benefits offered, and can associate these benefits to individual positions. 

Total Compensation
Our surveys include information on all common components of remuneration, including:

Base salary
Guaranteed payments
Short-term incentives
Cash allowances (e.g., housing, transport)
Meals, cafeteria, beverages
Subsidized loans
Recreational activities
Various other in-kind benefits

In addition to the above allowances and benefits, we also capture prevalence information about other benefits and policies, including:
Retirement schemes such as company pensions, savings, and provident funds
Health insurance, life insurance and other insurance benefits
National social security schemes and labor law provisions
Family benefits
Leave benefits